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August 27, 2012

Carrington Byndom

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Carrington Byndom.

Q.  Inaudible.
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: No, I'll just tell happy birthday. I'll say it to his face. Not much of a singer.
I think he looks like he's about 30. You can tell him I said that, too.

Q. Well what a perfect way to start the week off; how jacked up are you guys to finally play somebody else?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: We are definitely ready to go. You know, three weeks of hitting each other, we are ready to take that out on somebody else, and luckily we will this week and everybody is ready to go, the first game of the season, just excited. Just ready.

Q. Inaudible?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I don't know, just to win really. That's what we are all about this year, accepting nothing less than winning. You know, get as many as we can‑‑ or not get beat this week, or any week.

Q. Do you guys have higher expectations this year than you did last year?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: Oh, I think we have the same expectations. Always wanting to win. So the expectations are the same each year, coming in to win all the games, and those are the same expectations we have this year.

Q. What's different right now than this time last year?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I think we are more of a family. We are more of one unit. I think everybody has bought in and everybody's ready for us to win all the games this year, and I think that's definitely a difference from last year around this time.

Q. Do you feel like more of a leader on the defense this year?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: Me, along with everybody else; not just one person has to step up and assume a leadership role. It can be anybody on defense. We just kind of feed off of each other; not just me, myself, but all other ten guys.

Q. But with so many new starters on defense, linebackers, defensive tackles‑‑
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: Well, we all have guys that have played and had snaps. So they are not just new guys being thrown into a new role. So they have gotten snaps at the positions they played. They are just stepping up and assuming the starting position.

Q. Coach talked about you guys, not creating a lot of turnovers in fall camp; is there a goal of how many turnovers you want to create?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I don't really know a number. Can't give you a number. But I know for the defense, our goal every week is to create more turnovers than touchdowns allowed. So if we get that goal, then I think we'll be happy at the end of the week.

Q. What do you know about Wyoming and their offense?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I know they have a pretty good quarterback. He's good with his legs. They have pretty good receivers and an okay running game. So I know that they are a tough opponent. They are going to have a lot of spread, a lot of three‑wide receivers, a lot of spread because the OC from Missouri is their head coach, so we are going to see a lot of stuff that Missouri used to do.
So we are just ready and we are‑‑ we are ready for anything.

Q. Do you guys see the publication and TV shows‑‑ you're rated as one of the best defenses in the country; how do you react?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I think that you have to be humble about it and continue to work as if you weren't getting all the publicity. So I don't think that changes anything for us. We are still going out and working as hard as we can.

Q. How do you keep those guys calm? Do you think they will be starry‑eyed?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM: I know for me it was the same way, butterflies until that first kickoff or first kickoff return. After that, it was okay.

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