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September 10, 2012

Mason Walters

Q.  Mason, when you see a guy like Marquise blocking down the field and he gets offensive player of the game, does it make you proud that he's doing something that you do for a living to earn that honor?
MASON WALTERS:  Definitely does, but I came to college to block people.  Marquise came here to catch the ball get it in space and score touchdowns.  I think that's what's encouraging to see a guy doing that and it's not his job.  He's taken it upon himself to go out there and help his teammates win.  That's the effort it's going to take week in and week out to accomplish what we want.

Q.  You don't worry about him moving over to the O‑line?
MASON WALTERS:  I don't know.  I haven't thought about that.  Maybe I should start worrying about my position.

Q.  Your first road game, you know how this goes.  But for the young guys, any advice you would give them?  What are the challenges?
MASON WALTERS:  Any time you have an away game, always be ready for something to go wrong.  Whether that be the buses being late, not getting to your hotel in time, room being dirty, fire alarm going off.  Something's going to happen throughout the week when you're traveling away that you're not going to expect, just be ready to handle that.  Don't get too caught up in it.  Just go past it and focus on the game.

Q.  Anything that's happened to you that's crazy?
MASON WALTERS:  What was the craziest thing that happened?  I don't really remember, and I think that's a good thing because I've just got to focus on the game.

Q.  What are some of the routine changes for the team as a whole when you're on the road versus playing at home?
MASON WALTERS:  Well, you'll do your little walk through you usually do out in the rec center right across from Moncrief, the Field House.  We'll go do that at the stadium, check it out and see it.  Usually traffic isn't as friendly to us when we go away, just because it's not set up by us, and it is what it is.
We'll stay in a hotel a little further away from the stadium than you're used to when you're playing at home, and you have a little more travel time.  So you just have to have that laser focus on the game and just go in, play the game, and get out as quickly as possible.  That's what we'll do.

Q.  If you don't have that laser focus, do you think some of those changes could have a negative affect?
MASON WALTERS:  I think so.  Some people are just they have different mindsets for home games than away games.  I just try to keep mine the same and focus on the game as much as possible.

Q.  Does not being able to go to the stadium and do the normal walk through like you were saying, do you think that will change anything for you?
MASON WALTERS:  I don't think so.  We'll get to go and see Ole Miss Stadium and check it out, which I'm excited for.  We hear good things about it.  Excited to be in that atmosphere for a little bit before the game, not under so much stress, and then come back that night or the next day and play them.

Q.  2‑0 but do you feel really good about where you're at?
MASON WALTERS:  We've had some good things happen to us the past couple weeks.  We've had some bad things.  You don't really feel good or bad about something you're improving on.  You feel a sense of urgency to get better, and I think that's how the team feels right now.

Q.  Has this offense progressed?  More explosive plays in the passing game this past week?  Has this offense progressed the way you guys like it?
MASON WALTERS:  It has progressed.  I don't think we should be satisfied with how it's progressed.  I think we should make it better.

Q.  How?  What needs to be better?
MASON WALTERS:  Just tighten everything up.  Every play is designed to score from the offensive coordinator standpoint, that's what they've told me, and we didn't score on every play.  So to the point that we want to try to get that good, and we won't stop trying and improving until we're at that point.

Q.  We keep hearing about SEC football, SEC teams?
MASON WALTERS:  A lot of people talk about it.  I really don't ever have many thoughts going on about conferences.  I play for the University of Texas.  I know that's in the Big 12.  But I don't know much more about the Big 12.
I know I want the University of Texas to be good.  I know we have to play Ole Miss next week.  I know they're in the SEC.  But I don't know what entity the SEC is other than that collection of schools.
So it's not really something I've put too much thought in.  I know the team we have to beat.  We don't have to play the whole conference, we just have to play Ole Miss.

Q.  Coach Brown said this is the toughest test for you guys so far.  What make it's so tough?
MASON WALTERS:  I think a combination of things.  Ole Miss is a talented team.  I've gotten to watch film on them.  They were good on defense.  You hear good things about their offense.  Then it's an away game.  We've talked about the adversity that we might face going on the road.  So the combination of those two things.  Then it's the next game like you said.  It's the next one on the schedule and the one you have to win.

Q.  Will this game be kind of a chapter ending because it's the end of the non‑conference schedule?  Is that considered anything with that?
MASON WALTERS:  Well, maybe so, I get so bogged down in the season just thinking about the next week and next week.  The coverage goes down for us.  We have an off week.  So I can see it being in that first part, but we haven't really talked about it.  We want to get this game out of the way first.

Q.  You guys have a lot of talent on offense.  Can you talk about what (Indiscernible) brings to the offense?
MASON WALTERS:  I think we saw it.  It's speed.  Doesn't take him long to get in the end zone.  You have to get a little hole for him and he's gone.

Q.  Are you aware of Nate Boyer?

Q.  He's got old man, Grandpa, Army, and America nicknames.  Which is your favorite nickname?
MASON WALTERS:  Definitely America.  I don't think I'd call him Grandpa.  He's got a lot more energy and spunk than most of us do, and we're 19 to 22.  So he brings a lot of energy wherever he goes.

Q.  How much do you admire the guy's courage, and determination and effort to be where he's at now?
MASON WALTERS:  It's a pretty amazing story.  The guy that didn't play high school football to really go through the military, do what he did.  He was the top dog, green beret, great guy.  Then really after that wanting to advance his life.  He came back to college and said he wanted to be part of something, and he's worked really hard to be part of something.
I know he's an extra point and field goal snapper for us.  Just getting to work with him day‑in and day‑out is such a pleasure.  He's a great guy, very humble, and has a lot that you can learn from.

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