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October 8, 2012

David Ash

Q.  I guess the hair thing wasn't a superstition?
DAVID ASH:  Oh, yeah, that's not a superstition, it's just‑‑ I don't know why I haven't cut it, but I'll keep it.

Q. How do you feel going into this game considering what happened last year?
DAVID ASH:  Well, you know, we learned a lot last year. We were growing as a team. We were still improving, and we were still young. We learned a lot, but I think this year it's a whole new season, two new teams, and again, it's going to be about preparation and execution. That's what we're going to do is try to prepare, and when we get to the game we're going to try to execute.

Q. Is it a little more difficult to move on, to put a shell on the game 24 hours afterwards and move on?
DAVID ASH:  It's for sure not an easy thing, but it's not a question of how easy or hard something is to do, it's what you have to do, it's what's necessary, it's what's right. And so that's what we're going to do.

Q. Last year's game, was that kind of like the ultimate moment for you of just‑‑ being a freshman and being overwhelmed?
DAVID ASH:  It was definitely a big moment of being a freshman, but there was a lot of moments last year. The good thing about it is each one of those moments I'll learn something. You know, I still have moments as a sophomore, and I'm just going to try to learn something. I think that's what we do with our mistakes so there's feedback.

Q. How different are you at this point this year versus last year, and how much more prepared are you personally to win this?
DAVID ASH:  Well, I've got a lot more experience. I've got a better team around me. I'm one more year into the offense. My team has one more year into the offense, and we've grown as a team one more year together. I guess that's the best way to put it.

Q. Why do you give all those guys a hug?
DAVID ASH:  I always give my defense a hug. I love those guys. They're my teammates, and we sweat and worked in the off‑season together and did seven‑on‑seven together this summer. Those are my teammates, those are my brothers on the team, so yeah.

Q. Is it possible to not be overwhelmed going into this game on Saturday, and how nice is it for you to be going back‑‑
DAVID ASH:  Is it possible or impossible?

Q. Possible to not let it overwhelm you, feel a little extra nervousness?
DAVID ASH:  It's very possible to not let it overwhelm you, for sure, yeah.

Q. What about for you?  Is it advantageous at all that you're just doing it for a second time?
DAVID ASH:  Oh, well, yeah. There's no substitute for experience. Being able to have the experience before, I have a good idea what it's like going in. There's not as many surprises. There's a lot of things you've already been through.

Q. Do you get a sense just being a cornerback, being the guy that maybe talk to more people than anyone, that your team has moved on from West Virginia and are just looking forward to next weekend?
DAVID ASH:  You know, I think that's something to do with our coaching staff and how they've done a great job of getting us through some tough times. I think there's a lot to be said about the character on this team, and I think‑‑ yeah, I think we're going to move on. We don't have any choice. You have to.

Q. What made OU's defense so tough last year?
DAVID ASH:  Well, they were good. But it's a different team, and they're still good. We're just going to have to prepare for the one this year.

Q. I was wondering if you expected to see the same type of thing this year that you saw last year.
DAVID ASH:  You know, it's a new defensive coordinator so it'll probably be slightly different, but similar personnel. They're always going to have players that can make plays.

Q. Mack said his experience is that this game more so than any other hinges on turnovers. Can you talk about how important it is to avoid that momentum change?
DAVID ASH:  Absolutely. It's been said, Coach Applewhite said this, that the game of football is just a big game of keepaway, and whichever team can keep the ball away for the longest and get points out of it is the team that's going to win.

Q. Do you think you guys can win this this week, and if so, why?  I'm sure you do.
DAVID ASH:  I'm sure we can win this week. I think we can win because we've got good players. But at the end of the day, it's going to come down to which team executes better. It's all about execution. This week if we can prepare well, if we can get 11 guys to do their job, we've got the ability to win this game.

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