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September 10, 2012

Kenny Vaccaro

Q.  First road game of the season coming up. What are some of the challenges that come with playing on the road for the first time?
KENNY VACCARO: I mean, it's our first, like you said, our first road game. It's going to be a test. We're going into SEC country, so it's going to be a hostile environment. Benny's been talking all week about how crazy it gets down at Ole Miss. So we're ready for it.

Q.  When you hear SEC country people talk about it, does that hold any stock to you or is it just another team you're playing?
KENNY VACCARO: To me, it's another team. But the way the media has it, it's supposed to scare everybody. So to me to our whole team, it's just the next opponent that happens to be in the SEC.

Q.  So you're blaming us?

Q.  Coach Brown came in here earlier and said that Ole Miss runs a Vince Young style offense. Any time you get Vince Young style offense, how does that make you feel?
KENNY VACCARO: I think it's exciting. I'm up for the challenge. I mean, it puts stress on the defense to have a duel‑threat quarterback. We've got to load the box and bring people out. So it will be a good challenge for us and a good ballgame.

Q.  What do you know about the quarterback in Bo Wallace?
KENNY VACCARO: I don't know much. I know we were recruiting him. I saw some film on him. Coach Brown told me to wait to see when they were recruiting him. I think he's a good player. I like what I saw.

Q.  Did you hear the same rumors that we did that he was going to be coming here?
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, that's what Coach Brown said possibly. But I never heard anything, so I guess it didn't work out. I don't know.

Q.  Does that happen often where they're recruiting an offensive guy and they want you to check him out to see what he brings to the table?
KENNY VACCARO: That was the first time coach said what do you think about this guy? I was like he's a good player. I watched his film with Coach Akina and that was about it.

Q.  Teams have had some success moving the ball particularly early in the games. Is there something you're doing wrong right out of the gates?
KENNY VACCARO: No, I just think we need to start faster and get our feet in the ground and start playing faster from the first snap. So I don't think it's necessarily anything we're doing wrong.

Q.  And the I know the answer to this might be we knew he would do it, but do you know why it's been a slower start?
KENNY VACCARO: Honestly, I don't know. I thought that was like a ghost around here the past couple of years. We've got to change that. If we want to be the team you talk about starting fast, because good teams will get on you quick.

Q.  I know you're a great American, but on this week of 9/11, can you talk about how great it feels to be an American and how privileged are you to play for America and with Nate?
KENNY VACCARO: It's a good feeling. We're glad to have him. He works hard. He brings so much to the team outside of football. All the things you need internally on a team, just the discipline and trusting the guy next to you. He's a great asset to our team, and I'm glad I get to play next to him.

Q.  Do you call him old man?
KENNY VACCARO: I don't. Some guys do. I don't make fun of him or anything. I respect that man too much.

Q.  Do you think this will be a good test for you guys Coach Brown talked about this being the toughest one for you so far and evenly matched teams.
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, they're a good team. When you have a dual‑threat quarterback like that, it puts stress on the defense. It will be a good test for us. Each week we need to come out and play strong.

Q.  The final warm‑up game before the bye week and then the conference, how big is this to get some momentum going into the bye week and get yourself ready for that conference?
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, I mean, for next week you obviously want to go on momentum and you want to have a good week. You want to be happy. Everybody wants to be bouncing around. So a win would make that week so much better for us.

Q.  With this being before a bye weekend and being the last non‑conference game, is it kind of the end of the first chapter of the season in your mind?
KENNY VACCARO: Yeah, we usually divide up our season into three chapters. I think the preseason is the first one, and we've got to get that handled.

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