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September 22, 2012

Brady Hoke

Notre Dame – 13
Michigan – 6

BRADY HOKE:  I thought both football teams played awfully hard.  I think one played better when it comes to execution and taking care of the football, and obviously we didn't do that as a team.  We brought 69 guys down here, 115 total on the football team, coaches and everything else, and we all have to do a better job.  And that's where it starts; it starts with me.  I need to do a better job of coaching the game of football, and as a staff we will do that.
I was proud of the effort that we played with.  I thought our defense kept us in the football game.  That was a positive.  I thought our offensive line with Toussaint running the football some, I think we made some strides there.  I think we have a long way to go to win the Big Ten Conference.  But I was displeased on‑‑ when you're in positions to make plays, you have to make plays.  You have to execute.  We'll learn a lot from this.

Q.  Did you ever contemplate pulling Denard Robinson?

Q.  What did you say to them at halftime?  They survived and they were down 10‑0 with the turnovers.
BRADY HOKE:  Yeah, we had some opportunities in the red zone obviously in the first half to put some points on the board.  We had interference penalties that keep a drive of theirs alive twice, and that's just‑‑ we're not playing fundamentally sound enough.  But we just talked about what the score was, where we're at, things that we need to improve on.

Q.  What can you take away from tonight's game as you head into the bye week?
BRADY HOKE:  Well, until you really look at the film, I think both our fronts came out and played better than we have in the first three games, and that's a plus.  I think there's some young guys who are getting better weekly, Joe Bolden I think, and I think the competition we have going on there.  There's a couple of those guys.  So I think as we analyze it and look at it and get back to work, it's still going to come down to little things in the game of football and still going to come down to the fundamentals and how you want to play.

Q.  Could you speak to the play call when you did the halfback toss on 1st‑and‑goal from the 10?
BRADY HOKE:  Yeah, if we get behind the guy and throw the ball a little bit deeper, it's a pretty good play call.

Q.  With the red zone issues, how much of it was Notre Dame, what they did, and how much of it was execution?
BRADY HOKE:  Oh, I think it's always a little bit of both.

Q.  Going into the half Denard had four straight picks.  What do you tell him at halftime in the locker room?
BRADY HOKE:  Well, we always try and go to the next play.  I mean, you have to.  The guy has done a pretty dog gone good job being a quarterback at Michigan and made some good throws in the first half.  You know, just better decision making and move forward.  What are you going to do, sit there and talk about each one of them?  You've got to move forward.

Q.  I think you got two field goals out of five trips to the red zone.  What can you do this week and the next two weeks to work on red zone efficiency?
BRADY HOKE:  Score touchdowns.

Q.  How do you do that?
BRADY HOKE:  How do you do that?  You keep working your red zone offense, you keep working knocking holes in the defense, you keep running crisp routes, you keep throwing the ball on target.

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