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September 1, 2012

Braxton Miller

MIAMI – 10

Q.  Typically a very good game.  In your mind how well do you think you each played; (indiscernible).
BRAXTON MILLER:  I'll just say the first quarter just threw us off a lot.  We came out there not attacking the things that we really wanted to attack, and I think the second quarter we got it under control.

Q.  What happened in that first quarter for you guys as you were living it?  You're not a guy who panics much.  But there was some time when you said, all right, let's get this going a little bit?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Just trying to figure out what they were going to do, what the defensive guys were going to do on Miami.  So we just changed it up a little bit.  We got going in the second quarter.

Q.  What clicked?  What started clicking there in the second quarter from your vantage point?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Just the plays I like and I'm confident in.  And these guys all on offense, so this made us click.

Q.  Ran it 17 times.  Are you comfortable with that?
BRAXTON MILLER:  I ran 17?  I didn't realize that.  But I'm fine with it.

Q.  65‑yard little stunt.
BRAXTON MILLER:  Yeah, just trying to get away from a guy.

Q.  Urban mentioned you stay pretty positive just by way the things are going.  Maybe that's indicative of your quarterback leadership.  I'm curious why you felt like that?
BRAXTON MILLER:  It's not a game of anger.  Go out there, have fun, enjoy the time with your teammates and make sure you're doing all the right things positive ways; if you're doing anything in the negative way there's nothing that's going to get done at that point.

Q.  Is it something that you feel you've involved in in terms of leadership, positivity, the way things are going, like you're a different player in that regard?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Oh, absolutely.  I told the guys, man, first quarter, it's the time for us to look at the second quarter, and that's what we did.

Q.  Describe Devin Smith's catch from your vantage point?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Man, I just seen a guy like‑‑ it was man coverage, and I'm seeing this guy little jerk and he got passed me.  I threw it inside and he jumped.  You know he's a hurdler.  Throw it as high as you want, he can get it.

Q.  You were part of the team last year that obviously knows what it's like to struggle offensively.  I think you had 297 yards in the second quarter.

Q.  There were games you didn't have 115 a year ago.  This had to be so much fun for you today?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Had a lot of fun with the guys.  First time coming out in the Shoe.  This is a different type of offense.  You expect big yards in this type of offense.  That's the expectation.

Q.  Did you feel comfortable, really comfortable with the offense today, or are there still moments where, because it's new this year, new coaching staff, there's times you're actually not sure?
BRAXTON MILLER:  I was absolutely comfortable.  First quarter they threw a little trick at us and we fixed it.  And after that we got rolling.

Q.  Talk about the touchdown run, looked like the guy had an angle, high step there and another gear and tell us what it was like going down the sideline?
BRAXTON MILLER:  Like in practice, some guys they do it and they say, oh, he's down.  But I just had‑‑ I did a little jerk and I scored a touchdown.

Q.  How do you think Coach Meyer would have been had you continuing to struggle in the second quarter the way you did in the first?  He gets a little‑‑
BRAXTON MILLER:  No, he's calm.  He's a calm coach.  He's like:  What do you want?  What do you want us to throw, what do you need to make your comfortable.  And that's what I tell him.  He works with you.

Q.  Braxton, your relationship, you two guys, you and Coach Meyer working together, how would you assess that relationship?
BRAXTON MILLER:  It's good.  He comes to me, asks me what did I see, what did I like, and I just tell him like this is what happened right here, right here, and I like us to run this because everybody feel comfortable.

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