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September 15, 2012

Brice Butler

Walter Kazee


Q.  Walter, pretty big chunks, was there something that they were doing, bounce‑arounds, keeping it alive?
WALTER KAZEE:  No, the their offensive line just did a great job opening up holes and our wide receivers did a great job blocking outfield so it wasn't really that hard to find an opening.

Q.  What was today like for you in terms of you getting your first touchdown in a San Diego State uniform?
BRICE BUTLER:  First I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my teammates; without them, none of that would have happened today.
I mean, it felt good as far as everything's concerned.  Just seemed like everything worked out right on that play and Katz threw a good ball, linebackers blocking out the backfield, and only thing I had to do was catch the ball.

Q.  Did you feel impatient with yourself at all, not having a catch yet; were you antsy to contribute?
BRICE BUTLER:  As a competitor, you want to help the team as much as you can.  And first two games, I didn't catch any balls, but it doesn't matter because we run the ball really well and we have great receivers out there, (indiscernible) had a great game last week.  That's how it falls sometimes, that's how it falls, as a receiver, it's kind of sticky, kind of tough, you never know how the game is going to go.
First two games were going my way, worked out well last week, we won 45‑7, it was fine and this week it worked out to where I caught some covered balls.

Q.  The play you scored, that play is it indicative of what you can Adam can do, just that design of a play?
BRICE BUTLER:  Yeah, I mean, I like to go deep, and I've been doing it for a long time and as long as they want me out there, I'll be happy to do it.

Q.  Were you guys expecting it to be the track meet it turned into?  It was down to the last possession.
WALTER KAZEE:  We knew they were going to come out and play, because obviously they came and played.  We didn't expect it‑‑ we knew it was going to be a game but we didn't know it was going to come down to the end.  They played a really good game and we just had to finish and we finished.

Q.  Did you guys ever really feel comfortable with the score at any point?
WALTER KAZEE:  We're a pretty comfortable, our offense, whenever we can move the ball passing and running.  So we just have to help our defense a little bit but offensively, we're fine.

Q.  Did you guys ever feel like you were sort of out of control of the game or felt like you had control even the score kind of went back and forth?
BRICE BUTLER:  I felt like we were fine.  We jumped on them pretty good early, and as the offense‑‑ we were scoring every time pretty much.  If it's going to be a track meet, the thing the offense has to do is help the defense out by scoring points.  If it works out that way, we'll take the reigns and we'll do it.  Whatever it takes for the team to win, we're ready to do it.  I'm proud of everybody today and nobody really put their head down, and we just kept on pushing through.

Q.  Do you like playing in kind of shootouts like this?
BRICE BUTLER:  It doesn't matter.  I would like to win games like we did last week, but wherever it falls, a win is a win.  You know, the only time it really matters is if you lose.  We got the W tonight, so however we are going to get it, we'll get it.

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