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September 25, 2012

Chad Jeffries

Alec Johnson

Ryan Katz

Q.  How is the wrist?
ALEC JOHNSON:  It's good.  Getting better.  A couple weeks out, so looking forward to that, cutting off the cast for good, that will be nice.

Q.  When do you think the cast will come off?
ALEC JOHNSON:  They said three or four weeks when it first happened, so a little over a week.

Q.  Did you have any trouble snapping last week?
ALEC JOHNSON:  There was one that was bad, but other than that, no.

Q.  What was the last one‑‑ what happened?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Yeah, in the red zone.  I don't know, just‑‑

Q.  What about the blocking?   Did you have trouble blocking?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Not too bad.  They changed the cast, the one I had in the game, so not too bad.  They just clubbed it up differently.  So it was easier to punch with, which made it nice.

Q.  How was it to block?  Basically they showed it on TV; you do have a club on your hand.
ALEC JOHNSON:  It's different.  Finishing blocks is a little harder, because if they want to turn and run, you can't stop them.  There's nothing to grab with.  So it's a little bit different, but you get used to it.

Q.  What do you guys see out of the defense this week?  Coach was saying that they play different‑‑ it's pretty unique, they use a lot of zone blitzes.  What do you see watching the tape?
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, there are a lot of zone blitzes, field blitz, boundary blitz.  They like to bring pressure.  We play against a unique defense every day in practice, so I think, you know, it will be a lot easier for us to kind of pick up their pressure and for me and the linemen to see that.  So after watching more film, I think we'll have a better beat on them.

Q.  Does the zone blitz require more‑‑
RYAN KATZ:  They do a lot there.  The way their coverage rotates, I mean, it's a little different than what we have seen.  So like I said, it just comes through preparation, watching film, so once we watch some more film this week, we'll have a pretty good beat on it.

Q.  Do you guys feel, I know they tried to create the rivalry last year‑‑ do you feel that this week?
ALEC JOHNSON:  A little bit.  Yeah, we have not played them in a while, so we're trying to renew that rivalry.  But they are a good team and it's a tough place to play.  So it should be a good game.

Q.  Does it put a damper on the rivalry that the game is so early in the season rather than being the last game of the year?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No, that doesn't affect it.  Still a good team, still a good game, tough place to play.  Timing of the game doesn't really matter.

Q.  Chad, how much confidence do you guys have in your running game right now?
CHAD JEFFRIES:  It's something we've developed.  I have a lot of confidence in the O‑line.  They paint a good picture up front and we have great running backs, too, that run hard even if the picture is not that clean.  Pretty confident in our running game.  That's something we have to keep developing working on because we have to run the ball every week.

Q.  How proud are you of what you did last week?
CHAD JEFFRIES:  Yeah, pride isn't such a word I would use to describe as something that we need to do.  We have to do that in and out every week, so that will open things up for Katz and all the receivers.  It's something our whole line has done a good job on.  They do the picture and I pretty much pick up one extra guy and the running back is off.

Q.  Did San Jose State do anything different to keep you in the pocket and keep you from scrambling the other night?  Seemed like you wanted to scramble and you just couldn't find your way out there have a few times.
RYAN KATZ:  They weren't doing too much stuff different.  It was a four‑man rush.  They didn't bring too much blitz.  They just had some athletic D‑linemen that did a good job of that.
But I wouldn't say they did anything different.

Q.  At the start of the conference, it's almost kind of a reset; you have these other games under your belt now.  What are your thoughts going into the conference, expectations?
RYAN KATZ:  It's great.  What we set out to accomplish was win a championship and that's still alive.  We have to take care of business each and every week now.  Now we are in conference play, like you said, and just take it a game at a time.  You know, like you said, we had some good practice under our belt and just have to learn from our mistakes and try to not make those mistakes each week and just learn from it and get better.

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