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September 11, 2012

Cody Davis

Seth Doege

Q.  You got to throw it around a little bit more.  Did you feel like you had a little better rhythm?
SETH DOEGE:  Oh, yeah.  Felt like we got in a rhythm especially after Cody's pick six, it kind of got the team excited and ready to play.  Our first series wasn't very good, but after that we got rolling and really couldn't be stopped.

Q.  So in your mind what was the bigger or better highlight play, Jason's tip to catch or Kenny's that hit the ground and scored the touchdown?
SETH DOEGE:  Probably Kenny's hit the ground and score the touchdown.  That was pretty impressive.  It kind of just shows the way that he plays.  He just doesn't ever stop until the whistle is blown.

Q.  You guys for the second straight time used the three of those guys in the back field equally.  For you, what's been your impression of that system and of those three guys?
SETH DOEGE:  Well, there are different things each of them do a little better.  So when SaDale's a little better in space, Kenny's been really good at running downhill.  But at the same time, he can make a cut too.  Then Eric's just, you know how Eric plays, but I feel comfortable with all three of them.  It doesn't come to my mind who is in and who is not in.  I'm comfortable with all three of them.  I know all three of them will get it done.

Q.  Have you called most of the plays yourself or are they coming in from the sideline?
SETH DOEGE:  Most of them come from the sideline, yes.

Q.  You almost threw that fourth down play on the first series.  Is that something you saw or is that something that was called and just the exchange down there?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, we had talked about it all week that we were going to run the reverse on the third and short, happened to be fourth and short, but we felt like we could do it.  So we were working on that toss and pitch since Tuesday.  I bet we worked it every day for five, ten minutes, so we never had it dropped.
So it's just one of those things that we didn't really execute it in the game.  But if he would have caught it, it would have been cool.

Q.  The run is really a dangerous weapon for you guys when you get into the red zone.  What's it take as a quarterback to perfect that throw, and what kind of communication do you have to have with your receiver in order to perfect that?
SETH DOEGE:  As a quarterback you have to put the ball with enough air into a specific spot, which we aim for the back pylon and that general area.  Then for the receiver, he's got to give me enough time to get the ball out, and times it correctly, and he's got to win on his release.  He can't get jammed up or anything like that.
But we have tall guys like Darrin and Marcus, where I don't have to throw a perfect ball into a trash can.  Basically I can throw it up where they can run up and jump and have a jump ball chance at it.  So there are different ways for different receivers to throw that fade ball.

Q.  But it's a thing you have to pinpoint though.  How much practice does it take it to get it to where you want it to go?
SETH DOEGE:  We've practiced it ever since I've been here.  Because Leach was a big fan of it, so it's one of those things that I've been practicing since I've been here.  We practice it in the summer and we practice it every day of the week that we practice.  It's not like we hammer it down.  We've got to get ten throws to the right, ten throws to the left, to make it all complete.  We have three or four throws to the right, three or four throws to the left.  Then we'll get some, where like we do in practice such as go line situations.

Q.  Could you talk about NewMexico and what you see differently this year from what you experienced last year?
SETH DOEGE:  The biggest thing that jumps out to me is how hard they play.  They play a lot harder this year.  They have a new coach, and I think he's got them playing a lot harder.  I know their defensive lines are going to be our biggest test so far in the games we've played.

Q.  What defense do you most dislike seeing when you get behind center or are in the shotgun?
SETH DOEGE:  It's not that a defense really bugs me.  I do like it when they press up and blitz, just because there are a lot of opportunities for big plays.  But a lot of teams kind of play us where they drop eight or they play a coverage show where we can't go over the top.
That makes us‑‑ they're forming us to not make a mistake.¬† So that's kind of hard just because you get to do all the little detail things right and then move the ball with the ten‑plus play drive to move the ball down the field instead of a five‑play, big play over the top kind of drive.

