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October 8, 2012

Quandre Diggs

Q.  Do you think the confidence level of the defense has been hurt?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I wouldn't think so. I feel like we played good enough to win on Saturday, so we've just got to continue to build, continue to grow with each other. I feel like we're getting more in sync with each other. I'm good with the preparation this weekend. We'll come out and just play our game.

Q. When you look at the tape of the Oklahoma State game and the West Virginia game, what gives you hope?  What keeps your spirits up to say, yeah, we're this close to making those plays that we need?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  A couple tipped balls we should have had. You know, we tackled better for one thing. Those guys were very elusive. We tackled better. You know, it's just small things that‑‑ there's still fixable things, a ball that could bounce our way but didn't. That's part of playing the game, and we've just got to continue to hope those balls bounce our way and continue to wrap up, continue to pursue the ball, and we'll be good.

Q. How much do you guys remember last year's game, and does that motivate you and how much have you thought about it in the off‑season?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Yeah, it motivates us a lot. I still remember very clearly, it wasn't a good day for us. It wasn't the way we wanted to come out and play. But we have another chance this Saturday to go out, be prepared, be mentally prepared. We have guys that have played way more games than they played last year at this time. I feel like we're confident. We should go in with a great game plan, and guys should be hyped just to go out and play OU.

Q. Seems like you're going up against so many good quarterbacks. Talk about Landry Jones.
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Landry is a great guy, too. He got the best of us last year. But he's a great quarterback, and that's the thing with this league. You're going to play a great quarterback each and every week. We respect all those guys, and we just want to go out and do our job and hopefully slow those guys down.

Q. What made them good last year?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  You know, he just found the holes, he made all the right throws, and the balls were caught. That's the thing about being a quarterback. It was his day. He had a great day, and we've just got to play him tighter this year, and hopefully the ball bounces our way.

Q. Do you think there's a better quarterback than Geno Smith?  What's your impression after facing him?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Great quarterback. You know, he played well on Saturday. I have a lot of respect for Geno. He came out, played his game. He's one of the more vocal quarterbacks that I've been around, that I've seen. Like you've got to enjoy that. When you have a quarterback that is just fiery and competitive as he is, you've got to love it. He came out, he showed what he had, and I feel like he done his job.

Q. When you say vocal, you don't necessarily mean talking to his team and identifying linebackers‑‑
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Both. It's part of the game. Guys make a big deal out of it, but there's a lot of talking going on each and every play. He came out, and I didn't know‑‑ we really didn't know what to expect about him vocally, but he came out, he had some fire about him, and it excited everybody. The crowd was great. They played great, and we were very hyped up on the sidelines, as well.

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