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September 24, 2012

Bryan Harsin

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Harsin. 

Q.  Last Tuesday Coach Brown revealed to us that you're one of the most positive, happy-go-lucky guy. 
COACH HARSIN:  That is so untrue (laughter). 

Q.  Where does the positivity come from?  Were you raised around a positive family? 
COACH HARSIN:  I guess it beats the alternative. 
No, I think what we're doing, I think it's important for our players, important for us as coaches, important for what we're doing, to have that mindset.  It kind of goes back to just, like our quarterback position, it's always about the next play.  Things aren't going to be perfect.  That's not how football is. 
But there is always the next play, and that might be.  So if your mind's right for that, you need to hit about five or six in a game, need to go for touchdowns, you're going to have about 80 opportunities to do that.  If your mind is not right, you don't put yourself in that position. 
Make the corrections and move on.  Learn from it, move on.  If it's not good, throw it out.  If it's correctable, make it work.  Look for the positives in what you're doing. 
The one thing, our players are going to go out there and they're going to play hard, try to do their best.  The other team is doing the same thing.  Somebody is going to win or lose on a particular play.  Sometimes it's an individual battle, sometimes it's a schematic flaw in what you're doing.  You have to look at it from that standpoint. 
It's not Chicken Little.  The sky is not falling.  Let's get ourselves prepared in the next play with our minds right.  It might be the play that scores and everything is good.  That's kind of the mindset we want to have, what we're trying to do.  It takes five or six of those plays, you get in the end zone, you're doing pretty good. 

Q.  Do you have to guard against overconfidence coming off of Ole Miss?
COACH HARSIN:  We talked about that as a team.  I think there's a mindset regardless of how do you handle adversity, success, business.  Your mentality doesn't change regardless. 
That's hard to do.  It's human nature to get excited when you're up, and it's the same way when you get down, to kind of get down on yourself.  I think the one thing we try to preach to our players is just handle your business the same way whether we're up or down.  We're going to operate until the clock is 00:00.  It's easier said than done, but it's something we emphasize and talk about. 
We talk about being humble, hungry, poised and paranoid.  Those are things we have to do from the offensive standpoint because if you decide to let up a little bit, that's when you get hit in the mouth.  You have to make sure that everybody is doing exactly what we talked about at the beginning of the year.

Q.  If Joe can't go this week, how comfortable are you with where Johnathan is versus maybe Jeremy? 
COACH HARSIN:  As far as the backs go, Joe, Malcolm, both those guys have been playing very well.  Johnathan has continued to get more and more reps in games, more opportunities.  He's progressing where we want him to.  I think we're getting him the reps that he needs to keep progressing. 
So it's something where he feels more comfortable now.  We feel more comfortable now.  Joe and Malcolm continue to play well and excel their game.  D.J. Monroe is a guy that has had the ball in his hands.  Marquise Goodwin.  We've had different ways to get the football in their hands, just not in the pass game. 
All those guys understand it's a matter of time.  Each game is different.  One guy could have more touches than the other.  It's how the game plan works out.  They all understand the opportunities are going to be there.  It's just a matter of when it gets called, and if the quarterback doesn't change or decides to come to me, I have to be ready for it. 

Q.  Mack mentioned you want to get D.J. more touches.  You want to get everybody more touches at this point. 
COACH HARSIN:  We're trying to work on getting two balls on the field at a time, yeah. 

Q.  Are you trying to find a way to get D.J. more touches?
COACH HARSIN:  Yeah.  It goes for everybody.  You sit there, as you put up the schemes, you look at it and then you go, These schemes are what we feel comfortable with, now who?  Sometimes 'who' is more important than 'what'.  You have to debate that a little bit. 
We want to get the ball in everybody's hands.  There's guys out there that deserve and want it.  We also have to look at what are they going to try to do to stop certain players, who can we get the ball to to help the other guy out.  That's the whole theme for us. 
If we hand the ball off, it's going to open up the wide receivers.  If we're throwing the ball down the field, it's going to make the run game better. 
D.J. is a guy that has shown what he can do in the red zone.  He's run with determination.  He's shown that's his area, he really wants to have the ball in his hands.  Everybody does.  He's been productive with it.  We'll continue to find some wrinkles and ways to utilize him in there each and every week.  Just how much depends on the opponent and what they're giving us. 

