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October 2, 2012

Alec Johnson

Ryan Katz

Q.  What is the morale right now?  How are the guys doing?
RYAN KATZ:  We're doing fine.  We watched the film.  We know we can get better at it.  I think the guys' morale was up Sunday when we practiced and we were lifting.  We've just got to get after it the next weeks, worry about the next game in front of us and try to beat Hawaii.

Q.  What did you see most with the film?
RYAN KATZ:  I think there are a lot of assignment errors.  I think we were playing well at one point, and we came into the second half, and they came out and played harder than us.  There are some things and plays that you'd like to have back.  I know on my part, turnover‑wise, you can never turn the ball over five times and expect to have a chance to win, and we did, that is the thing.  So it's just kind of frustrating.  You just try to get better from it.

Q.  What about from the offensive line standpoint?
ALEC JOHNSON:  We need to get better.  They were a good team up front, and they beat us.  They executed better.  We had a few assignment issues.  A lot of it was technique, but we need to work hard this week and get a W and get back to .500.

Q.  How well prepared were you for this game?  Did you see a lot of things that you didn't think you were going to see?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No.  We were well prepared.  We just got beat.  They're a good team, and we messed up.

Q.  Strength‑wise, quickness‑wise, mentally?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Not really any of that.  Mentally if you think of assignment issues and not blocking where we're supposed to block sometimes, but other than that, not really.  They weren't a lot stronger than us.  That wasn't it.

Q.  You look at the last few games, the offense actually played really well.  The last game the coach said you guys got beat at the line of scrimmage.  Is it just basically an assignment thing, like people just blew their assignments?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Sometimes.  Some of it was technique.  Not taking the right foot work.  You'll get beat when you do that and that happens.  So we need to learn from the film.  We watched it.  Hopefully this week we can have a good week of practice, and we're back at home.  So we need to win.

Q.  Hawaii has a few defensive tackles out with injuries.  Were you licking your chops?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No, it's not like those are the only two.  They're going to have good back‑ups that we're expecting.  We need to prepare hard.  We need a good week of practice this week up front to come back.  We had a rough one last week, so we need to have a good game up front this week.

Q.  Ryan, how do you how do you get your guys to rally around you this week?
RYAN KATZ:  As seniors, we put a lot of pressure on seniors, and I think we all just have to get these guys ready to go.  There are only 12 guaranteed games.  We understand that.  We want to play for 13.  We've got to start winning some games around here.
We're disappointed off back‑to‑back losses.  We just have to prepare hard this week, get these guys ready to go and just have a good Tuesday practice.

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