Q.  You and Darrin had a wild game against NewMexico last year.  How important is it to get him involved early in the game?
SETH DOEGE:¬† Yeah, I think that we have a lot of receivers that could be involved and do a lot of damage.¬† I think it's whoever's number is called, and whoever gets the best look will need to reform it.¬† And me putting the ball in the right place and having good pre‑snaps and stuff like that.
That's what really helped us out last year is that Darrin did have the looks that I liked, and I made really good pre‑snap decisions and threw the ball well.¬† He made a lot of good plays on the ball.¬† So I think whoever was in that position this week should do the same.

Q.  With 12 guys catching the ball and everybody coming back to the huddle telling you they're open, they're open, they're open?
SETH DOEGE:  We have a lot of unselfish guys right now.  That's what's going to take to make us a team and make us good in the long run.  Guys understand there are a lot of guys that can make plays and everybody's going to get their chance.  It's what you do when you get that chance.

Q.  In the first for quarter a series and a half was (Indiscernible) the ball controlled offense against NewMexico.  How much of a premium is it for you guys to take advantage of your opportunities?
SETH DOEGE:  It's kind of the same thing that we did last week.  We kind of preset last week because Texas State kind of ran a similar offense, and they had a lot of ball control.  So it's very important that we get off to a good start and get rolling early because in a normal game, we'll get a lot more series than we would against Texas State and NewMexico who might only get ten or 11 series, and you need to take advantage of those.

Q.  You had some guys step up that didn't play the first game.  How good can this receiving corps be when you get everybody back on the field at the same time?
SETH DOEGE:  I think you're seeing some glimpses of it.  We do have some dangerous weapons.  It's just a matter of keep on improving.  You can't get comfortable, and guys got to compete every day at practice to see who is going to play.  When the opportunity presents itself to go do what they're capable of doing, I think they can be a great unit, and I think they've done a really good job so far.
But at the same time, us as a team as well as them need to continue to improve.

Q.  How happy are you with how the plays are being mixed up, runs and passes?  I mean, when you came here, most of it was pass, then it was going to be still the offense, and then it was going to be 60/40.  Are you pretty comfortable with run, pass, balance or lack thereof?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, whatever helps us win games.  If we need to throw it more and that will help us win, then let's throw it.  If we need a balanced attack, I'm good with that.  I think we have really good running backs and a really good line.  So with that combination, I think running the ball gives us a really good chance to win games and it does open up the pass a little more than just throwing it 70 times a game.
So I think the fact that we are more balanced than we used to be, that really helps us with what our personnel is right now.

Q.  Talk about how you expected the defense to really come in and make statements like the way you have in the first couple of weeks?
CODY DAVIS:  It's definitely a change of pace.  When Kaufman came in, it changed the whole attitude, and I think you can see that on the field.  We're going out there, having fun, flying around.  The results are coming.  So we've just got to improve and keep that up.

Q.  Is that something you sense the defense confidence building each week since maybe even going back to the spring game?
CODY DAVIS:  Yes, I think that is the single most biggest improvement we've made is confidence in the defense, in each other, in the coaches.  I think all of that combined has added to our level of play.

Q.  Can you walk us through the pick?
CODY DAVIS:  He threw it and I picked it off, and I ran as fast as I could to get back.  No, I mean, it was just a normal pass play.  Saw a read pass, dropped back, and luckily some receivers were coming from the other side and I just jumped the route.
Everybody watching on film and everybody on the defense was turning and running, and that is the reason I got back to the end zone.

Q.  Did you notice on field who had the blocks for you?
CODY DAVIS:  Let's see, I think Dartwan Bush had the quarterback, which was the main block.  But other than that, everybody was running.  I think D.J. got down there and finished off the linemen as well as Will Smith.  But I think a second after I was in the end zone, everybody else was.  So they were right behind me.

Q.  In practice you've faced Seth when he's in the goal line throwing the fader out to some of the tall receivers you guys have.  From your impression on the defensive side, how well does he do that and what makes it difficult to defend?
CODY DAVIS:  I think it's both Seth and the receivers.  Their timing, how the receivers are coached to lean in and at the last second lunge for the ball.  Both of those make it really hard for those usually shorter corners to come up from the big guys with the big reach.  So that is a difficult play.  Our corners work that all the time.  Sometimes the quarterback just makes it happen.

