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October 1, 2012

Mason Walters

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Mason Walters. 

Q.  Mack talked so much about being physical.  How important will this be this weekend to slow the pace of the game down a little bit?
MASON WALTERS:  I think it's important every week.  Even more so this week.  West Virginia is coming in with an explosive offense and defense.  We're going to have to do everything we have to keep that offense off the field, if that's just running the ball, get a few more plays.  Everything we can do will help.  Being physical late in the game, like last week, helps that. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
MASON WALTERS:  Coaches always talk about winning the game throughout.  So later in the game you've worn your guy down.  The first three quarters allow you to rush for 77 yards or whatever we had in the fourth quarter.  That was a testament to how we played the first three quarters of that game.  Hopefully everybody is buying into more so going on into conference play. 

Q.  Is there a thought when watching West Virginia, you can never be far enough ahead in this game?
MASON WALTERS:  I think we're going to go in the attitude that every time we get the ball we're going to have to score a touchdown.  Even if you're ahead of them, they can come right back.  If you get behind, you don't want to be there long because they can stretch that out. 

Q.  Everybody talks about the West Virginia offense.  What about their defense? 
MASON WALTERS:  We'll see.  Start looking at more film, do a lot more of that today.  
I know they've got some athletes on their defense.  They're going to be good.  Even with the numbers last week, everybody has a good offense in this conference.  Everybody is able to play ball.  So you can't look at that and think they're not going to be a good team. 
They've got athletes, play good, sound football.  We'll have our hands full. 

Q.  Describe the difference and demeanor of David Ash between last year's game and this year's OSU game. 
MASON WALTERS:  I think it's just a process.  I think every player goes through it at some level.  It's just not as micromanaged as much as it is at the quarterback position.  You can't expedite that process.  It's maturing, growing up.  It's the difference between a freshman offensive lineman going out there and getting beat, it's not talked about as much as a struggling freshman quarterback. 
It has been really good to see him start having that success that I know he has been working towards.  I know he's capable of performing.  It's been good.  Really I expect it to continue because he hasn't taken any days off since he's been playing well. 

Q.  Gives the entire offense a lot more confidence. 
MASON WALTERS:  The quarterback has that managing, I think as of lately David has been commanding that position.  It's easier to build off that confidence that he's exuding in huddle. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
MASON WALTERS:  We're going to be in that position again sometime this season.  It's really inevitable.  You try to be ahead at that point in the game.  Sometimes just doesn't happen. 
We're going to be in this position again.  We've been in it once.  We should expect to be able to perform there.  Doesn't really get more stressful of an environment than that situation.  We should be able to handle whatever is thrown at us now. 

Q.  What is it like to see D.J. Monroe do so well?
MASON WALTERS:  It's great.  D.J. has been here for five years.  He was older than me when I came in.  I feel like he's really old.  Just to see how he is week in and week out is really inspiring.  There's guys out there like D.J. that have put the time in and really deserve to have it handed to them and they still work their tail off.  It's good for everybody, especially young guys to come in and be able to see selfless acts.

Q.  Do you see him playing on Sunday?
MASON WALTERS:  If he aspires to, he's capable of.  He's going to work his tail off to do it. 

Q.  Did you know Ashe is the No. 2 most efficient quarterback right behind Geno. 
MASON WALTERS:  I didn't know that.  Should make for a good matchup this weekend. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Mason. 

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