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September 15, 2012

Ryan Katz

Adam Muema


Q.  When you guys get the ball ‑‑ is there a certain rhythm? How did that feel?
ADAM MUEMA:  I think the goal is just me and Ryan switching off, staying fresh, and it's hard to adjust to two of them, so we pretty much just pounded the ball the best we can.

Q.  Did you enjoy this game as much as you have any of your college games?
ADAM MUEMA:  Well, it's just a win to me.  I'm excited just to be out there.  But there's nothing different.

Q.  Ryan, do you feel like you guys had all those points‑‑
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, every week we come out trying to score as many points as we can.  This week we were picking.  Had to pick up the defense a little bit.  But it's a team game.  They are going to have to do that for us some weeks and we have to pick it up on our end this week.

Q.  What was working for you guys?
RYAN KATZ:  I think everybody.  I don't know how many times we punted the ball but we were running the ball good.  That's where it starts.  Up front, I think when you get the running game started I think it opens up things down the field.
You know, it gets our guys in one‑on‑one coverages and I think that's what it was tonight and you know, like I said, I think the run and pass game was working well.

Q.  At what point do you look at the scoreboard and say, what the heck, is North Dakota still in this thing?
RYAN KATZ:  I mean, you can do that, but I mean, in the game, you know ‑‑ it's in the game.  You can't really do that, I don't think, in the players' eyes.  You guys might be thinking that, but a win's a win for us.  We got a win, and we are looking forward to next weekend.

Q.  Would you feel pretty confident every time going out there that you guys feel likeyou guys were rolling?
RYAN KATZ:  We have a nice mentality tonight.  Like I said it all starts up front in the big guys.  They were coming out, run blocking really well, pass blocking really well and I think everyone just feeds off their emotion.  They played well tonight, and we are going to need that.

Q.  What about Gavin Escobar ‑‑
RYAN KATZ:  Gavin, he's a big target.  He's had a lot of catches for this program.  I think when guys want to play him one‑on‑one, he's going to beat the guy.  They are going to have to double‑team him I think.
But yeah today, he got behind the defense and he just got up on the ball and he makes plays.  I think he did a good job.

Q.  As a quarterback, you watch the receivers from the sidelines, what did you think was so hard for the defense to stop him?
RYAN KATZ:  I mean, he's a good receiver.  They probably had good chemistry.  I didn't know too much about him going into the game.  I didn't prepare for their offense.  But he looked like a good receiver.  Quarterback had time, and you know, made the throws, so yeah.

Q.  Was the heat a factor at all?  It was 97 at kickoff.
RYAN KATZ:  It was?  You know, you've just got to play.  Can't really wear white at home.  The heat was fine.  We dealt with it.  Stayed hydrated so it went well.

Q.  You were shaking your head‑‑
ADAM MUEMA:  No, it was fine.  We practice in that.  So just‑‑ yeah, pretty much.

Q.  It was the hottest Aztecs home game ever.
RYAN KATZ:  Good to know.

Q.  What was the mentality in the locker room at half‑time?
RYAN KATZ:  Well, we are a separate locker room than the defense but we just had to keep it going.  Offense‑wise, you know, we have to do this every week.  We have to go out there and try to score every possession we get.  I think if that's not your goal as an offense, then I mean, I don't know what to tell you.
But it's going to happen and I mean, the defense, struggling like I said a little bit today.  But, you know, we had to pick them up.  They are going to have to do the same thing for us in the future, so that's why it's a team game.

Q.  It got a little dicey there at the end.  You put up a lot of yards at any point in the fourth quarter are you thinking‑‑ you shouldn't be against this team?

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