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August 29, 2012

Frank Beamer

COACH BEAMER:  Preseason practice is going well.  I think it's like always this time of the year you're ready to play a game.  I guess the thing in college football where you don't have scrimmages or don't have games against someone.  When you keep score for real, that's your opening ballgame so I think certainly we're ready to play someone and get the season started.

Q.  When you play such an elite game in the opener, do you lose a chance to hold back something that coaches like to hold back when they play a lesser opponent in opener?
COACH BEAMER:  No, we've never been real good about holding things back.  We kind of go out there and try to, whoever it is try to win.  Certainly with Georgia Tech that's a really important game for both of us.  To start the season, I think both of us will do what we think we need to to win that football game.

Q.  You mentioned how important a game that is.  You're not just league opponents, but division opponents.  How much more important is it because of that that guys will have to go through each other to get to the title game?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, the winner of the game is representative for a while.  That's not necessary ly ‑‑  you don't necessarily say that's going to happen this year.  They're a good football team.  They're well‑coached, they play hard on both sides of the ball.  On special teams they play hard.  It's a tough open opponent for us.

Q.  Kind of along those same lines, I think it was Boise and then Alabama, I think.  I think it's three out of four years that you've had a difficult opening week.  Is this going to become a trend maybe for you guys going forward?  Have you almost grown to like these big tests right out of the gate?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, I think this has more importance because it's a conference game and a division game, even more so than the Boise States and Alabamas.  I think it just depends.
This one came about with the opportunity to play on Monday night.  The only game on national TV.  If you can play well, it's great for the program.  Another thing I think preparationwise, your kids who have something to really look forward to in preseason camp and summer conditioning and the whole works, spring practice.
There is some good and some bad, and you worry about all the things that come up in the ballgame.  You work like heck to cover everything.  But first time they play, and you've got some new guys in there playing, there are concerns.
In college football we'll do ourselves a favor if we can ever get an exhibition game or a scrimmage against someone else.  That hasn't come around, but I really think we need that.

Q.  In the BCS conferences, I think it's like three conference games this week and two of them in the ACC.  Would you rather nobody does it or everybody does it?  Or you just kind of fine the way it is right now?
COACH BEAMER:  I think everyone had a choice and we had a choice with this.  I think it's come out to individual schools how they want to do that.  I think the ideal way college football is set up right now the ideal way is to play your non‑conference games first and get in there and try to get your football team as good as it can be for your conference game.  I think that's the ideal way to do it.

Q.  What would you say is your greatest challenge heading into the fall season?
COACH BEAMER:  I think getting ready to cover all the details of getting your team ready to play a football game.  We spent a day earlier this week going over unusual situations that could come up in a ballgame.  So trying to cover all the details.  I think that's going to be your challenge here in college football.

Q.  Who would you consider is the best talent that you have on your team that is currently flying under the radar and not getting a lot of national attention?
COACH BEAMER:  Who is the best what?

Q.  The best talent that you have on your team that's not getting a lot of attention and kind of flying under the radar right now?
COACH BEAMER:  Oh, I like his football team.  I like Michael Holmes even though he hasn't played a game.  He's practiced well and I think he's a talented guy.  Another guy at tailback is J.C. Coleman who has come back here in fall and to me looks like a different guy than he was in spring practice.  He came in early and got into spring practice.  But he's put on a few pounds and playing much faster, much quicker than he did last spring.  So those are two guys at tailback that I think have done well.

Q.  Want to ask you about this new rule regarding helmets popping off where a player has to leave the game.  What are your impressions of the rule?  Not only does the player have to leave, and then there is also the potential for a ten‑second runoff at the end of the game?
COACH BEAMER:  I think it encourages everyone to make sure all their snaps are snapped up there.  I think certainly it's a safety issue.  I think it's for sure going to cause people to make sure that helmet's strapped on as tight as it can be and all the buckles are buckled.

Q.  Do you go over any scenarios or things that come up?  Are you more likely to hang on to a timeout or anything like that with the runoff?
COACH BEAMER:  I think in the fourth quarter, the game is on the line, you would certainly like to have a timeout remaining, no question about that.

Q.  Last time you did the Monday‑Saturday thing, it didn't work out so well.  So I'm curious looking back and planning for next week, is there anything you're going to do differently or try to do better than the last timeout?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, I think the difference is last time we played up in FedEx and get back in here about 4:00 in the morning, and that is hard to catch up on sleep and so forth.  It's different playing at home.  We went over this morning our schedule for next week and how we plan to do it.  I think we've got it planned out as well as we can.
Also thinking in terms of getting your football team back healthy, playing on Monday, and playing on Saturday.  I think you've got to think of how you're going to practice and so forth and try to get your legs back under you as much as possible.  So we've got it planned out.  I feel like the plan is a good one.

Q.  So do you think you'll probably go a little less hard this week than last time?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, there is one less practice day.  Then we're not going to plan the practice on Tuesday following the game.  We've got it figured out.

Q.  As is typical in the first game like this, you're going to be seeing guys at Georgia Tech that you've never seen, and likewise you have guys that they've never seen.  When you're building a game plan scouting report, what do you do to anticipate players you've never seen much of or at all?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, there are a lot of unknowns, that's for sure.  I think, again, you certainly know what kind of offense they're going to run and you know what kind of defense they're going to run.  So the personnel, we'll see that on Monday night.

Q.  Since you have to play Georgia Tech anyway, is there any advantage to playing in the first game of the season with getting you more preparation time for their offense rather than just having a week to prepare?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, I think that's helpful.  Again, you see this offense once a year and having a little extra time to work on that part of it I do think that is a benefit.
The other thing is no matter who you put out there, our scout team can't run it like their team, that's for sure.  When you get on the field with it live, things happen fast.  So it takes a little getting used to even at the game, I think.

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