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September 1, 2012

Seth Doege

Kerry Hyder

Tommy Tuberville


COACH TUBERVILLE:  That's a lot better.  Feels a lot better coming in here and seeing you guys after last year.  But that was a good start, a very good start.  I thought our coaches and players really prepared to play this game.  That group had quite a few experienced players.  I know we were better than them, but one thing we worried about was their execution, their play and being able to run the ball. ‑
Two things we wanted to do was establish the run and stop the run, and I think we did that well.  Three pretty good running backs, spread it out pretty good.  It was great to see Eric Stephens back getting a couple of touchdowns.  But we'll need all three running backs as we go.
Our offensive line blocked well.  Seth did fine.  He had a wet ball a couple times early in the game that the interception kind of flew on him and the ball slipped out of his hand.  He's fine, of course he's going to need to play better than what he played today.  It was great getting Michael Brewer in the game.  I thought he did excellent.  We called his name and he went in and started throwing strikes.  We wanted to run the ball a little bit more, but they double call a lot of things.  When they blitz, we throw it.
Defensively was an area that we were really concentrating on, and I thought we were watching number seven when we were out there.  He had a huge difference stopping the run inside as all the defensive line and linebackers did.
It was fun to see it all kind of come together.  We didn't play near as good as we can play which is good.  We've got to get better each week in each game.
Terrance Bullitt stretched the same shoulder.  They don't think it's as bad.  We'll have to wait to see.  Hopefully it's just scar tissue or something, but he's reached out on that shoulder.  When you extend it, sometimes you make it sore than what it's been.  Hopefully he can work his way back in and hopefully it's not too bad.
I've held five or six guys out, some injuries, some because of obvious things.  We won't get into all of those details.  That's between me and the players.  But we like to have a lot of those guys out there, but hopefully we can get them back injurywise, and after having to sit out, I hope they learn lessons.  Questions?

Q.  A follow‑up on that‑‑
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Chris Payne?  He was hurt.

Q.  Are all of those injuries?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Some of them were I injured them myself.  I held them out and had Tyson Williams pull an ab muscle two days ago, so he didn't get to play.  We'll be full strength next week.

Q.  Can you talk about Marcus Kennard.  He had a couple of touchdowns and really played well?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  He looked like the Marcus of the old.  He got a chance.  Darrin wasn't out there.  Like I told him before the game, this is your opportunity.  You have to make the best of it, and he did.  He made some good catches, and he gives you that extra height on the outside.  We put both of them in the game and that will really stretch the field in terms of when you get down to the goal line.
Marcus made catches on the first drive, the one that was behind him, I thought that was a very good catch.  He's worked hard.  He had a great first week, and in the second and third week we're not quite as good, but hope this gives them confidence.

Q.  (Indiscernible) were you really strong, and had thoughts overall over the defendants?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, speed, we've got more speed.  I think we all saw that out in practice.  That helps a lot of things.  That helps sometimes when you don't play good technique, you can make up for it front four can run, and also the linebackers.  So we're not going to win the defensive award at the end of the year, the best defense.
But we got a chance to be a lot more balanced when you stop the run, you can force it, and force the ball in certain situations, and we played a lot of players.  We have guys that can play for us, they've just got to learn how to play.
We played on both sides of the ball tonight.  We probably played 40% of the guys that's never played before.  So I thought that it was a good night to get most of them in.  We've played a lot of players.

Q.  Do you think that a special defensive game like this is kind of what the doctor ordered?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, yeah.  We knew they were going to come in and run the ball.  They ran the ball quite a bit on most people last year.  It was going to be we knew that we were going to be able to score some points.  I thought our guys were more relaxed.  If we had gone into a tough game, it might have been a struggle on both sides of the ball in terms of improving and trying some things that we tried.  But this was a good start.
Now next week, going on the road it will be a different mindset on how to play, and a little bit different offense.  Kind of like more the offense that we'll see the rest of the year and a little bit more mobile quarterback.

Q.  You had the ball out on the ground and had three different guys go run at the ball?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, we're going to need all three of them.  We have DeAndre Washington on the sideline.  You know, it's hard not to play him because he's really hard to practice with.  The situation we put him in last year and having to play him kind of put him a year behind.
We had not decided a hundred percent.  We're going to have to wait to see injurywise, because he gets better every day in practice.  He's working against our scout team and with the offense.  But all three of those guys.  SaDale Foster, we'd like to get him more touches.  There at the end they kept blitzing, so we had to keep throwing the ball.

Q.  What did you think of Mad Mike?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  You know, Mike doesn't know what he's doing most of the time.  He's learning, but he plays hard.  He plays fast, he plays hard, he plays reckless, and that's what you want.  When you're a young guy playing, you know you're going to make mistakes.  He likes football.  He likes special teams.  He was all over the field on special teams.  He's going to be a guy that's going to work into a lot of snaps on defense when he learns what to do.

