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September 10, 2012

Trey Hopkins

Q.  First road game of the year.  What are some of the challenges that come with it?
TREY HOPKINS:  Just getting the guys who haven't had experienced on the road to stay focused.  There are a lot of guys on the team I'm sure that haven't been on the plane before.  I know I hadn't been on one before coming here.  So it's just another fact that you have to be aware of and that you have to stay focused through that too.

Q.  Coach Brown said this will be your toughest test so far.  Do you feel the same?
TREY HOPKINS:  The next game is going to be the toughest test because you have to continue to improve.  That is the biggest thing.  You have to make sure you're not coming back and playing the exact same way you played the last game.  If you're doing that, you're losing because the team that's even better will beat you in the long run.

Q.  How proud are you to be an American this week and the fact that the United States took out Bin laden, and you have an American hero on your team?
TREY HOPKINS:  Proud to be an American every day, but especially this week, just this being a monumental memorial week.  It's just great.  It's great.

Q.  How old were you when that happened?
TREY HOPKINS:  I was in fourth grade.  So not too sure what my age was back then.  I'm a year younger than everybody else.  But I remember being in the fourth grade classroom, and they called code orange, code orange.  All the teachers brought us in our rooms and gave us activities to do to keep our minds off anything.  Lot of students got taken out of class that day.
I just remember doing a lot of random, fun activities our teachers were told to give us to keep our minds distracted from the fact we had kids being pulled out of class.  We had a lot of chaos going on around outside of us.

Q.  What was it like watching Nate in practice and then seeing what he does in the game?
TREY HOPKINS:  It's great.  It's a testament to you practice how you play, because he busts his tail every day in practice.  He does a great job.  He knows his assignments and he makes sure he's at full speed.  As you see in the game, he's producing, so great job to him.

Q.  Do you pay attention to who is in the back field when you go out and lineup each play?
TREY HOPKINS:  Not really, because anybody that we have right now that is in that back field, we know they can produce for us.  Anybody can get thrown out there in any package.  We know they can get their job done.  We have a great back field.  Each one of them can step in at any spot and we'll never lose a beat.

Q.  You know anything about Ole Miss and their histories and traditions or anything like that?
TREY HOPKINS:  I know Ole Miss is a great team.  It will be a great challenge for us.  They're a physical team, I know that.  They're going to pride themselves on us going there and them having the crowds and the excitement that the teams traditionally have, but that's about it.

Q.  When you think of Ole Miss, do you think of Michael Orr and the Blind Side?
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Is that your favorite movie?
TREY HOPKINS:  No, I wouldn't say that's my favorite movie, but it's a great one.

Q.  Besides the next game, what are you looking forward to about this game?
TREY HOPKINS:  About this game?  I like traveling.  I like going on the road and seeing different places.  I like that aspect of the plane ride with the team and stuff like that.  So I'm personally looking forward to that.

Q.  Do you feel like non‑conference games are warm‑up games in a bye week heading into a conference?
TREY HOPKINS:  I don't look at any game as a warm‑up game.  Because any game's going on your record as a win or a loss.  That's how we look at it each game.  If you take a loss, no bun's going to say oh, well, that was just a warm‑up game for them.  They're not going to credit it like that.

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