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September 10, 2012

Jordan Hicks

Q.  Jordan, will this be a better evaluation for this team?  You beat Wyoming and NewMexico, but now you're going on the road against a better team like Ole Miss?
JORDAN HICKS:  We're not really focused on who we're playing, we're just focused on how we play.  So far we've done a good job.  We're getting better each game.  That's what we're going to try to continue to do.  Continue to play good enough to win.

Q.  What do you know about their offense?
JORDAN HICKS:  They've got a lot of different things that they do.  They apply a lot of different concepts, a few that we've seen already, a few that we haven't seen.  So they've got good players.  We've just got to be ready for them.

Q.  What about their quarterback, Bo Wallace?
JORDAN HICKS:  I haven't seen much on him yet.  Go in there today and look at him a little bit.  But I've heard he's done well.  I've heard their running back is doing well also, so we've got to is it stop them.

Q.  Did you hear a comparison to Vince Young?
JORDAN HICKS:  I haven't heard that yet.

Q.  We have.  That's what we were told today.
JORDAN HICKS:  That's some pretty high standards.  So obviously it's going to be a good task for us.

Q.  What are some of the challenges that playing in a road game presents for a team?
JORDAN HICKS:  I think the crowd is definitely a big thing.  We've had a great crowd here the past two games.  They've been very supportive.  I heard we got a lot traveling, but it's not playing here in front of 101,000.  That will be a big thing.
But it also brings a lot of excitement, being on the road, being us against the world mentality.  It brings a lot of excitement and I think it adds a fun factor to the game.

Q.  How do you let the excitement get to be too much to where it's a distraction, especially if you're a younger player on your first road trip?
JORDAN HICKS:  I think us as older guys we've got to kind of show them the ropes and show them how to handle themselves on the road.  But I think if you channel the emotions right, it will be good for you.

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