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October 6, 2012

Tommy Tuberville


COACH TUBERVILLE:  Obviously a disappointment.  You look at the outcome, and you look at the stats, and it doesn't look that much different.  But you can't play on third down like we did on defense in the first half and give up two long passes for touchdowns, and then the offense (No Audio) and playing and good defense perceives.  The speed of the game, offensively you score points and get passes and interceptions, and we don't make any plays.
So I mean, there is no secret to it.  If you look at it, but we didn't have much of a rushing game.  Your rushing game has to be a lot better against a team like this to give yourself an opportunity to run and pass.  They blitzed us.  They knew when they shut the run down, they blitzed us.  Seth was throwing off his back foot, and that's not good.
So until we see the film, we won't know what all the problems that we had.  We knew we had all kinds of problems protecting because he was getting hit quite a bit.  But we gave up those two third down and longs for touchdowns in the first half.  Gave up an interception for a touchdown, and we just dug ourselves a hole.
We're not that bad a football team.  We looked pretty bad at times, but good teams can make you look bad.
They were fresh.  They were quick.  They were fast.  A lot quicker than I thought they would be.  They made plays, and we just dug ourselves a hole we couldn't get out of.  So we'll go back to the drawing board and get ready for next week.

Q.  The fourth down run in the second half was obviously a big swing.  What did you see there in terms of where you guys might have it?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  The ball is around the 35‑yard line, you punt it, it's 50‑50 whether it goes in the end zone.  15 yards didn't mean that much difference.  We were 11 points down.  I didn't think we'd get sacked.  The sack added 12 to 15 yards to it.  But we had to start taking some chances on third and fourth down to try to make some plays.  But it just didn't work.
You know, bottom line, we got beat.  We got beat to the line of scrimmage.  We got beat with quickness and speed, and we never really turned the corner.  I thought the situation where we had to kick that second field goal really took the life out of us.  We can't get in the red zone and kick field goals every time, and they're getting in the red zone to score touchdowns.  Against good teams, you're just not beating them very often.

Q.  You brought Brewer a couple of times and then didn't play him, and then played him late in the game.  Is that a function of Seth wanting to play or you not putting him in yet?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Eventually where we were going to go with Brewer, you hate to put him in the mop‑up role like that.  But the thing is you have to do is every position you've got to perform.  Seth hadn't played his best in the last two games.  I mean, bottom line.  But today there was a little bit different circumstance, different speed of the game.
But, you know, Seth's our quarterback.  You call that interception, ran back in the second half there, and that's his fault.  I mean, it's not the receivers because the ball was high.  But it's the team's fault.  Seth would love to have that one back and get it down.
But if you remember the few plays before that, he threw one, and they intercepted it, so he was trying to get the ball high over the defensive line.
Make no mistake about it, that's a good football team that we just played, and they played well.  They played hard.  Their back was against the wall.  They already had a loss, and we got their best shot, and we weren't able to respond.

Q.  Seth was pretty efficient early on.  What was the difference as the game progressed?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, they started blitzing a little bit more.  They started bringing pressure on certain downs.  We didn't protect him as well.  When he started making some plays and getting the ball down the field, they're going to change things up too.  We've got to be able to pick it up, and we didn't do it.

Q.  Is there any thought to reevaluate the quarterback position at all?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, no.  No, Seth has done a good job for us.  We wouldn't want to put Brewer in a tough situation and just throw him out there because there are a lot of things he has to read.  It looked like Brewer did good.  He did good against second team defense from Oklahoma on that last drive.  That's what you should do when you go in and play that way.
We're proud of him.  But Seth's a guy that will battle back.  He'll battle back.  He's made a lot of plays for us, and we have all the confidence in the world in him.

Q.  How do you get through this rough stretch with five interceptions?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Rough stretch is an understatement.  We'll be fine.  The thing that we've got to do is we've got to stick with what we're doing.  We've got to get better.  We didn't play great last week on offense.  We played average.  This week we played another average game on offense.  Defensively we played a better football team, and they had 350 to 400 yards on us.  I haven't looked at all of it.  But we're about where we thought we'd be offensively ‑‑ pardon me‑‑ defensively.  Offensively is the area where we've got to get better.  We've got to get better at running, making plays, catching the ball, not turning the ball over and playing better in the red zone, all of the above.  So we'll challenge them this week to get better.

