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September 26, 2012

Jim Grobe

COACH GROBE:  Tough one this past week.  We had Army come to town and it was a battle for us.  We were fortunate to win.  I thought Army's team played great, especially offensively.  But we had a pretty good offensive day and felt like we were fortunate to come out with a win.
I know this weekend we've got another great challenge with Duke coming to town.  They're playing great on both sides of the ball and the kicking game.  So we have our work cut out for us this Saturday.

Q.  How did you guys discover Michael Campanaro?  At what point after he arrived on campus you guys had hit a home run with him?
COACH GROBE:  We thought he was a really good player.  The thing that I think everybody was looking at was whether he was big enough.  He's not a really tall kid.  He's put together really well.  Actually, we've used him some as a running back.  I think he'd be a really good running back for us, but at the slot position we can get him the football a little bit more.
So I think he jumped out at us on film.  I don't think there was any doubt that the guy was a really, really good player.  I think the thing that kept some people off of him was his height.

Q.  A year ago when you were getting ready to play Duke, you had to prepare for Brandon Braxton as a wide receiver.  This year he's playing safety.  What do you see from him in that role?
COACH GROBE:  Well, I think just a really, really good athlete and an aggressive, tough player.  I think that's the thing that David's done a good job of.  He's moved his personnel around that have the best players on the field.  I think that's obvious in that move from offense to defense.  I think their defense is playing really good football, and we like the back end.  The secondary is playing really good.  So I think they hit a home run by moving him over to defense.

Q.  Is it tough in that his father was a Wake guy?  Did you all recruit him?  I'm just curious.
COACH GROBE:  Well, the thing that happens to us so many times, most of the kids that Duke and some of the other good academic schools recruit, most of those kids are the kids we are after.  What happens more times than not is you have kids that commit early to certain schools.  Once you start filling up, you only allot so many slots for players with their wideouts, DBs, linebackers, whatever.  That's typically what happens.  A lot of times you wait too long to make the decision, or you make the decision, and the kids wait too long.
So it kind of plays out that you don't always get your top guys.  Sometimes you do.  But a lot of times it's a factor of when the school makes the decision, and when the kid makes his decision.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about the difficulty.  Last week you played a team that's triple option and is going to run the ball 90% of the time.  This week you go up against an offense that wants to throw the ball most of the time.  How difficult a transition is that to make on defense?
COACH GROBE:  I think it's a big transition.  Honestly, when you play a wishbone team and your preparation is basically all run game.  You don't do any‑‑ really, very few times do you throw passes in practice or even look at it.  We take a little period and work on some of their passing game stuff, but you know the game's going to hinge on being able to defend the run.
So last week for Army, we spent an entire week getting ready for the run.  This week we're facing one of the top passing teams in the country.  So it's a problem, no question.

Q.  Does it help that‑‑ I know you don't run the same offense, but you do take a lot of shotgun and spread the field, and you guys run a similar style of offense.  Does that help you get preparation in this for Duke?
COACH GROBE:  I think so.  We've got to have some pretty quick recall this week, because we haven't been doing it all last week.  But going against our offense in the spring and in August gives you a little bit of recall.  I think it's easier to bounce back.  I think it's a little tougher in your preparation for the wishbone.  But coming back and getting ready for Duke, having some reps against our offense in the spring and summer helps us get back on track quicker.

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