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September 24, 2012

Kenny Vaccaro

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Kenny Vaccaro. 

Q.  After three games and a bye week, what is your assessment of the defense?
KENNY VACCARO:  I think in practice we just focus on getting our big plays off the film and just working our tackling and our angles.  That's our big emphasis. 

Q.  What was it like watching the film from the Ole Miss game?  Was it worse than you thought, better than you thought? 
KENNY VACCARO:  I mean, honestly we put a lot of plays on film that shouldn't have been there based on, what I said, tackling, angles, some effort plays, things that we can get corrected and we're happy about. 

Q.  What changes for you starting conference play?
KENNY VACCARO:  Honestly, as far as me being my senior year, I approached every game, took it serious.  Nothing changed for me.  The games do start mattering more towards the Big 12 championship, but nothing changes.  It's the next game. 

Q.  Do you like going against an offense like Oklahoma State? 
KENNY VACCARO:  Yeah, definitely.  It's definitely fun to play offenses like that.  It's fun going against traditional offenses again, not so much teams we played against.  New Mexico was option, different types of offenses.

Q.  How difficult is it with a team that runs the spread that can run the ball?
KENNY VACCARO:  I mean, the way that Oklahoma State runs their offense, there's a pass and run always set up.  I think with them you just got to prepare and be ready for both.

Q.  Is it more difficult to get prepared for a more traditional pocket passing quarterback or be more mobile or the other way around?
KENNY VACCARO:  No question, when you have a guy that can run around, it's a lot more game plan for us. 
So, yeah, definitely. 

Q.  Because of that, how much more difficult is it preparing for them this week with the potential of two quarterbacks with two different styles?
KENNY VACCARO:  You just got to prepare for both.  The main thing, do the things we do do best.  Don't get too far outside of that. 

Q.  Oklahoma State has come out on top for the past couple years.  How do you turn things around?
KENNY VACCARO:  That's definitely one of our goals, is to go up there and handle business. 
But, yeah, they definitely got the upper hand the last two years.  We want to change that. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Kenny. 

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