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September 15, 2012

Seth Doege


Q.  Seth, six touchdown passes to tie a career high.  What do you feel about this against NewMexico?
SETH DOEGE:  I don't think it's‑‑ there is really nothing.  Yeah, that's it.  It's just revenge for Sonny.  That's it.

Q.  Talk about what it's like to have options everywhere you look?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, we do have a lot of depth.  We have a lot of weapons, and they did a good job.  When their number is called, it's a challenge for those guys not to get frustrated just because we have so many guys, and you may not get the ball every single play.  But I think they're doing a really good job of competing during practice and getting prepared, and really going out there and when their number's called, going out there and making plays.

Q.  It seemed like you called No. 18 a lot tonight.  Did you do that to make up for lost time?
SETH DOEGE:  It's just one of those things that the defense gave us, and they showed us some look that we could go in that direction.  He made a lot of plays.  He did a really good job of getting open and catching the ball.  Like I said, he made a lot of plays and I was excited for him.

Q.  Can you talk about your offensive line's start?
SETH DOEGE:  It was huge.  I think I scrambled a lot in this game.  But it wasn't because I was getting a lot of pressure.  It was just because maybe it had been a bad presnap read or something wasn't open.
But those guys up front did a heck of a job of protecting.  They've done a really good job all year so far, and they continue to get better.  I think it's a big‑time tribute to the senior guys up front, getting those other two guys ready to play.  Like I said, they've done a really good job, and they made my job a lot easier.  I think we had a lot of rushing yards too.  I think that's a big impact there as well too.
Just because, I mean, me being the quarterback I could see the holes that the running backs had to run through, and they were pretty big tonight.

Q.  What did you think of Jace's touchdowns tonight?  The one he had to jump up and catch was unbelievable.
SETH DOEGE:  It goes back to all the receivers.  When his number's call, they make plays, And Jace during fall camp was one of the most improved guys and he's going to continue to improve and get better.  He's a big‑time player for us.
I know he was kind of frustrated with me after a couple of plays because he was open, and I didn't get him the ball.  So I'm glad I kind of made up for it at the end of the half.

Q.  How is the defense playing so well make your job easier?
SETH DOEGE:  They give us the ball.  They give us opportunities to make plays.  I mean, it's just I think that they did a really good job because NewMexico is such a ball control team to get them off the field and give us opportunities to make or to drive the field and score was huge.  They did a really good job.
It's so much different than it was last year, just because we have so much confidence in our defense, and them going out there and stopping offense and giving us an opportunity to have the ball in our hands again.

Q.  (No microphone)?
SETH DOEGE:  Say it again?

Q.  Did you like that?
SETH DOEGE:  That was a lot of fun.  I think it's a tribute to the entire offense.  I think the offensive line did a really good job protecting.  The receivers ran really good routes and made plays on the ball.  So overall we executed very well, I thought.

Q.  Were you ready to go back out there to get a seventh touchdown?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, I tried to beg Coach Brown, but he wouldn't let me.

Q.  You have two weeks before Iowa State.
SETH DOEGE:  It's not even Iowa State, it's the fact that we're going into Big 12 conference play.  I think the guys are very motivated.  We've been talking about through the spring and summer and now fall that our main goal is to win a Big 12 Championship.  The season starts two weeks from now, so it's definitely something that we need to get prepared for.
It's a different ballgame once you start conference.  Everybody's getting confidence.  We just need to continue to get better as a team through practice and prepare well and be ready to go.

Q.  You picked up over 300 yards on the ground.  How does that open up the passing game for you?
SETH DOEGE:  I mean, just the fact that it's good to get that on film just because now teams really have to respect our running game.  It's gotten a lot better, and it goes back, again, to how good our offensive line is really playing right now.  They're playing physical.  They're playing fast, and our running backs are very talented.
It's just another part of our offense that you have to respect now, other than our passing attack.

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