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September 15, 2012

Dallas Bollema

Bob Davie

B.R. Holbrook


Q.  Take away the option but they made it really tough.  What did the defense do?
B.R. HOLBROOK:  Yeah, you know, took a lot of the things that we wanted to do away.  We never really could get into a rhythm tonight.  It seems like we kind of beat ourselves tonight.

Q.  It seemed you had trouble finding a receiver and they had to scramble.  What did they do that made it difficult for you?
B.R. HOLBROOK:  Just a lot of coverages, a lot of things to see.  I'm going to look at the tape, and kind of look and evaluate things from there.

Q.  You mentioned they took a lot away from you.  Was that stuff that you had success with against Texas last week?
B.R. HOLBROOK:  Yeah, I definitely think so.  I think you know, we came into this game to focus on a few areas of the offense that we really wanted to execute, and it just seemed like tonight we couldn't get it done for some reason.

Q.  How are your ribs holding up after this game?
B.R. HOLBROOK:  They're pretty good.  Not bad.

Q.  Dallas, you may not see another offense quite this good the rest of the way.  But as a team, what do you feel you can do against this style of offense, because you are going to see more spread offenses?
DALLAS BOLLEMA:  Yeah, we are going to see more spread offenses, and we've just got to keep working on our zones right now.  Just get everybody involved in the game, and get all the execution going.

Q.  They were saying he lost Jones and Raymer in the first series.  How did that affect you?  You played a lot of people in and out.  How did that affect you guys tonight?
DALLAS BOLLEMA:  It hurts because they're practicing all week.  They get all the reps.  They know what the causes are and stuff.  But we've got to have new guys jump in, be available, ready to go.  It's football.  People are going to get hurt and new people have to jump in for the spots.

Q.  The last two games have been tough.  But do you feel like this experience is going to benefit you guys down the road?
DALLAS BOLLEMA:  I mean, yes, it is tough.  But it is beneficial.  We've got a long, ten‑game season ahead of us still.  We've got a long road ahead of us, and Monday is a new game, and we're going to focus on NewMexico State and we'll take it week by week.
COACH DAVIE:  Well, that's what you call getting exposed right there.  Couple of things.  First, I think we have to be really smart about the things we have to get corrected right now.  We have to get corrected.  We have a responsibility to get corrected as coaches.  Then there are some other things where we have to be patient.
Okay.  We knew coming in here that it was going to be difficult.  I knew this would be a more difficult game than Texas for us, just because of their style of offense against our defense.  But to be honest, I didn't think we'd be that bad on defense.
I knew Freddy Young didn't play.  We lost Raymer in the first series, we lost Cranston Jones in the first series.  But that's still no excuse.  To play that poorly, that's something I talked to our players about.  It's a share of responsibility to get fixed.  You know, we start off the game on offense, we have a senior wide receiver that has two penalties in the first place.  We can't stop him on defense we did have one drive in the first half.
On defense, we had him 3rd and 16 or 18.  They go four vertical, uncontested.  I don't know how many uncontested throws we've had this year for big plays.  Then we let the kickoff.  Maybe the worst thing out of all.  He had the kickoff retiring.  We felt like we got a little bit of something.  Then we let the ball hit on the ground before the second half.  That's just unacceptable, inexcusable, I take responsibility for that.
Let's be honest, if Tommy Tuberville doesn't call them off, they're going to score a lot more points than they scored.
With that said, we talked about at halftime, just narrow the focus.  Don't worry about the ramifications of this game.  I'll be responsible for what happened, and let's just go play the second half.  Don't think of all the things what people are going to say.  What people think of our team, none of that matters.  I think with our ones against their twos.  We kind of hung in there a little bit in the second half.  But offensively, we never really could get anything going either.
So, it's frustrating.  But, again, patience, patience.  You know, we've got to get the thing solved that we can get solved.  And that is my responsibility to get those things solved.  I don't care what the situation is.  I don't care what the scholarship numbers are or who is hurt, who is not hurt.  You can't go out there and have two penalties in the first three plays of the game.  You can't give up a third and 18 on an uncontested play.  You can't let the kickoff fall to the ground and give them another touchdown before the half.
You know, so we've got to get some things corrected.  But very disappointing, very disappointing.  So that's what it is.  We've got a lot of thing that's we've got to coach better, starting right now.

