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October 1, 2012

Jackson Jeffcoat

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jackson Jeffcoat. 

Q.  In your mind what is at stake and on the line against these Mountaineers?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, it's another conference game.  It's very important to win conference games, especially in your house.  That's very important to us, winning games and protecting our house. 

Q.  Do you feel you need to be the highest ranked team to prove that you are back, you are legitimate contenders for this thing?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I wouldn't say that this is our defining moment of being back.  I mean, we need to win.  We need to go out there and win.  This is an important game for us to win, especially because it's our house.  That's very important.  And it's another conference opponent. 

Q.  How frustrated is this defense right now, given maybe you're not playing to the standard to what you think you can play?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, we're not frustrated.  But we're not happy with the yards we've allowed.  I mean, as a defense you want to have shutouts and shut people out, keep people below 100 yards.  That doesn't always happen.  But we're working on getting back to that and improving on what we've done. 

Q.  Is it strange to you you've only won about half of your home games in the time you've been here? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It definitely is.  Definitely since being recruited, I've been a part of that.  The blame goes on me as well.  We need to get back to winning and protecting our house, not letting people come into our house and win. 

Q.  It's been nearly a month since you played at home.  How exciting is it to come back after two road games and a bye week?  What's the difference in the team from the last time you played here? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's definitely exciting to come back home.  We've been away for three weeks.  Our crowd is excited.  They'll be in this game.  It's a conference game.  So we haven't played a conference game at home this year, so it's going to be very exciting. 

Q.  What do you like about Geno Smith?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, cool dude.  I actually got to meet him at ESPN studios.  He's a laid back guy, real cool.  We chatted it up.  Talked about anything.  We had small talk.  Talked a little bit about him coming here.  He said he was excited to come.  I told him it was a good place to play.  So it should be fun. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  He definitely is.  He's a great player.  The guy sits back there and makes great plays.  I mean, he has talented athletes at wide receiver. 
I remember I had said in an interview that he was fast, he could move around with his feet.  He kind of laughed because I guess his fans don't think he's fast.  But if you see him on film, you can tell he can run. 
That's something he doesn't want to do.  He would love to sit there in the pocket and pass. 

Q.  As a defensive end, is that frustrating?  Got to play on his maneuverability?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, it's not frustrating.  We like to move, too.  People running around.  As the defensive line it's fun because sometimes a guy will try to get out of the pocket and run into you, help get a sack.  A lot with the movement we use, it will be hard to find lanes to really just scramble out of. 

Q.  Will you and Geno be cool and buddies Saturday?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, it's game time.  It's time to compete.  We're cool off the field.  When it's time to compete, you don't really have any friends on the field. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's a different year.  Between those guys, there's no comparison.  They're different players.  But the reason why this game is so big, we're both top-10 teams and it's a conference game.  It's at our house.  An exciting conference game. 

Q.  How exciting is it to play in a game where there's so much national attention?  
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's great.  I mean, this is the stuff you live for and you play for.  As a team, we're getting ready.  We're going to probably pop the film in today, check it out today.  Especially as a unit, defensive ends, we're going to go check it out.  We haven't seen much on them.  But we're excited to play. 

Q.  The way you are, I have a feeling you don't like people pointing at you saying, What's their problem? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I mean, blame has to be pointed somewhere.  We'll take it.  It's fine with us.  We're working on our game.  We will continue to work on it. 
That's fine.  We don't have a problem with anybody pointing at us. 

Q.  Is it a challenge for you?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  That's the thing.  It's a challenge for us.  We love that.  We're competitors, all of us.  So it's a lot of fun.  We can't wait. 

Q.  Do you like washing cars? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  The car wash was fun.  The ESPN car wash was fun.  It's really when you go through a bunch of shows on ESPN, radio, television, me with all these guys, it's just a lot of fun.  Got to meet some good people.  Joseph, Arthur Brown, Geno Smith, we are all there for the Big 12.  It was a lot of fun. 

Q.  Open up your own car wash, call it Fresh Coat?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I like the sound of that (laughter). 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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