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September 24, 2012

Mike Davis

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Mike Davis. 

Q.  You haven't really been in the mix of the big conference race.  As you embark on the first conference game of the season, do you look at yourselves as contenders or pretenders?
MIKE DAVIS:  Contenders.  We going into a hostile environment, good team.  They beat us twice in the last two years.  So we have a lot on our shoulders.  We got to get it off.  We got to come out and play with an edge to win the game. 

Q.  You're ranked 12th in the country.  Is that to high, low, right on?
MIKE DAVIS:  Doesn't really matter where we ranked.  It's just a number.  We just got to win 'em all, play hard like we've been doing, win our one-on-one battles, just do our jobs, we'll be already.  

Q.  How much do you think about the fact that Oklahoma State has won the last two games? 
MIKE DAVIS:  When I think about it, it really sucks.  But we got to deal with it, try to turn it around. 
So going into the game, go in there with a lot on my shoulders, come out with a win. 

Q.  Are we seeing the real emergence of the passing game, Texas going on scoring sprees, or was that just smoke and mirrors?
MIKE DAVIS:  I think you're seeing it.  Hopefully keep going on.  Run the ball real well, throwing the ball real well.  When you have a balanced offense like that, we can play as good as we did last week, that's really good. 

Q.  Is there one thing that's different about the offense that's making it successful this year compared to the last couple years?
MIKE DAVIS:  I just think everybody is on the same page.  Everybody doing their job, being accountable to the man next to them, practicing, getting it done. 

Q.  You look back to the last couple years, you were 3-0 going into conference play, what happened?
MIKE DAVIS:  We always talk about it.  The thing about that, you know, we didn't finish strong, but this year we going the right path, heading the right direction.  Hopefully it will be a change.

Q.  What improvements have you seen from David Ash this year compared to last year?
MIKE DAVIS:  Smarter, stronger, more calm in the huddle, better leader.  Just more mature.  He knows everything.  He knows what he doing.  More confident in his-self, us as his receivers, leading his team the right way. 

Q.  Coach Brown said Coach Harsin is one of the most positive, happy people he ever met.  Does he go around giving you hugs, girlfriend advice, make you cookies? 
MIKE DAVIS:  His wife does.  I don't think he would make us cookies.  He's a nice coach, a great coach to be around and play for.  Just fun to be around.  Just honored to have someone like him coaching us. 
You can talk to him about anything.  Just go to his office or even call him.  Thing about him, he can be anywhere, eating, he will answer the phone call, talk to you, talk to you about anything going on. 

Q.  Boise guy, but he knows?
MIKE DAVIS:  Yeah, he do.  Pretty cool. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Mike. 

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