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October 1, 2012

Mike Davis

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Mike Davis. 

Q.  Mike, how much pride do you take in making spectacular catches?  Is there an art to it?
MIKE DAVIS:  Well, this year I always had it in my mind to just be aggressive to the ball.  When the ball goes up, I just be like, Yes, ESPN.  I have the mentality like when the ball in the air, make a spectacular catch.  I do it in practice, one-on-ones, just taking the ball. 

Q.  Did you feel like a bird going up for that thing, catching that ball? 
MIKE DAVIS:  I don't even know (laughter).  I just know Ash threw a great ball, enough air on it where I could jump and get the ball.  It feels pretty nice. 

Q.  Mack mentioned a year ago if you dropped a ball, your head would have gotten down, you wouldn't have been able to recover as well.  Now you're a different player.  Can you talk about the maturity you've grown in that area. 
MIKE DAVIS:  I agree.  Last year a lot of things were going through my mind.  I really wasn't as focused as I am right now. 
Like now I can have a short-term memory.  If I mess up on a play, drop a pass, I forget it right then and there, just keep playing.  When the next ball come to me, I catch it. 
I think since last year, I matured a lot, have grown a lot.  I've become like really focused.  So, I mean, not everything going to be perfect. 

Q.  As an offensive guy, when you see West Virginia gave up 63 points, does that make you excited for this game?
MIKE DAVIS:  Yeah, as receivers we see that and we like, Wow.  We might with do it, too.  But I don't put nothing in the past.  West Virginia is a good team.  Offense is really good, defense is really good.  Our offense and defense are really good.  It will just be a really great battle. 

Q.  Mike, your career has had some ups and downs.  When you look at D.J. Monroe and see a guy that has been around for five years looking for his niche, excels in the moment, what does that show you when he excels?
MIKE DAVIS:  D.J. has been like a driven player.  Always confident, tough.  He really runs like he's 200 pounds.  He's just been doing great this year.  I like how he playing. 

Q.  Everybody is talking about West Virginia's offense.  Can you talk about UT's offense. 
MIKE DAVIS:  Really, they can talk about what they want to.  That's what they going to do anyways.  I don't blame them. 
Our offense has grown.  Our offense is clicking now.  But it really doesn't surprise me they're talking about West Virginia because they've been doing a great job.  They're a great team.  We'll just see Saturday how everything goes and outcomes. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Mike. 

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