Q.  Is there anything wrong with Kenny Williams?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, he turned his ankle a little bit there in the first half.  So we wanted to get SaDale out there.  He's getting better and better.  He started cramping up.  He hasn't played that much.
Eric did pretty good, but the thing about it is we still can't get that ball to the second level in the running game.  It was hard enough on some of the defenses early, and it was really hard against these guys today as fresh as they were, and as fast and quick as they were, we just couldn't break one.
Everything for us again is one of those that we've got to drive it down, and be patient.  And today we weren't patient enough to do that enough times.

Q.  On the first pick by the big OU lineman, that hustle play by Tyson Williams to get that ball?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, that was huge.  Saw it on the replay after that.  We saw it, and that's Tyson.  He plays hard every down.  That was a play that we ran that we scored two touchdowns on them last year, and it was obvious they had worked pretty hard on that play, and we weren't able to do anything with it.  That's one of our plays that we're counting on being a better bread and butter play for us.
Again, the speed that they showed from top to bottom, their defensive line and receivers and linebackers were just‑‑ it just overwhelmed us.  That's going to happen when you play good teams.  We don't turn the ball over, and we're in the game in the end.  They forced enough turnovers to kind of put it away.

Q.  I know Landry Jones wants to take it deep, but the difficulty of the pass rush getting him off when he's throwing on target?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  They changed their pass‑rush up a little bit.  They kind of gap blocked.  We've been getting a lot of pass‑rush from our two inside guys.  They weren't going to let that happen today.  They gap blocked everybody inside.  Kept backs in the block.  He had very little, very little pressure when it wasn't in tough situations there in the second and third quarter.
We've been a team that's been able to play zone and not bring a lot of people.  Then we switch it around and we bring somebody, and we played one of our few‑‑ what we call zero coverages in the first half.  It might have been even in our first on the 3rd and 9 for the touchdown in the corner, and they beat us on it.  We weren't able to get any pressure.  We were trying to make him throw it quick, and he had enough time to throw the corner route and they made the throw.

Q.  Were you surprised today of what happened?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, yeah.  I was surprised that we turned the ball over on offense.  I knew defensive ly ‑‑  we've all seen it.  This is a good offensive football team.  I thought they'd get 300 to 400 yards of offense.  We were hoping that we'd get a few of those turnovers that they'd give away at Kansas State.  They were a little stingy today on that, and you have to live off that sometimes when you're playing good teams.  You have to hope that they make mistakes, and make them grind it out.  They were much more proficient today.
So, again, I thought we played a lot better offensively.  But they did some things.  We knew it would take a good quarter, quarter and a half to adjust to what they've been working on for the last two weeks.  They made a lot of changes, some new blitzes, brought some guys from the outside at corner blitzes that we hadn't seen that hurt our running game.  Obviously never made good adjustments to get around that.

Q.  What do you take away from a game like this?  How do you come back and prepare for another top team next week?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Well, we'll go look at the film, as we did last week.  When we came in here last week after beating Iowa State, we didn't talk much about winning the game.  We talked about how we played.  We knew we didn't play very well in a lot of areas.  We knew we'd have to play one of our better games today to have a chance to win.  Them coming off a lot of preparation for what we do.
As we watch the film tomorrow, we'll see a lot of mistake that's we made.  But we have got to get better in a lot of areas.  Running the ball, not turning the ball over on offense, protecting the quarterback, playing better in the red zone.
Our defense, you're ‑‑ that's about what you're going to get out of our defense, other than hopefully a few turnovers.  Last week we got four turnovers, this week, did we get any?  I can't remember.  Maybe one.  But you can't beat a good team like that unless you get the ball back for your offense.  They grinded us pretty good.
We didn't stop the run very well.  They moved it down the field.  They were good in the red zone.  Good in the red zone, and we weren't.  The first half was different.  The second half we just got beat up pretty good.

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