Q.  Would you talk about Jace Amaro and did he get dinged up tonight?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  No, I took him out.  He fell right in front of me.  We don't need him to go down.  He fell on his head, and he got up wobbling around a little bit, but he was fine.  We just took him out.

Q.  Your defensive line had several back passes and shots from the back field.  What did you think of that?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, our movement was good up front.  I thought what our game plan was good.  We did a lot of stuff into the boundary, we work hard against our team on those screens and they read them pretty good against our offense, so it kind of pays off when our guys have learned that guys give you a lot of ground, you have to get your hands up quick, And Kerry Hyder is probably one of the better ones at that.
So going against our offense a lot for the last, you know, three weeks and all through spring practice has helped our defense on all those screen passes.

Q.  Coach, are you satisfied with the team chemistry?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, our chemistry's real good.  I tell you what, we were more focused and just around the hotel the last 24 hours players talking, reminding other players about what they've got to do.  They have a chance to win some games and really show a lot of improvement.  It comes from your leadership.
Our seniors and a lot of the guys have done a good job in the locker room, and I thought they prepared themselves well today.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  It looked good.   We had some downhill stuff I thought worked good.  Our zone play, they forced us to cut back quite a bit, and we made some plays.  I don't think we took many lost yardage plays, which was good because they were coming pretty hard.  One guy doesn't break down.  In this offense, that's what you've got to do.  You have to make people miss at the point of attack, if you can do that, you can get a lot of yards.

Q.  Did you plan to play Brewer a full quarter?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, we want to get him in, no matter what the situation.  He brings a little bit different type of quarterback.  He can stand over and watch and kind of understand what's going on.  Everybody can tell, he can throw the ball.  Obviously, this is Seth's offense, but I think he can even help Seth at times.  This is a team sport.  We want to make sure we get Michael as many snaps in these games as we can to get him ready for the future.

Q.  Coming after last season, how big does it feel to have an opener like that for you?
SETH DOEGE:  It feels good.  Any time you win a game, it feels good.  I felt like we were more prepared as a team, and kind of went into it with a different attitude than we had last year.  We were excited last year, just like we were this year.
But just watching the guys fly around is a little different.  I think we're going to have a good team.  We just need to continue to get better each week.

Q.  What did you think about your offensive line?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, if you think about it, we have three guys that have started a lot of games and have played a lot.  So I wasn't too worried about those guys.  The two guys that we needed to have game experience were LeRaven and Alfredo, and I think those guys did a good job, and I don't remember getting hit at all, so I guess that's a pretty good job from the O‑line.

Q.  How happy were you two guys to get in the end zone?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, I was happy for them.  I made some cuts.  The thing about Eric, I think as soon as he finally got hit, I think he could start trusting his knee more and making cuts in games and maybe get being hit in his knee.  He was able to bring out the game he once had.

Q.  Who surprised you tonight?
SETH DOEGE:  I think Marcus did a really good job, Kennard.  And I think Bradley did a really good job.  Both those guys I thought made plays on the balls that were thrown to them.

Q.  How satisfied are you with your running game?
SETH DOEGE:  I think it's something we can improve on and do better than we did, just because of the way we were playing.  It was nothing like what we prepared for really, so‑so when they did that, they could run the wall, and I think we did a better job of it.

Q.  How happy were you with your performance tonight?
SETH DOEGE:  I don't think I threw the ball particularly well.  I pride myself on being one of the most accurate passers and that's something I really work on.  So I don't think I was as accurate as I wanted to be today.  In the first series, the ball kind of slipped through my hands.
That was a downer for me.  But as a quarterback, you can't dwell on mistakes and you have to kind of keep playing.  They Drew a lot of people, so we couldn't get the ball down the field as much as we wanted to.  I thought I did a good job managing the game.  Just need to keep improving and be ready to play in the next one.

Q.  (No microphone)?
KERRY HYDER:  We just have to come out and be aggressive and get off the ball.  We figured we can get in the back field, we can make it easier on the linebackers and the rest of the defense.  So we have to come out and do our part.

Q.  Does the defense give up 15 yards and the rush defense after the way you guys performed last year?
KERRY HYDER:  It's a small step in a long journey.  We did a good job today, but we still have a long way to go on defense.

Q.  Were they happy to get through that line and open up and make some plays?  The defensive line was setting the tone?
KERRY HYDER:  We went into the game knowing the D tackles were really trying to set the tone.  So as the D‑line, we expected to dominate.  We're.
Just glad it turned out that way.

Q.  (No microphone) gave up six points?
KERRY HYDER:  It's definitely a plus after how many points we gave up last year.  Defense is playing well, but we have to keep moving forward.  This is not the competition we're going to face week in ask week out in the Big 12.  This is just a small sample.

Q.  What are the keys to being successful?
KERRY HYDER:  Just coming off the ball and everything takes care of itself, and comes off the ball that's the main thing to try to get into the gaps and make something happen.

Q.  (No microphone)?
KERRY HYDER:  We just need to continue to focus.  So throughout the game we gave up some offside penalties, face mask penalties, so it is just little things like that to focus on.

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