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September 25, 2012

Leon McFadden

Josh Wade

Q.テつ After watching and reviewing your game film from last week, can you talk about how the last two possessions really hurt you?テつ What happened in the last two possessions?
JOSH WADE:テつ They were able to make some plays.テつ They didn't change too many things.テつ We just weren't in the right positions to be able to capitalize on some of the balls that were in the air.テつ And they were able to score at the end of the game.
LEON McFADDEN:テつ We definitely didn't play with the intensity we did in the first three quarters and that was the big thing.
We really harp on finishing around here and we were really disappointed that we didn't finish how we wanted to.

Q.テつ Rocky said that he put you guys in a position that you didn't succeed; do you take it to heart when he says something like that?
JOSH WADE:テつ Yeah, we want to be able to make plays.テつ He called a play that he thought was best and as players, we have to be able to capitalize on opportunities and make plays in the backfield‑‑ I mean, in the passing game.
LEON McFADDEN:テつ And yeah, as a coach, he's going to try to his best ability to put us in the right spot and it's on us as players to take the responsibility and make plays.

Q.テつ Was is simply intensity that makes the difference in the first three quarters to the fourth quarter?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ That, and as well as paying attention to our assignments.テつ Some guys, we watch the film and we didn't execute our assignments as we did in those previous quarters.
JOSH WADE:テつ Like Leon was saying, it was assignments and little technical issues, things we saw on film that we realize if we are here, or a couple yards back or in certain spots, we would be able to do things that we were not able to do during the game.

Q.テつ So what kind of problem does press know state present?テつ Obviously they are a totally different offense than they were than what you guys had last year.
LEON McFADDEN:テつ They definitely run the spread a lot and that's something we look forward to playing this week.テつ They are a good team.テつ We have respect for those guys.テつ It's a rival game and we are really looking forward to it.テつ They have a great quarterback and great receiving core, a couple returners coming back, so it will be a good game.

Q.テつ Last year the team finished with the‑‑ inaudible‑‑ this year you guys are like 103.テつ When you look at the changes in personnel, how much of that is just the young guys up front learning and do you feel like the defensive backs are playing at a similar level to last year or is there a difference there?
JOSH WADE:テつ It's kind of hard to tell.テつ It's a different team, but a lot of the guys, I feel like the defensive backs, we are playing good, but we are not playing good enough to get it done.
As far as the young guys on the line, they are getting pressure at times, and we just have got to be able to complement each other better.テつ Like when they don't get enough pressure, we have to cover better.テつ And when we don't cover good, we have to depend on those guys to get to the quarterback and force him to throw a bad ball.
So a lot of little technical things, but we'll get the hang of it.

Q.テつ So a little bit of both?
JOSH WADE:テつ Yeah, at times, we have to depend on each other and like I said, complement each other in certain situations when we need them and when they need us.

Q.テつ Robbie Rouse knowing what he's done here‑‑
JOSH WADE:テつ Yeah, he's up there breaking records.テつ I mean, he's a strong runner.テつ He's a quick guy.テつ I got to see him a little bit in high school and he's very athletic.テつ It's going to be a challenge stopping the run and the way they spread the ball out, having guys covered at the same time.テつ It's going to be a challenge and we have to make sure we correct those technical issues and we play really aggressive.

Q.テつ Do you guys like playing against a spread team as DBs, as opposed to playing a power running kind of thing?テつ Obviously you're going to get a little more action.
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Definitely, we look forward to playing against a spread team.テつ DBs, they really love when they are able to have opportunities to make plays.

Q.テつ Fresno State can beat you through the air or on the ground; is it more important to contain their passing game?
JOSH WADE:テつ You definitely want to stop the run because if they get a running game going, it's going to open up a lot of things as far as anything goes as far as playaction stuff so.テつ We definitely want to stop the run.テつ And then when we have opportunities to make plays in the passing games, hopefully we can force some turnovers.テつ But yeah, we definitely have to stop the run.

Q.テつ Can you speak to the rivalry?テつ I know you talked about it‑‑ do you feel the rivalry?テつ Do you feel it?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Definitely feel like it's a rivalry game.テつ In the past San Diego State and Fresno State have been playing against each other as rivals and just started back the tradition last year.
And this year we are looking forward to it.テつ We don't know if the program will play them next year, so we are taking this game, you know, as a rival and going out there to have fun.

Q.テつ Coach said you might look into mixing things up, how does more zone blitzing change the responsibilities of the DBs?
JOSH WADE:テつ Well it makes it possible for us to jump different routes.テつ And when you pass off guys in zone coverage, it's a little easier in the sense of, even though you've got help in certain areas, you can attack different parts of the field a little bit more.
Yeah, playing the zone with blitzes, there's going to be gaps, but it gives you opportunities where you're not as high of a risk of getting beat deep and you have opportunity to play your leverage and kind of have an advantage in certain areas of route combinations and things.

Q.テつ And starting conference play, as well, obviously this isn't important, but this is like a little more important, because obviously you want to win the conference.
JOSH WADE:テつ Definitely, that's our goal is to be champions of the Mountain West Conference, and this is our opportunity to go out and fulfill a piece of that goal.テつ This is a huge game for us, rivalry game, and I'm glad we get to go out and start our conference off against Fresno, a rival game like this.

Q.テつ After playing two kind of explosive aerial attacks the last two weeks, do you feel extra prepared for Fresno State?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Yeah, playing those two last opponents that we played, it's definitely going to help us going into this game, being the fact that they are a spread offense and they have a great quarterback there and he likes to throw the ball.テつ So they have prepared us for this game.

Q.テつ Coach Long called Derek Carr an NFL quarterback; do you see that?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Yes, most definitely do.

Q.テつ What does he do so well?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Just reading defenses and picking the weak links inside a defense.テつ You know, his arm is accurate.テつ He has a strong arm, and just, you know, him thinking as a quarterback, you have to be able to think at all positions what coverage, what shell is that, and he does that real well.

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