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September 24, 2012

Quandre Diggs

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Quandre Diggs. 

Q.  I don't think anybody expected the secondary to be a question mark at this point in the season.  Are you taking that personal?  What do you have to do to fix what happened in some of the games?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Of course we're taking it personal.  We seeing things we need to fix.  The coaches have pointed out the things we need to fix. 
But it's all things that are correctable.  I know y'all have heard it.  All the things that we've given up the whole year is all things that can be corrected.  We just got to get better communication, better tackling angles and we'll be a lot better. 
We just got to focus a lot better.  Got a lot of hype in the off-season.  We have to continue to play our game and quit worrying about that stuff. 

Q.  What are your thoughts on the defense as a whole as far as performance, where you are at this point?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  It's still early in the year.  We still have a lot of areas we can improve in.  I feel like we still can be one of the best defenses in the country.  We just got to come out focused and just keep our heads out of the magazine. 

Q.  Now you're playing a team that shows they can put up 84 points.  How scary is this offense?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Those guys are good.  They play great.  They have two great quarterbacks, a great running game.  We just got to, like I said, focus this week, take everything very serious.  Just have a great week of practice.  Just come out and play our game.  
We just got to worry about ourselves.  We take care of things on our side of things, we'll be fine. 

Q.  Playing against the Big 12 champion, I know you want to be champions.  First conference game.  What kind of statement do y'all need to make?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Just go for a win, that's the most important thing.  Doesn't matter if you want to call it dominating fashion or not.  A win is a win.  We can win by 1 point or 30 points.  We're still going to be 1-0 if we win by 1 or 30 points. 

Q.  When you go against this team, you know you're going to be tested.  Do you look forward to that? 
QUANDRE DIGGS:  It's fun.  That's the reason you come into this conference to play defensive back.  You know there's a chance you can get up to 50 balls thrown.  You go out and compete.  That's what DBs love.  You love to get tested.  It's something that I feel like we can handle.  We're up for the challenge.  We're just ready to go. 

Q.  Freshman of the year, do you feel like teams are going to stay away from you because they know you got game?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I don't know.  I'm just going to go out and play my game.  If I don't get any action, that's them.  But at the same time at corner you want action.  You want to bring action your way because you want to make those plays. 
I have a great secondary.  Those guys are all going to come out this week and show out. 

Q.  When you get no action, do you think they know you got game?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Might not be in the game plan for them to throw the ball that way.  You can never think too high or too low of yourself.  You got to stay even keel. 
I'm the type of guy, I just want to go out and be able to play my game, help my team win.  That's the main thing for me, I want to get that W, don't care about stats or anything like that.

Q.  How important is to respect their ability to run the ball?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  We got to respect it.  They ran for almost 200 yards rushing on us last year.  Of course, you're going to have to respect it.  Those guys, they practice just like we do.  We just got to come out, focus on our keys and we'll be fine. 

Q.  How hard is it preparing for two quarterbacks instead of just one guy?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  It's going to be tough.  Both of those guys are great players.  I think one is more of a (indiscernible) one is more of a pocket quarterback.  At the same time you have to focus on both of those things because you have different keys. 
Great practice this week, great focus, we'll be fine. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Quandre. 

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