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September 3, 2012

Jaxon Shipley

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jaxon Shipley.

Q.  When you think of New Mexico, what do you think of?
JAXON SHIPLEY: I haven't really watched any film on them. I don't really know what to think. I know they had a big win this weekend against Southern. Obviously they have a pretty good team if they can win by that many points. Looking forward to getting in there and watching some film on them.

Q.  (No microphone.)
JAXON SHIPLEY: Rings a bell. But, I mean, like I said, I don't really know what to think about him yet because I haven't watched him.
Just looking forward to getting there today sometime and getting a look at them.

Q.  What was your take from the receiver's perspective Saturday night?
JAXON SHIPLEY: Obviously we'd like to have some more explosive plays passing-wise. That's something we're looking on improving. We've talked about it. We know what to fix. Hopefully we'll take some more chances and we'll make some plays when our name is called.

Q.  What do you need to fix?
JAXON SHIPLEY: I mean, there's things here and there as far as blocking, running routes. I mean, there's things we can improve upon to help with our passing game.

Q.  Are you pretty disappointed with your pass rating?
JAXON SHIPLEY: I mean, it's going to happen. I mean, I didn't really take it too hard. I didn't throw a great ball. That's on me. Hopefully next time I'll throw a better ball.

Q.  What is the team's overall feel out there in one week?
JAXON SHIPLEY: I think it's great that we got out with the W. Anytime you get a win, it's a good day. Looking forward to this next week against New Mexico. Hopefully we'll have a great game then.

Q.  Mack was saying receivers need to make more plays on the short passes. Are there little things you can do to make sure that happens?
JAXON SHIPLEY: Yeah, one of the things Coach Wyatt, our receivers coach, talks about is when you get the ball you need to make a play. When we get the ball thrown to us, we need to catch the ball, try to get some yards, get that ball in the end zone.
Hopefully as receivers the more we get the ball thrown to us, the more comfortable the quarterbacks will be getting us the ball.

Q.  (No microphone.)
JAXON SHIPLEY: I think David seemed really comfortable. Didn't look like he was nervous or anxious to me at all. As opposed to last year when he was a freshman, he kind of got thrown in there. He was really nervous last year. This year it's been a whole different story. He's been great. He's been really comfortable back there. Didn't throw an interception, which is really good. I felt he had a really solid game. We're just looking forward to watching him throughout the season.

Q.  Any difference for you? Game slowed down?
JAXON SHIPLEY: Same thing I think for me. I had a little nerves last year, especially the first game of the season not really knowing what to expect, not knowing how many plays I would get, not knowing how many balls I would get thrown.
This year since I have a year of experience under my belt, it's just been a lot easier for me to not get anxious and just be ready because I know I've prepared watching film and just knowing what to do for the game. So I feel a lot more comfortable.

Q.  When you hear Mack say he wants to have more explosive passing plays, do you put pressure on yourself?
JAXON SHIPLEY: I think all of us receivers probably put pressure on ourselves because we feel we need to make those plays.
Like I said, when the ball is thrown to us, we need to make those plays and catch the ball. If it touches our hands, we need to catch the ball. All of us receivers are held to that standard. You can make an excuse if there's somebody around you, it tips your fingertips, you can make an excuse. But not in the receiving room for us. We need to catch the ball, try to make as many explosive passing plays as we can.

Q.  What did you do that you liked?
JAXON SHIPLEY: As far as receivers, I feel like we did make some plays when our name was called. But obviously we had two deep balls thrown to Mike. I think it was a combination of just being underthrown, Mike and us receivers need to be making plays.

Q.  When you see shocks with teams and these scores, is that a wake-up call?
JAXON SHIPLEY: Yes, sir. I mean, you never know what can happen. Especially for the first week, we wanted to get that W. I think that's special for us, no matter who we're playing, to get that first win. I think there were some teams that were not ready and weren't expecting some of those smaller teams and teams that were the underdogs to win that game. That shows us you always need to be ready, respect those other teams, go out and give it everything, not leave anything back.

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