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October 1, 2012

Trey Hopkins

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Trey Hopkins. 

Q.  Is D.J. Monroe one of those guys that you think, I wish I could be like him? 
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, D.J. is definitely a big inspiration on the team.  He's always going to make the play, go that extra mile for us.  He's a very selfless player.  Even when he's not getting the ball, he's inspiring the guys on the sideline. 
When he gets the ball in his hand, he's going to do whatever he has to do, claw, scratch, to make that play for us. 

Q.  Do you just root for a guy like that? 
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, definitely, just because like I was saying, he's such a selfless player.  Being a five-year guy, not getting the ball as much as someone who comes in as a freshman thinks they should get.  People come in as a freshman, I got this many reps in high school.  As many years as I've been here, I should get more and more plays. 
He's not a guy like that.  He sees the big picture.  He sees, This is what the team needs, the coaches need.  He is willing to take the backseat sometimes and he's willing to help other guys out.  When he's out there, he gives 110%. 

Q.  Who has more at stake this weekend?
TREY HOPKINS:  I think we both do.  Everyone wants to get the W the next week.  I think that's what we're both fighting for.  I don't think either of us have more at stake.  We're trying to win, be on top.  That's what this game is about.

Q.  It's been about a month since your last home game.  How exciting is it to come back?  How is the team different?
TREY HOPKINS:  It's a great atmosphere.  It's always fun playing at home.  You have the majority of the people there rooting for you.  You get to see a lot more family here, people that can travel out and be with you.  That's inspiration for the guys.  These are the people that you play for, your mom, dad, little brother looking up to you.  Seeing them at the Longhorn Stampede, that's another great thing we have to look forward to.  Coming through the crowd, letting the band lead us in, see all the fans out there.

Q.  How different is this team than the last time you played at home?
TREY HOPKINS:  Just getting better.  We're trying to get better each and every week.  I think we're doing a good job at that.  Analyzing ourselves weekly, little things we need to correct.  I think to see advancements from that game to now. 

Q.  Can you describe the difference to us in the huddle with David Ash?
TREY HOPKINS:  Definitely a lot more control.  He's definitely running the show.  Everyone sees he's a highly respected guy.  He's taking charge of the team as he should, as he should as a quarterback.  He is doing a very good job of that.  He's such an inspiring guy, making big plays when we need them.  Making sure he is checking down.  He is leading this team.  He understand the offense all the way now.  Being able to communicate with the runningbacks and offensive line, make sure we're on the same page, he's doing a great job with that. 

Q.  Do you see a difference in his eyes compared to last year's Oklahoma State game?
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, we definitely can see I think a difference in everyone's eyes.  Last year was maybe more of a panicked look, scattering look.  We're rushed for time.  Everyone is looking around, What are we going to do now?  Everyone had the jitters. 
This year we're more collected.  This year you can see more of a focused look than a panicked look.  This is what we need to do, we're just going to go out there and do that.  He took charge on that and led us to the victory. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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