Q.  What do you see on film about NewMexico that concerns you?
CODY DAVIS:  It's going to be a big test for our run game.  Critical issue last year was run, so this will be another test for our run game.  A lot of big personnel, we have to fit up the right gaps and play assignment football.  So we're going to have to come downhill and react to the play action.

Q.  How was it to get turnovers and have the turnover make a big splash and get points out of it this week and not getting it the first week?
CODY DAVIS:  I think that was huge.  You come into the first game, get zero turnovers, and that's on our goal board up here to get at least three a game.  So we haven't met that yet.  But it's definitely improving, and that is something that we're going to keep working on.

Q.  You talk about defending the option and getting a little preface of that last week?
CODY DAVIS:  It's just defending the option, you have to kind of split up responsibilities instead of everybody swarming to the ball.  You're going to have guys assigned to certain gaps.  You're going to have a guy assigned to the dive, the quarterback, the pitch, backside, the reverse and things like that.  So it kind of stretches you out.  You've got to know what you're doing and fit in the right place.

Q.  Do you like (No microphone)?
CODY DAVIS:  The option?

Q.  Yeah.
CODY DAVIS:  It's interesting.  I like coming down and being able to hit the quarterback, so that's always fun.

Q.  How much of an advantage is it kind of preparing for a little bit of the same type of offense the week before and now doing it again against NewMexico?
CODY DAVIS:  Yeah, these first come weeks have all been bigger personnel and running type offenses.  So there is some familiarity there.  We're kind of getting used to how we play those type offenses.  So coming into this week we should be a little more ready for it.

Q.  What is your main responsibility against the option?
CODY DAVIS:  It just depends on what kind of defense we're running at the time, whether I'm down or back in coverage, man, things like that.  But it can differ from the quarterback to the pitch, like I said, or the dive or cut back.  So it really just depends on the play.

Q.  Before Saturday, when was your last touchdown?
CODY DAVIS:  That would be in high school.

Q.  (No microphone)?
CODY DAVIS:  I didn't score on any of that.  I think I only scored one touchdown on an interception, I think, my junior year.  But I had a couple for wide receiver.

Q.  Do you ever try to fake the quarterback into throwing to your direction?
CODY DAVIS:  Yes and no.  It just depends how early I read it.  If I read it and see the receiver coming early, I don't try to jump the route quick.  So he sees me there and doesn't throw it.
So I read that pass early and tried to stay out of his view for as long as I could until he actually threw the ball to jump in there and get the pick.

Q.  The ball control offense like NewMexico, how important is it to get off the field?
CODY DAVIS:¬† It is critical.¬† With running teams, they try to control the clock, that also just wears down your defense and keeps the offense cold.¬† You can't get in any rhythm.¬† So we have to get off the field on third down and get as many three‑and‑outs as we can.

Q.  When you looked at the film were people in the right position?
CODY DAVIS:  Most of the time, we have to make a few adjustments to how we play it.  Just going back and looking, coaches are going to make adjustments how they want things assigned out, so we have to make those changes and make sure we're all on the same page this week.

Q.  How would you improve defense from week one to week two?
CODY DAVIS:  I think week two is definitely more difficult for us.  Kind of changed up more assignments, more new defensive schemes so it's definitely a challenge to come in and be on the same page, make the right reads, the right checks.  I think we communicated well.  We've just got to harden out the details and get it improved for this week.

Q.  Last year you guys had scribbled down a ways to see where the defense is finishing.  Now on the NCAA stats, you're in the top 20, rush, pass and defense.  Was that a goal?  Is it surprising to you and your teammates how well the defense has done?
CODY DAVIS:  No, it's not a surprise to us.  As far as a goal, we're always looking to be the best in the nation.  It's a surprise to us to be at the bottom.  That was one of the worst feelings you can get as a player.  So we have it up there towards the top this year, and we're looking to keep it that way.

Q.  Talk about your performance in week two with the pick six.  Do you feel any kind of pressure to maintain productivity getting closer to Big 12 play?
CODY DAVIS:  No, I don't feel any pressure, really.  I think I've been kind of, let's say, subpar level the last two years.  So I think I'm back to where I need to be and where I feel comfortable.  So I'm just glad I'm back and ready to make more plays.

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