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September 24, 2012

Trey Hopkins

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Trey Hopkins. 

Q.  This OSU defense shut out Savannah State. 
TREY HOPKINS:  I'm sure they're going to put up a good fight for us.  Definitely the big challenge we've seen so far on defense.  They have a very athletic front.  We've been watching them on film. 
Apparently the last few years they've done a good job.  It's going to be a big challenge, an exciting game. 

Q.  How jacked up are you, conference opener?  Are you in your mind contenders for this conference championship?
TREY HOPKINS:  Definitely, we're definitely a very big contender.  We're doing some good things.  We've been improving from week to week.  We have to at this point to make improvements. 
Each person's skills seem to be better, know what each person does best, just continue to grow in that. 

Q.  A little different attitude around the offense this week given what you were able to do against Ole Miss?
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, you see a little more confidence around the offense.  Everyone knows we know our assignments.  We know when we're put in the fire, we can execute our assignments.  They know we know what they're doing.  We can complete the task put in front of us.  So that is what they are expecting.  And anything other than that won't be tolerated anymore. 

Q.  I know you were capable of this, but to actually do it, how much does it help?
TREY HOPKINS:  It helps a lot.  There's been a lot of talk about just saying that we're confident, saying we're a better team.  Now that we're able to put it on the field, for us to see, to see we're able to do this, we do it in practice, now it's just not in practice but in the games. 
We can see the stuff correctly translating from practice to games.  That's a big confidence booster. 

Q.  Haven't seen a scoring spree like that in a while.  Do you get tired running out there with all the plays?
TREY HOPKINS:  We're tired a lot of the times just being bigger guys.  It's exciting that something is coming out of it.  We know when we're on the field we're going to score.  That's a great feeling.  Exciting to be able to celebrate with your teammates, corral around each other, say, We're doing good things. 
Having David do great things, seeing his face light up, seeing him to improve and make big plays, lead this offense.  I think it's great just not for the offensive line but for everybody.

Q.  Oklahoma State has been on top the past couple years.  Is it time to turn that around?
TREY HOPKINS:  Definitely, they're going to be the biggest opponent we've had thus far.  They're a great opponent, they're a great team.  They've dominated us the past couple years.  We have to get back in that fight.  That's what we're going to do this year. 

Q.  Mike had an interesting point about you starting off 3-0 the last couple seasons, then kind of collapsing. 

Q.  Talk about that. 
TREY HOPKINS:  Definitely, like you're saying, we've been 3-0 many, many times coming into the season, and things have changed from there.  Things have either continued to do or dropped off dramatically as we've seen.  The biggest thing is not to let the confidence become arrogance. 
I think the last couple years we've let that get to our heads.  We've said, Okay, we've arrived, don't have to put any more work in.  We have to continue to monitor ourselves.  We haven't arrived, accomplished much.  We've been 3-0 most of the years we've been here. 
It's not very important what we have right now.  It's just looking to the future we have to know that we have to continue to improve each and every week or we will get beat.  That's the bottom line. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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