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September 19, 2012

Randy Edsall

RANDY EDSALL:  Well, we've got a tremendous challenge ahead of us on Saturday to go to Morgantown and play, and if you've ever played in Morgantown, you know that's a very difficult place to play.  Their fans are very passionate and very loud, and going against the No.8 or No.7 team in the country presents another challenge as they're very talented and led by their quarterback Geno Smith.  And then with Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, also, and then defensively Isaiah Bruce and Terence Garvin and Darwin Cook are the guys who lead them on defense.
We're looking forward to going there and continuing to get better.

Q.  Can you talk about the addition of Brian Stewart and what he has meant to the defense so far this season, just his style and what he's been able to do?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, I think that Brian has brought an aggressive scheme here and our players have really picked it up very, very well.  Brian is a high‑energy guy and a detailed guy in terms of what his expectations are of the kids, and I think our players have really bought into it and really enjoy the style of defense that we're playing, and that combination has led to the success that we've had so far.  Again, we have even higher expectations for our defense than what we've already seen.

Q.  There are numerous talented quarterbacks around the country, but what makes Geno Smith one of the special ones?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, you can tell that he's got a very strong arm.  He knows where to go with the ball.  He throws the ball on time.  He's athletic.  He can also beat you with his feet.
And the thing that I've been a little bit more impressed with having the opportunity to play him every year for the last few years is that he's gotten a lot stronger.  You can see that he looks stronger, he's tougher to get down in the pocket.  But again, just very sound fundamentally and technique wise, and again, just very settled into what they're asking him to do.

Q.  Maryland and West Virginia have played for a long number of years.  With their move to the Big 12, is it the kind of series that will continue down the road, or has that kind of thing been worked out yet?
RANDY EDSALL:  I know we have them for about six more years, so after that I'm not sure what that's going to be, and I think that's just something that we have to evaluate as we continue to take a look at what's going on with the ACC, how many conference games we're going to play, and then you have the addition of Notre Dame in there.  So again, it's‑‑ I'm sure it's something we'll evaluate as we get closer to the end of the contract that we have with them now to see if it's something that's going to be feasible to be able to continue due to the fact of the changes that have happened to the ACC over the last couple years.

Q.  Well, after the way West Virginia has played so far this year, how the heck do you stop that offense?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, you just have to be very sound and very disciplined, and what you do hope, I think your offense has to be a little bit of a part of it.  When you possess the ball, you have to try to use as much time as you can and then also be able to score.
I think it's a combination of doing things on your offense but then also defensively it's just being very sound, very solid and trying to make them go the long way if you can.  But they've been very good.  When you take a look at the numbers that they've put up, 55 points a game, over 600 yards of offense, it does, it presents a tremendous challenge, and we just have to make sure that our guys do their job and play as hard as they can.

Q.  When you look at it on film, could this be one of the bigger challenges, one of the better opponents you've faced in your coaching career?  How good a team could this West Virginia team wind up being this year?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, again, I've competed against West Virginia for many, many years, and I think that West Virginia is always a very good team, and this is another one of their very good teams.  You know, I don't know what the future will hold for them after our game, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for them and their personnel, and like I said, we have a tremendous challenge.

Q.  Is there a defensive player who you could envision his athleticism to match up with Geno Smith and you might put him on Geno as a spy?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, I'm not going to get into specifics in terms of maybe what our game plan would be.  But again, I think there's things that you do to‑‑ you take a look at their offense and what he does and everything else, and like I said, he's a guy that can beat you with his arm and he can beat you with his feet.

Q.  With Tyler Cierski back at the top of your depth chart, how much can he help you in the run game this weekend?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, again, as we put a plan together, Tyler has practiced and practiced well, and we'll determine just exactly what we'll end up doing with him throughout the game as the week continues to move forward.

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