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September 3, 2012

Jackson Jeffcoat

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jackson Jeffcoat.

Q.  How is the defense feeling after the first week?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  We're still confident in our abilities.  First game, first game everybody had first game jitters.  We didn't keep them from scoring as many points as‑‑ as little points as we wanted.  But we're just going to go back to the film room and go back to practice and work on it more.

Q.  What's the biggest place for improvement from week one to week two for you guys?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, we got a lot of things we have to work on.  Definitely.  Making sure we keep rushing yards down and definitely passing yards.  We can't give up big plays and that's what coach always preaches.  Not letting up big plays and just keep on‑‑ keep people from gaining big chunks of yards.

Q.  Are you curious to see how this season will react to an offense so differently than others?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I'm excited to take on the challenge, they like the running ball, we watched a little bit of film, not much, but they put up a lot of rushing yards.  So it should be exciting to see what they have in store.

Q.  Scored a lot of points last week.  Hoping to shut them down, give them a little wake up call I guess?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  We're definitely excited to play them and get ready for them.  We're going to get in some film work today later on today.  So we're going to see what they're about and try to learn and get better from there.

Q.  Completely different mentality from the defense especially for a defensive end to go from last week's attack to this week's running attack?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Yeah, you've got to make sure‑‑ it's a lot of, how do I say it, fundamental‑‑ fundamental ball.  You just gotta make sure you're disciplined.  I mean, because they do a lot of things where they're going to have like the triple option going on, either hand it off with a dive.  Quarterback will take it.  So you just gotta be good with your eyes and disciplined with your eyes.

Q.  Do you like that?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's exciting.  It's always fun to have different things and different aspects each week.  Keeps you on your toes.

Q.  What did Manny say to you all about your performance on Saturday?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, he showed us that we can't allow big plays.  He said that just doesn't count.  But when you keep a team from scoring less points than your offense scores, I mean, you've won the game.  So he said that's big for us. 
But we want to start getting back to not allowing people to score many points on us.

Q.  Did the big plays surprise you, something that you didn't think people would be able to do against the defense here?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, I mean, it's always going to be a surprise when you have been working hard to limit big plays and getting after it in two‑a‑days and everything like that.  But teams are going to make plays.  It's all how you handle it.

Q.  A lot of upsets this weekend.  Texas State over U of H, Iowa over Penn State.  Are those like wake‑up calls, not only by you guys but other teams; you've got to step up every time?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  You always know you have to play your game every Saturday and be on your A game, because anybody can come in and anybody can come in and play hard and get after you.  So you just gotta be at 100percent and playing well.

Q.  Are you guys more upset about the 80‑yard touchdown play or the touchdown that you all gave up after what looked to be a pretty bad roughing the passer call?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  They're both not good for us.  They both ended up getting, having big drives and all that.  So we're pretty upset about both of them and we went back and watched on film and it's little things we could have corrected and things wouldn't happen like that.  So that's what we're going to do get back to practice and start working on ways to not allow people to do that to us.

Q.  Do you think this being week two will help?  I know Mack said you need to improve.  There's like tackles and things like that in the beginning.  Do you think this being week two you'll all improve?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Of course being week two you won't have the first‑game jitters.  Everyone has seen our fans, everyone's seen the atmosphere.  Before we had young guys out there. 
So they'll be confident again, yeah, we've done this before.  So I think it will get a lot better.

Q.  I guess you won't be getting any sacks this week?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  If you stop the run, then teams will have to pass.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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