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September 24, 2012

Marquise Goodwin

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Marquise Goodwin. 

Q.  Was the Ole Miss game the reemergence of Marquis or just your time?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I really say the reemergence of the offense, not so much Marquise.  Definitely credit out to David Ash, the defensive line, tight ends.  They are setting the platform and blocking, giving David time to throw to me.  So really credit to those guys. 

Q.  Do you expect the scoring spree to continue? 
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I think we really got on a roll versus Ole Miss.  We've been executing, getting better day in, day out, been grinding, really just listening to Coach Harsin.  He's been implementing a lot of things in practice, focus, execution.  We've really been doing that. 
It's starting to show on Saturday. 

Q.  David joked he's become the master of the under-throw.  Seemed to work pretty well with you.  Something being said for you to be able to play the ball. 
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Coach always emphasizes, my receiver coach, when the ball is in the air, you go get it, no matter where it is.  Tell the quarterback to throw it up, I'm going to go get it.  I think that's why he was able to throw it to me.  I told him, Just throw it, I'll go get it. 
Wherever it is, I just try to go get it.  You know, he's really not an under-thrower.  He has a great arm.  He does great at practice.  It was just one of those times he under-threw it.  I had to go up and make a play.  That's just what happened. 

Q.  Oklahoma State has been one that Texas handled under Coach Brown record-wise.  You know a different Oklahoma State the last two times.  How do you view them?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  They definitely have the respect of the Texas football team.  Last two years they have had the upper hand.  Like I said, they have our respect.  But we're looking to reclaim our title back as the top team in the Big 12.  Just really ready to play them.  Good team.  They got a good defense, a good secondary.  Just looking forward to playing them. 

Q.  How has their defense changed over the last few years? 
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  It was different than my freshman year.  They had a few good players on defense, but they managed to get some bigger guys down low.  They have some great skill positions, really good of offense.  That's what's been different about Oklahoma State since I've been here.

Q.  What changes for you when conference play starts?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Really, the way I approach them is all the same.  I think of every game as a conference game, win, lose or draw.  Everybody's coming out there ready to play.  Everybody's trying to beat Texas. 
We have that target on our backs whether we're the underdog or whether everybody is expecting us to win.  That's just Texas football.  That's how it's been since forever. 
Really we're just looking to go out there, play our hearts out, give it a full effort, get ready to go. 

Q.  Did the bye week come at a good time?  Did you get something accomplished this past week?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I think we definitely did get a lot accomplished.  Everybody is healthy, ready to go.  Got some rest.  Really rested our minds, rested our bodies.  Everybody's ready to go out there and play. 
Coach is always emphasizing hydration, taking care of your bodies.  We had a week off, and we were able to do that.  They really took care of us during practice, the coaches, so we're able to go out there and play to our utmost ability this weekend. 

Q.  Did you watch any football?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I definitely just sat back, relaxed, didn't watch any football.  I was with family.  Visited my high school.  Just had fun back home.  Just hung out really. 

Q.  Did you have a chance to take a breath?  Last three or four months have been a whirlwind between trials, Olympics, football. 
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Definitely had a little time to take a breath.  That three-hour drive home.  That was exciting this weekend.  Just really got to go home, chill, lay low for a little while.  But now this week, it's back full tilt, ready to go, preparing for Oklahoma State.  
I got a few hours to myself.  For the most part I just went home, saw family.  Now it's just preparing for Oklahoma State. 

Q.  Would you say you're contenders or pretenders?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Definitely we're contenders.  Like I said, we're Texas football and we belong up there at the top.  I'm really confident in our team.  We've been preparing.  Now all we have to do is go out there and execute like we did against Ole Miss every day, we'll get the job done. 

Q.  No disrespect to your first three opponents, but the next three are those kind of teams you have to maximize your opportunities when you have a chance to score.  Do you impart that to the younger guys to step up regarding competition?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Definitely.  You know, I think the depth that we have is definitely going to help us as long as the young guys remember that when they go in, that's their opportunity to shine, that's their opportunity to show coach what they can do. 
It's really been in place since the first game.  If coach doesn't have the confidence to put a younger guy in, he's not going to be able to go in.  They've been doing really good, studying plays, getting ready.  D.J. is back onboard.  He's ready to go.  He's a young guy.  He produced in the first game he played. 
We're just really looking forward to the receivers doing our parts, everybody doing their part so we can try to get this W this weekend. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Marquise. 

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