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September 1, 2012

Brad Henderson

Bradley Dale Peveto

Derek Rose


Q.  They threw a lot of different sets at you, and they ran the ball up the middle a lot.  What do you take away from a loss like this?
DEREK ROSE:  There is a lot to learn from it.  We played really good on defense, but yet we still didn't do as good as we should.  We gave up too many penalties.  Not to take anything away from Texas Tech, they're a really good team.  Really good quarterback and coaching staff, offensive players, everything.  Just we could have done a lot better as far as defensively.

Q.  These first three games, Tech, Nevada, and even UAM are going to be throwing a lot of offense at you.  How can you use this game to get better next week for UAM?  They like to throw the ball a lot.
DEREK ROSE:  I think just from playing against Texas Tech helped us prepare for Arkansas Monticello.  Texas Tech is a real‑‑ what should I say?  Multiple offense, so I think it will help us prepare for conference as far as Arkansas Monticello and Nevada.

Q.  How hard was it to stop those four, five yard runs up the middle?
DEREK ROSE:  It was really hard, but it wasn't too hard, because we should have stopped it as far as defense.  We should have played.  We didn't make the plays.  Our coach put us in position, and we didn't make the plays we should.  Yet we made some plays, but I feel we could have done a lot better defensively.
Texas Tech is a really good team.  All we can do is learn from it, get it corrected and get prepared for Arkansas Monticello.

Q.  Brad, talk about Texas Tech's defense and what you proved?
BRAD HENDERSON:  I thought we did all right for the first game.  The Texas Tech defense, I think they went through a lot of defensive transitions last year and coming into this year, they made a lot of plays and looked athletic.  But I think as the offense speaking from the quarterback point of view, we left a lot of plays out there that could have been easy and turned into points.
It's week one.  You see where we stand as an offense and we've just got to go out there and make plays and execute.  I thought we prepared for them well, as far as knowing where they're going to be.  They came out and played good defense, so you have to give credit to a good defense.  They're going to make plays.
As a quarterback, you know, you've got to come into the game knowing a good team's going to make plays and you have to make plays as an offense.  We left a lot of plays out there that you should have been.  We were kind of disappointed because the play that's we did leave out there on the field, we should have made.  That's stuff you've got to be automatic.  You know, like reads, knowing what we have, you know, of a couple of overgrown balls, and that's just stuff that we have to hit.

Q.  How hard was it to run the ball today?
DEREK ROSE:  I think we struggled a little bit running the ball.  Give credit to the good defensive front they had.  Big guys, long, they're fast.  So I mean when you're trying to run the ball and those long, athletic defensive linemen, they're going to be hard.  I don't care if we have long athletic interior players, it's going to be hard.
So I give credit to their front seven.  They're pretty good.  Saying last year they weren't a very good defense.  To come in this year, I thought they looked good.  As a quarterback, I thought they looked really good.

Q.  With this year being the first year for your team to run the option, what do you think went wrong, and what do you think went right with that?
COACH PEVETO:  We got some looks that we practiced for.  But then I come back and say they had some good defensive ends that can run.  When you've got defensive ends that can run, it's pretty hard to try to run the option, especially with the option.  You're trying to get to the outside.  You're trying to get to the edge.  You've got guys that can run on the defense.  You've got defensive ends that can run.  So it's going to be pretty hard.
But I thought we executed the option really hard, we made a couple of plays into it, and sometimes we've got a little read, got a little break where we overran it and had a chance to cut it back underneath.  So it was like all right.  I give it an average day for the option.  We made plays in the game and then again Texas Tech made plays as well.

Q.  What can you do from this game or take from this game while you practice for next week's game?
COACH PEVETO:  I'm pushing the tempo.  As the quarterback, I'm going in and pushing the tempo.  I say that because when you push the tempo as an offense, the hurry up offense, you kind of get the upper hand on defense.  When I say the upper hand on defense, you get them.
Well, when we don't sub, the defense can't sub either.  They kind of keep the same personnel on the field, and maybe we had the personnel that they probably want another defensive guy in.
Say when the passing personnel, say 11 or 10, they're out there on the base defense.  So we're hurrying up and just getting to the ball.  I mean, we're pushing the tempo, kind of keeping the defense on their heels.  That's the thing a lot of good offenses do, push the tempo and kind of have the upper hand.  That kind of helps with rhythm.
Quarterback and offense is all about being in rhythm and I thought that's one of the things that we could not get to tonight was get in rhythm.  We made a couple good plays, couple big plays, but then again, with us not being in rhythm, we kind of missed an assignment here and there, and that drive killed us.  When you play a good team like that, you can't have a lot of drive killers.  So looking at it overall, you have to push the tempo on offense.  I think we just got to push the tempo.

Q.  These big time press conferences here.
COACH PEVETO:  You know, I take my hat off to the Red Raiders.  We thought they were a very good football team coming in, and we think they're real good.  I told our staff they were 5‑2 when they hit the skids last year, and I predicted this team is a Bowl bound football team.  There is no doubt in my mind.
With what they had coming back and just watching them last year, just some bad breaks down the stretch, but they were very well coached.  Got a great offensive football team, I thought they played great defense tonight, and it was, you know, a lot of hard work getting prepared for it.  We knew we had to throw a lot at them, which I thought we did.
But they're a very, very good football team, well coached football team, and they're going to win a lot of football games this year.  There is no doubt in my mind.

