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September 10, 2012

Adrian Phillips

Q.  Can you talk about the SEC conference bragging rights.  Everyone loves talking about the SEC?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Yeah, the SEC is a strong conference.  The Big 12 is strong as well.  So when we go out there, it's just another game.  We're really not worried about conference play.  We're worried about winning.

Q.  What do you know about the Ole Miss offense?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  I heard between the two, they have a good quarterback, running back, receiver.  I heard their quarterback is a play maker on the team, so when we practice this week, we have to make sure that we're on our P's and Q's and that we're tuned in.

Q.  What do you think of when you think of Ole Miss?  Do you have any thoughts?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  They're a good team.  I know that they've had some problems in the past, but that's every team in America.  So since they're back on their horse, they're trying to build the thing back up.  So when we go in there, we just have to make sure that we're on our stuff.

Q.  Coming off of a shutout, what does that do for the defense?  I know there are lots of things you'll still want to work on.  But how do you feel about that?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  It feels good, but we can't worry about that shutout anymore.  It's in the past.  We have to worry about Ole Miss.  Their team has fewer points than our team.  So a shutout is a good thing, but we're not worried about that anymore.

Q.  Facing the triple option last week, completely different this week.  Are you excited to get back to more of a spread offense?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Yeah, the triple option is a really good offense.  So this week I heard that they run the spread.  So it will be good to go back to that.

Q.  Do you guys look at this as the last warm‑up game, the final tune‑up before conference play starts?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  No, we look at this as a big game.  Each week it's a big game.  Ole Miss are a good team, so this week we have to make sure that we go in there and hit them in the mouth.

Q.  What are some of the challenges that a road game presents for your normal game day routine?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  It can get really exciting for the younger guys.  So when we go to practice, we have to make sure that they're in the playbook.  We have to make sure that they're not worried about the SEC atmosphere that's out there.  We have to make sure when we're actually traveling, they stay calm and not overly excited about the game.  After that first hit or contact, they'll be fine.

Q.  What makes this a big game?  You keep saying it's a big game.  What makes it a big game?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Because it's the next game.  Every game is a big game.  This is our next game coming up, and it's a big game for us.  We have to make sure we're on top of everything.

Q.  Nothing stands out about it besides it being the next game?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  It's the next game.

Q.  How old were you when 9/11 hit?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  How old was I?  I think I was about 10.  I do feel a lot safer, but it's a sad story.

Q.  Are you too young to realize what was going on?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Yeah, I was young back then.  I really didn't have insight on what really was going on.  I just knew back then that somebody had crashed a plane into our towers.  But as I got older, I knew more about it.

Q.  Can you talk about grandpa?  Do you know who grandpa is?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  No, I don't know.

Q.  Nate Boyer is nicknamed grandpa.
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Nate Boyer is a really good guy.  He's in our DB room, so we treat him like family.  We don't worry about his age.  That's why I didn't know his nickname.  For us, it doesn't matter if he's 32, 42 or 52.  We're going to treat him the same way.

Q.  Do you treat him with more respect because he has served and he's a military guy?  Commands a little more love and respect?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Yeah, I think he came here with a little more love than everyone else just because we knew what he's been through.  We knew everything that he's encountered in the past.  So there is a little more respect out of that.
But he's still a really down to earth guy.  He's not acting like just because of what he's done in the past that we have to treat him a certain way.  He just wants us to treat him normal.

Q.  Coach said he never played high school football.
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Yeah, he never played high school football, but he said he wanted to come out here and get an education and try out for the team.  That's what he did, and he succeeded at it.

Q.  Did you have to show him where to put the pads and how that works?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  No, he knew that much.  He still had some questions, but for the most part, he knew about football.  Just because he didn't play before, it didn't leave him out to dry.

Q.  Just don't get in a fight with him?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  No, you don't want to fight him.

Q.  What are your other goals personally before this bye week?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  We want to get a faster start as a defense and as a team.  We want to come out with the win and continue to get better.

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