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September 24, 2012

Jackson Jeffcoat

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jackson Jeffcoat. 

Q.  How scary is this Oklahoma State offense who put up 84 on Savannah State?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I wouldn't say 'scared'.  They're very talented.  Looking at the stats, they have a great offense. 
It presents a challenge for us.  We're excited to have a challenge.  We always like to have a new challenge.  It's exciting to get into the first conference game.  We're all very excited. 

Q.  Where do you think the defense stands as a whole right now?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  As far as what? 

Q.  Just overall, how good is the defense?  What do you need to work on? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Like I said before, you can't really tell until after the season how good a defense is.  But we're definitely improving and getting better each week.  That's what our goal is, to get better.  Not trying to look ahead, just looking at what we have in front of us. 
Oklahoma State is in front of us, so we got to study them, get ready. 

Q.  What were you able to do on the bye week as a defense?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  We just went back to working on the basics, working on us getting better as a Texas defense, worked on our plays.  Just worked drills here and there, tackling, turnover circuits, things like that.  Just things you normally want to do, things we normally do every week of practice. 

Q.  3-0 again like you have been the last couple years.  You had letdowns the last couple years. 

Q.  What do you need to do to avoid that?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  We got to get past 3-0.  Coach Brown brought to our attention, 5-7 year we were 3-0, 8-5 year we were 3-0.  3-0 is not good enough, not good enough. 

Q.  Oklahoma State's quarterback hasn't been sacked at all this year.  Do you take that as a challenge?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Definitely.  It's exciting.  When you have a team that hasn't been sacked, we want to get pressure on him and sack him, create turnovers.  It's fun to have that challenge set in front of you. 

Q.  What changes for you when conference play starts versus the way things are with non-conference games?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's the teams you played against before, the teams you're used to playing.  They don't always do the same things.  But it's just, I guess, you'd say familiar faces.  It's exciting to get into conference and play the teams that we've been playing in the Big 12. 

Q.  Do you look at this as a statement game? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I wouldn't say this is a statement game.  I'd say it's the start of conference.  That's what we're exciting about.  I mean, you want to start your conference game out right. 

Q.  Have you noticed a lot of differences between the two quarterbacks? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Yeah, we seen that on film.  Both quarterbacks are good.  If any of them play, they're going to be good quarterbacks.  We have to keep them out of the pocket.  They want to sit back there and throw, try to pick us apart. 
That's our job as the defensive line, move 'em out of the pocket, move 'em around, not have him be comfortable.

Q.  Does it affect you which one that plays?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, we're doing similar things against them.  We played both.  We played running quarterbacks and those that want to sit in the pocket.

Q.  For you personally, is there a difference?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, there really isn't a difference.

Q.  Is it harder to prepare for two quarterbacks than it is just one guy?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, because they're both on film.  They both played a lot.  You get to see both of them playing.  That helps. 
Now, say, if it was a team that hadn't played a lot, the guy hadn't played a lot, it would be different.  But we've seen them both play. 

Q.  What are your impressions of Smith and Randle? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  They're very talented backs.  They're very talented.  You have to have them in your game plan and focus on them because they can break.  That's what our job is to do, contain them from not making big gains, because that's what they did to us last year, and that hurt. 

Q.  What did they show you last year? 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  They can run the ball.  A lot of people didn't think they could run the ball.  They've made some big plays on us, and that hurt for sure. 

Q.  Ranked 12th in the country.  Does that sound right, low, high? 

Q.  Where you're at. 
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Where we're ranked?  I don't really look at that.  That's not important.  I mean, rankings are never important.  As you see, teams that are ranked high can get beat.  You're not invincible because of your ranking.  They don't mean anything to us.  We see what's on paper, what's on film. 

Q.  In the knowledgeable poll, you're ranked fifth. 

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