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September 24, 2012

Carrington Byndom

THE MODERATOR:  questions for Carrington Byndom. 

Q.  Was it rough watching the film of the Ole Miss game?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  It wasn't as bad as it may have looked.  We definitely have some things to work on.  We definitely can't afford to give up big plays.  That's one thing we know.  That's one thing we saw on the film.  That was the biggest thing for us, fixing during the bye week, something we need to fix for the rest of the season. 

Q.  A lot of talk about the big plays given up.  The defense had a bunch of turnovers.  What does the defense have to work on or is it not as bad as it looks? 
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think just all in all we need to limit the big plays.  We are creating turnovers, setting up the offense in good field position. 
It's not as bad as it looks, but we still can do a better job in not giving up the big plays. 

Q.  Is this an offense that is clearly capable of having big plays? 
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  This definitely is an offense that's capable of it.  A high-powered offense.  We know that.  Going into this week, that will be another one of our main goals, not giving up the big plays. 
It's what happened last year.  We had two big run plays, though.  But they have the capability of doing both, run and pass.  But just not giving up big plays in general will help us in this next game. 

Q.  Do you think y'all improved in the bye week?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I definitely think we did.  Had another week to prepare, another week to practice definitely helps.  In general, just as far as improving, I know we will.  You do as each game goes along.  Each week, I think that's another goal for us, just to improve.  I think we're taking another step in the right direction. 

Q.  A chance to clear the mind, visit family. 
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I just laid around, watched some football games on TV.  Just kind of was lazy pretty much. 

Q.  Mike had an interesting question about you guys start off 3-0 the last couple years, then kind of collapsed.  Do you talk about the collapse so it doesn't happen again?  What makes you think this year is going to be different?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think we started 3-0 in the last six years or something like that.  It's kind of something that has happened around here. 
I think for us as a team this year, we're looking at continuing to keep it going, not just be 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, just keep it going, playing each week like it's the last. 
The ultimate goal for this year was to win all the games.  This is a stretch that we need to do it in. 

Q.  Do you try not to look at the schedule and see what's after this game, not see West Virginia, Oklahoma?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Definitely a hard thing to do at times.  You have to win this game first, then you're able to move on to the next one.  We just got to take care of this game first and then we'll move to West Virginia, then after West Virginia to Oklahoma. 

Q.  Big 12 Media Days, you said you wanted to win this conference championship, prove you're back.  How do you feel right now in this thing, that you're legit and contenders?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I mean, it's week one.  It starts it all.  This is where we make our statement about being conference champions.  This is where we do it.  This is the first game.  We want to win it all, the conference championship, everything like that, we have to win this game. 

Q.  What changes for you when conference play starts versus the non-conference schedule?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I don't think much changes.  We just need to, like I said, the ultimate goal is winning all the games.  We won all our non-conference games.  Now it's time to win all our conference games.  We don't look at it any differently. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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