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September 10, 2012

Jackson Jeffcoat

Q.  After the first game you weren't too happy.  Now you come out with the shutout.  Now you can go back to reading the paper clippings and magazines about you guys?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, you never want to go and read all that.  That stuff just makes your head big.  So you always have to stay working and keep working on your craft and get better every week.  You always want to get better.

Q. ¬†You look at this as a final warm‑up game?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:¬† Yeah, these are non‑conference games, so it's exciting to get out there with another team and have a chance to play teams outside of your conference.¬† So, yes, we go into a bye and we get started conference.

Q.  As soon as you all were figuring out that triple option, now you go back to the spread against Ole Miss.  Just the challenges that go with that?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, we're playing a team that kind of wanted to get you close and tight and run it outside.  Then it's fun to get out and go play against the spread team.  It's similar to teams in our conference.  So it will be exciting to see the spread.
Like I said before, it's always exciting to play a different type of offense each week.

Q.  Do you know much about Bo Wallace the quarterback?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, I don't know much about him.

Q.  What are some of the challenges that a road game presents?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, most of the people there are against you, so it's not your home crowd cheering for you.  But it is also exciting.  It gets you pumped up when you have other teams booing you and all that.  It's a lot of fun.  It presents a big challenge, and it's fun to do.

Q.  What was the highlight of the NewMexico game for you?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Just the win.  We got the win, and I was glad we got the win.

Q.  I liked that sack you had in the first quarter.
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Thank you, appreciate it.

Q.  Do you put any stock in the Big 12 versus SEC thing?  Is there anything there to prove yourself?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, there are a lot of things people have been trying to hype up.  But when you look at it, it's two different teams coming against to play each other.  All of that is just making a bigger deal than it is.  Realistically everybody thinks their team or conferences are the best.  So you can't come in and if you play a team from another conference, we're better than them because we beat them or this.  You can't say all that.

Q.  When you think about Ole Miss, do you know anything about their history or tradition?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I don't know much about their traditions.  I don't know much about Ole Miss.

Q.  The challenges of the read option for defensive ends, can you take us through your mindset and responsibilities?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  With the read option, you have to be disciplined.  You have to make sure you watch for the dive.  You can't be so set on going to get the quarterback that you let the dive go inside of you, so you have to watch the dive and make sure you have good eye progression and looking at dive first and quarterback next.

Q.  Mack said this is like a Vince Young offense with that zone read.  What would the challenges be of having to go against something like that when you think about having to defend?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, if you're going against a team with a Vince Young type offense, you know you have to take into account that the quarterback's going to run.  So you have to be able to contain him and make sure he doesn't get out of the pocket.  So that is a big challenge for us.
.  We have to make sure we don't have overhang plays and guys playing with their responsibilities.  So in a sense, it's similar to the triple option.  You have to be disciplined.  You have to make sure you play your play.

Q.  These first couple of games teams early have been able to move the ball on you guys.  How big of a focus is that to eliminate that?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, you always want to limit teams to moving the ball on you.  So we're going to go back and practice and work on that and get better at it.  Just like we said, get better each week.

Q.  Will this be a better evaluation for you guys to see how good this team is?  You beat Wyoming and NewMexico, but Ole Miss now on the road.
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, the reason it will be a better evaluation is because it's the next game.  Like I said, we're trying to get better each week.  So you want to see improvement in each game we have.

Q.  Where were you and do you remember 9/11?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:¬† 9/11, I was a fourth grader and attending Trinity Christian Academy.¬† I went to school and we were about to head to school and my mom had the TV on.¬† We started‑‑ the plane had crashed into the towers, and it was just crazy.¬† Being a kid like that, I was a little scared just because of school.¬† I didn't know if something would happen at my school or anything like that.¬† But my mom reassured me.¬† She said God will protect you, just have faith and you'll be fine.¬† So we went to school.¬† They ended up letting us out early.

Q.  Now you get to play with a real life American hero in Nate.  Do you ever get to talk to Nate and ask him about serving our country and great nation?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  A lot of us have thanked him.  He's such a great dude.  He really fits in with us.  Being an older guy you would think that he would feel we're all immature to him, but he really fits in.  He's like a big brother to us, and we're just lucky to have him.

Q.  He's got like five different nicknames.  Old man, Grandpa, Army, America, which is your favorite?  What do you call him?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I just call him Nate.  But I've heard America before.  A lot of people like to call him America.

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