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September 26, 2012

Frank Beamer

COACH BEAMER: I tell you that Cincinnati crowd is a really good football team.  Offensively, defensively, very athletic and very, very good.  We certainly have our work cut out for us.  They pounded Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh pounded us, so we're in that situation.

Q.  I wanted to ask, we saw Tony go to the training room to get that sleeve because of the wet grass.  What do you tell a guy like that that's been through so many knee injuries about kind of taking care of himself?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, he just runs extremely hard and extremely fast.  I don't think you can play the game cautious.  You've got to play the game full tilt, so that's the kind of guy that he is.

Q.  What's it like for him?  He's had the three ACLs, two while he's been there with you.  What's it been like watching him fight back each time?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, he's just such a fighter and such a positive guy that you're pulling for him.  There is no question about that.

Q.  Talk about the Cincinnati Bearcats.  They play in the Big East, and took on the Panthers a couple weeks ago.  You had a hard time against the Panthers.  What do you see in the Bobcats video this week that reminds you that the Panthers are the East?
COACH BEAMER:  I see an excellent football team.  I think their quarterback completing 61.8% of his passes.  He's athletic.  Had the long run, a couple of them against Pittsburgh.  You've got to defend him.  I think they're leading the Big East, in 12th in rushing yards.  Got a couple of guys there in Abernathy that presents problems.
Then you look at their defense in 8.5 points a game, third nationally.  They are active, led the country in sacks or tackle for losses, something like that.  You see on the video how they do that, and they get after you.  They're very impressive.

Q.  Talk about being the visitors, but technically you're actually the visiting home team, basically is that a big facet for you knowing it is technically a home game in Cincinnati but more or less it's going to be a Hokie crowd?
COACH BEAMER:  I don't know who is home and away.  I don't know if that makes any difference.  I think how you play on the field will determine the ballgame.

Q.  The online depth chart looked like it was updated to have Ronnie Van Dyke as the top linebacker.  What have you seen out of him progressing over the first couple of weeks?  Do you think he'll start on Saturday?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, he brings a little more quickness to the position.  He's been coming along.  I think that's the biggest thing.  G.W. is a very smart guy.  He knows the game, knows where he needs to be.  But I think Ronnie brings a little more quickness to that position.

Q.  Do you think Van Dyke will start Saturday?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, I think Van Dyke will be the first whip on the field, yeah.

Q.  Coach you got to play a few guys last week.  I just wondered, two young tailbacks, Coleman and Scales got to play.  What do they bring to the position?  Are they guys that figure in your plans big time coming up?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, you've got Coleman and Holmes.  And Holmes is a red shirt freshman and Coleman is a true freshman.  So they continue to grow and learn and mature.  And Scales is a guy that's been around here for a while, downhill runner, got some real toughness.  And Gregory is the speed guy.  So you have four guys there that all of them do something a little bit different.

Q.  Do you expect to continue to play a big rotation at that position then?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, we're starting it this week.  We'll determine it here later on.

Q.  You were talking last week about Brooks Abbott being your kickoff guy and taking his red shirt off.  But how much is he really pushing Cody Journell if at all?
COACH BEAMER:  I think he's their second field goal guy.  He gets the ball up with good height.  He's been fairly accurate.  But Cody is our field goal guy.

Q.  Was that a tough decision to take that red shirt off Brooks and have him be your kickoff guy?
COACH BEAMER:  The phase of the game is important, and you want your best people or the guys that you feel are the best out there.  So that was our thought process on that deal.

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