Q.  Derek Rose mentioned that playing against Tech can really get you ready for the next couple of weeks.  You have Nevada runs the pistol.  UAM they're going to throw it a ton.  How can you use this game to get the defense ready for the next couple of weeks?
COACH PEVETO:  I think every year we're going to play two BCS teams.  That's just kind of who we are and how we do it.  I think it prepares us because any time you play against the best, and this is one of the best conferences in the country, it makes your game better.  It prepares us for a very tough Southland Conference schedule that we play in, and it doesn't get any easier.
We have a tough Monticello team coming into our place 1‑0.  Then we go to Nevada, play Mississippi Valley, and we have a tough conference that is as tough as anywhere in the country.  But playing a team like Tech really prepares us for the rest of our schedule, no doubt about it.

Q.  They hit their first ten down conversions in a row then they didn't get the last six.  Did you make any adjustments there?
COACH PEVETO:  We made a couple adjustments at halftime.  But the thing that I felt like we had done a very poor job of in the first half, we got way too many penalties on defense that kept drives alive.  Then the third down conversions were hard.  Any time you don't get off the field on third down, you put yourself in a hole defensively, and we did that in the first half.
Now I take my hat off to Texas Tech, that is one heck of an offense over there.  There is a reason why they averaged 480 yards.  I thought coming in that Seth was as good a quarterback as I've lined up against in a long time as a defensive coach.  I compared him to Drew Brees.  That is who he reminds me of.
He has a very quick release.  Does a great job running that offense, and he he's got a great arm.  He's very cool in the pocket, has a lot of control with the offense.  He's a big‑time quarterback.  He's going to play the game for a long time.  There is no doubt in my mind.
But I thought we were in position to make some plays.  We didn't make them, and they did.  But again, the penalties put us in a hole.  Got way too many penalties defensively that kept drives alive.  And our third down conversion, we've got to play better third down defense than we did tonight.

Q.  How do you think you guys reacted to a lot of those runs over the pistol, especially in the two or three back sets?
COACH PEVETO:  You know what, that was a little surprising.  We had a six‑game break going in on them, and I had barely been in it 30 times in six games.  That was a new wrinkle.  I thought we adjusted to it and played it better.  But that was a little bit of a surprise.  They were balanced tonight, which they've been a lot more pass oriented.
But I thought we adjusted a lot better in the second half and had some answers there for the pistol‑‑ for the two‑back and three‑back run game that they presented tonight.  But I will say this on your question, I thought coming in that their backs were really, really good.  I really did.  I thought they were very good.  They had run the ball really on everybody.  They made you‑‑ the one thing that seems like this offense, you've got to stop the run.  I mean, you really do.
That sounds kind of crazy, but they've got a very good simple run game, and it's very, very good, and they do a great job with it.  It compliments their passing game extremely well.

Q.  I understand this was the first time that your team ran the option formation and was just going to see what you thought went right and what went wrong in doing that?
COACH PEVETO:  Well, I thought we got in some negative situations.  I thought we did it out of the pistol, and the center quarterback exchange was very poor two, three, four times, and it cost us to be in 2nd and 15.  The 2nd and 14 situations.  When you run that offense, you can't get behind the chains like that, and that's what we did tonight.

Q.  How good would you say Texas Tech's defense is?  What did you see that makes you say that?
COACH PEVETO:  It's very good.  To have some fun with this, they played the run in the past extremely well tonight.  They really did.
No, Hoke's a good football coach, I've known him a long time, and that defense played extremely well tonight.  They gave us a lot of different looks.  Four down, three down, and they played extremely well.  Had great run‑fits, defended the option well, and got a lot of heat on the quarterback.  You know, you've got to win the battle on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and they did that defensively tonight.  They won the battle up front, we didn't.

Q.  You said you were a defensive minded coach.  Would you say your defense played better than you expected them to or maybe not so much?
COACH PEVETO:  Well, I mean, we gave up 44 points, so I'm not handing out any gold stars tonight.  But I thought we could have held the score down a little bit had we got off the field on third down like we should have, and had we not gotten all of the foolish penalties.
I bet we had eight personal fouls.  I hadn't counted them up, but it was too many of them.  And you're not going to, you know, be able to play the kind of defense you want to play against an offense like Texas Tech's offense when you get foolish plays that keep drives alive, and then you don't get off the field on third down.
Now we did in the second half.  We did a good job getting off the field in third down and played much better third down defense.  But the foolish penalties really hurt us.  When you give up 44 points, I'm not very happy about that.

Q.  How would you rate Brad Henderson's performance tonight?
COACH PEVETO:  We've got to be better.  We've got to be better.  You know, again, I thought he did some good things at times, but we took some sacks I thought we shouldn't have taken and got to get rid of the ball there.
But Brad's a good quarterback.  He's the leader of our football team.  I thought as a team we played extremely hard.  That's a good football team.  That is a good, Big 12 football team we just lined up and played, and we left to come over here.  We've had a lot of fun though.  We've seen West Texas, just so y'all know.  We've eaten good too, by the way.
But, no, he's a good quarterback.  He's a better quarterback than he played tonight.  He's better than that, and he's got to be better than that for us to do the things we want to do this football season.

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