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October 6, 2012

Sadale Foster

D.J. Johnson


Q.  What is the disappointment level of you guys wanting to come in here and make a statement, and falling short?
D.J. JOHNSON:  It hurts.  Our goal was to go undefeated.  It hurts a lot.  But at the same time, we figured that everybody‑‑ somebody's going to take a loss in this conference.  Everybody's going to take a loss in this conference.  Really, since they've lost, already lost, all that does is mean that we have to continue to win these next games that we have coming up.

Q.  What was challenging about what they were presenting offensively?  Looked like Jones was really sharp.
D.J. JOHNSON:  Really, it was just some things that we weren't prepared to see.  There were some adjustments that we had to make that we weren't able to get to right away.  But if you see the second half‑‑ actually, the first half, I think we were 6 for 7 on third downs so, that's huge.  I think two of those third downs were touchdowns‑‑ were touchdowns given up.  From the last past‑‑ the past few weeks, I think we didn't give up six touchdowns total in one game.  I mean, six third down conversions in one game.  So that was huge for us early in the first half.  We just came out way too slow.  The second half, we came out, made corrections at halftime, and we were able to play a lot better.

Q.  D.J., was the confidence that you guys have gained from the past month, what's this do to your confidence level?
D.J. JOHNSON:  Nothing.  We're still confident in our abilities.  Like I said in the first half, having them go up 24 points on us without being able to make the adjustments right away, that's really where we shot ourselves in the foot there.  So we came out in the second half, and we were a bit more prepared and able to stop the run more.  Just we were put into some situations where we had to give up field goals, you know what I mean, and force a turnover.  But we weren't able to force the turnover.

Q.  What do you as leaders do?  You still have a tough schedule, what do you tell your younger guys?  How do you keep things moving in the direction you want to?
D.J. JOHNSON:  Just keep playing.  We tell each other we're going to continue to play for each other.  That is one thing we talked about during the game and after the game.  Talk about no matter what happens, we're not going to break down.
Last year, we broke down, and some other teams may break down after the loss like this.  For us, we continue to get better.  We know what we can do, and know what we're capable of until the young guys continue to play.  We'll keep leading and keep playing.  I feel like next week our defense will be a lot more prepared.  They came out and they were able to game plan us better than we were able to game plan them in the beginning of the game.
If you go back and check the stats from the second half, it was a huge difference from the first half.

Q.  Was it just a whole lot of stuff they didn't show previously?
D.J. JOHNSON:  It wasn't a lot, but what they were doing, we made some‑‑ basically we were thinking about what they were doing, and we weren't able to adjust right off the rip.  But that was more the players, not so much the coaches.  But after that, we came down, coaches sat down to us.  Talked to us about what was going on, and we were able to come out and perform better.

Q.  Could you talk about Landry Jones today?  He looked like he was throwing darts all day long.
D.J. JOHNSON:  They knew what to expect.  They had two weeks to prepare against us.  They anticipated it.  They gap blocked.  There were a couple of times that I went down in there, and usually someone will come free.  But I was getting blocked, everybody was getting blocked, and he was releasing the ball fast.  The thing was we weren't able to take away his initial read.
We knew coming into this game, the key would be to take away his initial read because he panics after that.  We weren't able to get it done.  The offensive line did a great job of staying firm.

Q.  How many times did you blitz or pressure?
D.J. JOHNSON:  Probably about five times, maybe five or six times.

Q.  Can you pinpoint maybe something that made finishing drives so difficult in the first half?  Can you pinpoint what the problem was?
SADALE FOSTER:  Third down conversions.  We have to convert on third downs.  In order to put our offense in a good situation, you know.  We like to go on drives, and a lot of our third down conversions we couldn't convert.  It starts with the running game and protecting Doege so he can get the ball off fast.

Q.  Coach said you took the field goal instead of going for the touchdown.  How did you feel on the sideline?
SADALE FOSTER:  Yeah, we knew we needed a touchdown right there.  Coming into this game, we knew it was going to be a battle on offense and defense.  So the big goal for us was to score every time we touch the ball.  We didn't get a touchdown, and it brought us down a little bit, but we knew we had to continue to play.

Q.  (Indiscernible) in the second half?
SADALE FOSTER:  Yeah, I was sort of surprised.  I wasn't prepared to play that much.  He told me I would get a lot of carries this game.  But I wasn't prepared to play that much.  Kenny tweaked his ankle, so I knew I was going in.  I was just trying to make an impact for my team.

Q.  You guys have confidence in Seth?
SADALE FOSTER:  Oh, yeah.  We have a hundred percent confidence in Seth.  People don't see the little things like the blitz pick‑ups and the protection and everything.  All of that goes into being successful on the offense, you know?  Everybody just runs it on Seth, but there are ten other men on the field that have to have his back.

Q.  Grade your performance for us?
SADALE FOSTER:  I felt like I played okay, but I feel like I could have played better.  I missed a couple of key things for us, and a key third down.  They did an up and under.  I didn't catch the blitz pick‑up which allowed a sack on Doege which hurt us a lot.

Q.  What do you do to prepare to play more in this upcoming game?
SADALE FOSTER:  I'm going to condition more and watch more film, because the game happens fast.  I wasn't used to the speed of the game when I first came in, but I adjusted.

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