Q.  Not that the offense ever doubted what they were doing, but to see it translate on the field like Ole Miss, how much do you think that benefits them?
COACH HARSIN:  The offense? 

Q.  Yes. 
COACH HARSIN:  You like to have an opportunity where you go out there and things are going your way.  You feel like everybody's doing their job.  The guys have the ball in their hands, they're productive with it.  Quarterbacks are making good decisions.  Wide receivers are going up and making plays. 
To me that was all 11 guys, for the most part, putting it together on quite a few plays in that game is what it was.  I think that's something that every offense would say they're capable of doing when they go out and execute like that. 
I think what that shows is what we talked about, what they already know.  When we go out there, everybody does their job, executes at a high level, those opportunities to put points up like that, have big chunk plays, explosive runs, whatever it is, are going to be there. 
That becomes a motivating factor.  It puts it's on film, Here is what we've been talking about, we have to still go out and do these things, but this is what we can do if we're firing on all cylinders.

Q.  That becoming a consistent thing, you have to let that play out so it becomes a consistent thing with this offense?
COACH HARSIN:  Big plays like that? 

Q.  The whole package of what you showed against Ole Miss. 
COACH HARSIN:  Yeah, I hope so.  I hope so.  That's something that you hope we're executing like that, we're able to call plays like that in games, hit some of those plays. 
I thought the guys operated in and out of the huddle, personnel groups, things like that that we were utilizing. 
It was a good overall game that told me that we prepared very well, that the players prepared very well for that game, and their minds were right.  When they had their opportunity, guys made plays. 
To me, we talk about our preparation habits.  Whatever you guys did for that game, you did really well.  How do we get better at that?  How do we get better at preparing for this next game?  I think the guys understand that.  They know, I need to watch more of this, study this more, and they're going to do that. 
When you do that, it's like anything, if you're going to do a speech, if you go out there and you're confident, you watched the film, prepared hard in practice, you give yourself an opportunity to play like that. 

Q.  I know we haven't seen anything, but how much more has the playbook opened up that the competition is tougher?
COACH HARSIN:  Yeah, every week's a little bit different.  You talk about the playbook.  It's always open.  It's always open.  Like the never-ending story, I guess.  There's no end to it, you know what I'm saying? 
As we continue to grow, you go back and watch your game, you look at it, go, Wow, maybe there's something off of that.  Then you watch the opponent, you see them do something, Maybe we can have that wrinkle.  It all fits what we're doing.  That's part of that tweaking, that's part of those packages, getting the right people in the right spots, who do you want to utilize on a particular play to get the ball in his hands. 
Those little tweaks, things like that, are going to come week to week.  You're still going to maintain your base philosophy, base pass, but you'll have tweaks in there every week. 
Every year when we start, it always finishes a little bit different.  There's always some package of plays that grew throughout the season that you probably didn't expect.  But because of players or some type of formation that you utilized, it just became good for you, your guys are good at it, you build on. 

Q.  Joe is healthy, 15 for him, 15 for Malcolm.  If Joe is not healthy, are you comfortable ramping Malcolm's up?
COACH HARSIN:  All those backs.  We don't sit down and decide there's going to be 15, 15, 15.  There's a flow of the game.  Who starts the game, who comes in next, who comes in after that.  We talk about that.  We want guys to get into a flow.  We want Joe and Malcolm to get into a flow.  You'd like to have Johnathan get in there, get touches, get himself loose so when he has plays to come in, he's ready to go, a couple pops on them. 
That comes by feel, play and personnel, as well.  It's thought out previous, and it's also thought out as far as the reps go, who is going to start, who is going to come in next.  As the flow of the game goes, a guy gets hot, you want the ball in his hands.  There's a lot of factors that go into that position, but all three of those guys I feel good about. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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