Q.  Did it feel like there were a lot of busted assignments?
COACH DAVIE:  No, it wasn't busted assignments.  We've got a dilemma.  We're caught in that thing where we're really limited playing man coverage.  I mean, basically every time we play man, it was pitch and catch.  Then when you play zone and they spread out, they were not only able to run it, but you're playing right into their hands because they're going to spread the field with those formations and that quarterback's good now.  He's going to pick you apart.  I've got a lot of respect for him.
I talked to coach Tommy after the game.  They're a much improved team, and he thinks they're a much improved team.  I agree with that.  But we've got some problems.  We really do.  I mean, we're going to get exposed against a team like Texas Tech.  But with that said, there are some things that are my responsibility to get fixed.  So it's a combination of things.  We you know, Cranston Jones was the nickel going into the game.  I mean, he's out immediately, and now Tabannah is in there playing 60 snaps or something.  He's not been around for two weeks, and he plays 60 snaps.
Raymer goes out, Freddy young was already out.  And now it's Jamal Merritt playing the whole game, so there were some things there.
But with that said, that is no excuse.  We've got to coach better.  And I told our players this.  We are not leaving this season in Lubbock, Texas.  We are not leaving this season in Lubbock, Texas.  We've got a lot of football left.  I appreciate their effort.  That's a tough situation to be in to have to come out that second half.  It's not like they're just going to go away and hide.  They're going to come back and play the second half, and we had to do the same thing.
So I appreciate guys trying to be positive in the second half.  I do appreciate how difficult that is on guys, but I'm not accepting it.  We are not accepting it.  We're going to put this game behind us.  We're going to come in Monday.  We're going to start over.
But in no way, in no way do I accept this or do I accept this performance.  We are not accepting some of the things that happened, from a coaching standpoint and a playing standpoint.

Q.  Offensively you had a near perfect drive.  Other than that, a lot of three‑and‑outs.  Is it execution?
COACH DAVIE:  I've got to look at it.  We're kind of in the thing when Cole's in there.  You know, it's run.  When B.R.'s in there, we try to throw it a little bit.  I think it's a lot of things.  It's a lot of things.  I mean, I'm not so disappointed that I don't think we can improve from these last two games.
But there are a lot of things.  There are a lot of things that we have to do better.  I think the positive things, and this sounds so funny, but you know by playing these three straightaway games, we've had a chance to spend so much time around our players.  And really you know from a relationship standpoint, being around them, coaching them as hard as we can, young guys getting a chance to get in.  I think this three‑game away thing will really help us in the end.
Right now as bleak as it is there's not many positives right now.  But I think starting Monday, we can get some things solved.

Q.  Can you talk about the passing attack, and the match‑up between the Texas Tech offense and your defense.  Could you talk about their rushing attack because they had a lot of success?
COACH DAVIE:  They wore us out.  You know, it was like I said.  When you can play man‑to‑man coverage, you can out number them a little bit in the box.  But when you have to spread out and play kind of an umbrella coverage, you play right into their hands.  But it's kind of a double‑edged sword.  If you go one safety in the middle and play some kind of man, you're going to get exposed with that.  So there is no question they had us, and we knew it was coming.  I mean, I knew what was coming.
I was just disappointed, because the one turnover we forced and got off the field in that situation.  For us right now against a team like that, we're going to have to create turnovers.
But they did a good job.  They did a good job schematically.  We couldn't stop their run.  We couldn't stop their pass if we're honest.  That is the reality of that situation.  Again, we need to have a better plan, and there are some things we need to ask guys to do better if they're capable of doing it.

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