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September 10, 2012

Carrington Byndom

Q.  When you have a guy like Nate Boyer who is here, does he demand a little more respect and love from what he's done for our nation?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  As DBs, we don't take any scrubs, so definitely having Nate in the room is a good thing for us.

Q.  What kind of guy is he?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Nate's a great guy.  A hard worker, a guy that just loves serving people and whoever else it is.  Like I said, we're definitely grateful to have a player like Nate on our team.

Q.  The shutout in NewMexico, are you happy with the way y'all played on defense?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think we are happy with the way we played.  Any time you have a shutout, it's definitely a positive, but you can always go back in and find some things that we need to correct.  We still have to do a lot of stuff, a lot more progress we need to make.

Q.  What are some of the challenges that a road game presents to the team in general?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think just for us, we'll still prepare the same way as the past two weeks.  But definitely the atmosphere is going to be the toughest thing for us as a team.  So I think we just need to handle that, handle the adversity and overcome the challenges and the ups and downs that may happen during the course of a game.

Q.  The first two games you guys have had better players and better athletes.  Are you anxious to see what you guys have worked on trying to play against a team that's going to be a little bit closer to you guys in terms of talent?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  It's just another team.  No matter the name or face or who is out there.  I think it's the way we need to approach it no matter who is on the other side of the ball.  We need to play the same way.  We need to hold ourselves to the same standard.

Q.  Are you anxious to go into an SEC stadium and see that environment and kind of test yourself in that conference?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Not just the conference, just another opponent and a team I haven't played against, Ole Miss.  So it will be fun for me and I know most of the other guys on the team.

Q.  Back on the whole road game thing.  Is it harder to stay focused as a younger player going on the road for the first time?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think it is a little bit.  You kind of‑‑ it's like playing here for the first time.  You have those same jitters, those same butterflies.  But once that first ball or first tackle is made, it all goes away.
It's the same preparation, like I said, that goes into the home games, going into the away games.  It's just dealing with everything else that comes with going to the away game.

Q.  Coach said that this guy, Bo Wallace runs a near Vince Young offense.  Are you a little nervous?  Did your eyes widen a little bit?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Is that what they said, Vince Young?  Okay.  I've seen and watched a little bit earlier.  It looked a little bit like a mix between NewMexico and Wyoming.  So I definitely think these first two games have been key for us and kind of seeing what we'll face against Ole Miss.

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