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September 3, 2012

Trey Hopkins

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Trey Hopkins.

Q.  Well, I guess when you get 200‑yard rushers, that's a pretty good start. How good is that and how easy is that to have two guard backs and the offensive line doing a great job?
TREY HOPKINS: It was a great game for us. The other night we still have a lot to improve on. It's just great to get out there and get the win. That's the most important thing. Whether the touchdowns come from rushing or passing, we're happy with both. The biggest goal is to win. And definitely we had a pretty dominant running game the other night, and that was a great thing for the offensive line just to put into effect what we've been working on being the dominant offensive line, physical offensive line up front. It was great.

Q.  For the most part you kept Ash upright. How would you assess the pass blocking?
TREY HOPKINS: It was pretty good. Still like we say we have a lot to improve on in every aspect of our game. And that's a big aspect, especially coming up from last season. We have a lot of area of improvement for that.

Q.  Can you compare this opening game to the last two and what it told you about the teams?
TREY HOPKINS: Just told us that we have a lot more confidence coming from situations that we don't necessarily want to be in. We recovered a lot from probably some not so great situations that we put ourselves in offensively and some field position that wasn't so advantageous for us but we recovered and we took advantage of it.

Q.  Does it tell you a lot about the team in general?
TREY HOPKINS: Yes, it tells us a lot about our leadership and just how much we believe in each other and how we believe that we can prevail through the tough times of the game.

Q.  What's the atmosphere feel like in the locker room after a week one win and just getting ready for the rest of the season?
TREY HOPKINS: Any win is exciting. But week one it's a real big excitement because everyone's so ready and so pumped to get into that game and coming out of camp, the grind of that, and just finally having some fun and letting loose. The locker room is full of excitement, lot of electricity in there.

Q.  You saw Texas State beat Houston, you saw Iowa beat Penn State. How do you not let that happen this week?
TREY HOPKINS: You do it by applying to a standard, not to an opponent. We have a standard we want to play to every week. It's not about who we're playing, but it's about how we're playing and the goals we have set for ourselves what we have to achieve.

Q.  You said there's a lot to improve on. What's the top two things that you have to improve on?
TREY HOPKINS: Consistency, for one, and just being dominant in every phase.

Q.  Earl Campbell is going to be here Saturday. Big smile on your face.
TREY HOPKINS: Yeah, it's great to see him around. We've seen him a little bit in the weight room doing some stuff. But it's great to see a guy like that just still putting in the work and still helping us out, just by being there, supporting us. He's a great guy.

Q.  Did you ever think I wish I could block for Earl. What would it be like to block for Earl?
TREY HOPKINS: It would be great. He's definitely just so inspirational just to have someone who runs so hard and makes the most out of what he has. He makes the offensive line look a lot better than they might be. He's a great athlete.

Q.  You were a running back once, weren't you, back in the day?
TREY HOPKINS: Wish. Maybe in another life when I was probably 100 pounds lighter.

Q.  Pop Warner you were the running back, right?
TREY HOPKINS: No. Always offensive line, defensive line. Always been a little bit too heavy.


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