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August 27, 2012

Trey Hopkins

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Trey Hopkins.

Q. How jacked up are you?
TREY HOPKINS: Very excited. Camp is a time where you get to compete against people you see every day, but finally coming out and having fresh‑‑ again, saying to people, this is someone that I'm only going to see in this three‑hour window to compete against brings a natural excitement.

Q. Is Saturday about pride? Is it about respect? Is it about coming out and making a statement?
TREY HOPKINS: Saturday is about winning. We are going to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time. Saturday we are not worried about making statements to anybody else. It's all about this team and all about getting this team on track and winning games.

Q. What do you like about David Ash being the starter?
TREY HOPKINS: I loved David Ash's confidence that he brings to the team. He stepped up a lot being young last year but now he's coming in with great conviction in everything he does. He makes sure that we know what we are doing and he makes sure that we know that he knows what he's doing. And that confidence just trickles down to the rest of the offense and makes us better in the game that we have to run.

Q. Do you remember a year ago at this time‑‑
TREY HOPKINS: Definitely it's crazy, because coming in as such a young guy last year and not really knowing, just being an 18‑year‑old kid trying to lead 22‑, 23‑year‑old grown men and now he's coming in and stepping up and saying, hey, this is my huddle, this is my offense and we are going to run it like I'm going to run it, and that's what he's doing.

Q. How excited are you?
TREY HOPKINS: Very excited. The grind of camp is over and just waking up every day to compete against the same guys that I'm going to see in the locker room 15 minutes later is over.
Now fresh faces, seeing new depth charts and seeing new names and watching film in the film room and just grinding it out, watching games and learning opponents, I love it.

Q. Is there anything that the freshmen, going out there for the first time, anything that you can tell them?
TREY HOPKINS: The only thing I would say is do whatever you have to do to keep your focus tight. I know it's easy to get distracted by the big crowds in a very large and very loud state and it's easy to find yourself wondering and looking around, wondering, where is my family at, who are these people, how many people are here and getting distracted with all of the fans and pageantry; you just have to make sure that you do whatever you need to do before the game to keep your focus on the game and just enjoy the pageantry and everything later.

Q. Inaudible.
TREY HOPKINS: Definitely I think it's just the whole offense this year, we have the mentality, whatever we do, running or passing we are going to be physical. I know all of the receivers have been doing a lot better job of just finishing blocks on the perimeter. They have been doing a great job just being physical receivers.
Our running back, our core, they can run balls and they can also deliver some devastating blocks, as well. It's trickled down physically when we do one‑on‑one drills in camp, we have great personal battles. It's the whole offense and defense, we are going to be a physical team and we are going to dominate our opponents physically for four quarters.

Q. Inaudible.
TREY HOPKINS: That guy plays with a lot of energy. He's always ready to deliver one and he's a great guy.

Q. Where has he increased the most?
TREY HOPKINS: Just leadership role, coming in last year, freshman, he just played around, but now he's making sure his freshmen RB know what's going on. He's just leading the guys in the right direction and making sure they are doing the right thing.

Q. Inaudible.
TREY HOPKINS: He definitely has his own style and he's not afraid to show anybody, whether it's wearing crazy hats, crazy socks, something like that. He has his own way of doing things.

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