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September 12, 2012

Tom O'Brien

TOM O'BRIEN:  Well, as you said, we're really excited about being home for the first time this season.  It seems like it's been a long time since we've played here at Carter Finley.  Concerned about playing South Alabama.  They've done a great job, Coach Jones has, the roster is full of junior college and Division I transfers.  They're playing a safety who played at Alabama, linebacker who played at Virginia Tech, tailback played at Georgia.  So they have some really good people playing on both sides of the football.  They'll be a big challenge for us, but we look forward to the opportunity to play.

Q.  I'm just wondering what your reaction is to the news of Notre Dame joining the ACC.
TOM O'BRIEN:  I just walked off the practice field and found out.  I really don't have any reaction because I don't know much about it.  But obviously the ACC thinks it's good for us, so it's good for us.  That's my reaction.

Q.  I'm just wondering, last week y'all play a 10‑6 game and they play a 9‑3 game.  Is anybody going to get to double figures this week?
TOM O'BRIEN:  Well, 10 is double figures, isn't it?  We made it (laughing).
No, certainly as you well know, the one play had a lot to do with that game last weekend.  Certainly it was a throwback game, and there's nothing wrong with playing games like that where two defenses go at each other and play extremely well, which happened last week.  I just hope our defense continues to play like it did last week and we protect our quarterback a little better this week.

Q.  I just wonder about them because, again, I don't know the level of competition they're playing or anything, but when you look at their defense on film, is it capable of giving you‑‑
TOM O'BRIEN:  Yeah, as I said, they're playing with a linebacker that's a Virginia Tech transfer.  They're big safety is an Alabama transfer, junior college kids, more kids on the defense.  They've got the ability to shut you down.
You're always challenged.  All you have to do is they're a Sun Belt Conference team, and Louisiana Monroe had a pretty good night last Saturday night in Arkansas.

Q.  Brian Underwood with the touchdown reception for you, a note here says three career touchdown receptions, all of at least 33 yards.  When he does get in the end zone, it's a long strike.  Tell me a little bit about his capabilities and if he's the kind of guy that you would like to get the ball to a little more.
TOM O'BRIEN:  Well, Brian is just starting to‑‑ last year was his first time to play.  I think we saw spurts of what he's capable of doing.  He had a knee injury in preseason camp, was not really healthy the first game of the year.  I think he's probably almost back to full health, but Saturday he got a chance to make a play for us, and certainly he has a speed similar‑‑ I don't think he's in the TJ Graham race, but they'd have heck of a time racing trying to find out the winner.  But he's that type of guy that when he catches the ball, he can go all the way with it.

Q.  Also with Mike Glennon, did you see, even though it was a low‑scoring game after a shootout in your opener, Mike Glennon, what kind of progress did he show you?
TOM O'BRIEN:  Well, we had some difficulties with the wind and the weather and going‑‑ throwing the football, protecting him to start with, receivers running the right routes.  We've worked hard this week to get everybody back on the same page so we can be much more efficient throwing the football and help him out.

Q.  How is that offensive line doing?
TOM O'BRIEN:  Well, we had to‑‑ Rob Crisp was out and we started another different offensive line.  Crisp, I don't see him coming back this week.  We'll save the same guys we had last weekend in there and see if we can do a better job.

Q.  Has Earl Wolff returned to practice yet, and how optimistic are you that he's going to be available for you on Saturday?
TOM O'BRIEN:  You know, I don't have an injury report, but hopefully he'll make it for Saturday's game.

Q.  Is he back at practice yet?
TOM O'BRIEN:  I don't have a comment on that.

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