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August 27, 2012

Jordan Hicks

THE MODERATOR: Question for Jordan Hicks.

Q. You told me on Media Day that the linebacker core was probably one of the question marks on the defense now that fall camp has concluded, have you changed your mind or do you feel the same thing?
JORDAN HICKS: You know, I think for the fans, it's a question mark. Nobody has seen as a group what we can do, and you know, we all have limited experience at that position. So I think for them, actually we are just out there trying to prove who we are and who we can be as the year goes on.

Q. How much do you put on your shoulders?
JORDAN HICKS: I put a lot on my shoulders. Kind of my personality. But you know, out there in practice, if we have a bad day, I feel like I had a bad day. It's kind of my job to get us going, and the linebacker core is supposed to get the rest of the defense going. It all starts on the linebackers, and you know, I ultimately feel like it's start on me.

Q. Dominant and aggressive, that's what he wants to see out of this defense‑‑ is that when you‑‑
JORDAN HICKS: I completely agree. Every time we go out there and step on the field, we are trying to be dominant. Obviously we are an aggressive defense, the way Coach Diaz calls the plays and puts us in position to attack the quarterback and get after him, you know, I think those are two perfect words to describe us.

Q. How difficult is it for you having two younger guys as opposed to two seniors last year?
JORDAN HICKS: Completely different. Last year I was the young guy. And now I'm the old guy, just in a matter of a year. I think it's fun. It's a great time, and everybody in the linebacker core is trying to get better. You know, it's nice to have that experience and that knowledge where if they don't know something, they will come up to me and ask. It helps me out, because I have to know the defense inside and out. It's completely different but I really enjoy it.

Q. Talk about the last few‑‑ is it weird having to answer all the questions?
JORDAN HICKS: It's a good transition. The whole process has been fun and I'm just looking forward to this year.

Q. How did you feel for the defense as a whole having all of the expectations?
JORDAN HICKS: I think it's just motivation for us. We know personally we have high goals and I don't think it matters what other people think about us. We are the ones that have to go out there and execute and I think we are trying to stay away from all the hype and just trying to do what we have to do to get these wins and be dominant. You know, it's kind of been that added motivation a little bit.

Q. Inaudible.
JORDAN HICKS: They are a physical team. They will spread you out and run the ball right up inside. Their quarterback, he's a good quarterback. He's got some wheels on him, and we have got to be able to contain him. You know, he can also throw the ball.
So we just have to go out here, though, and do what we do and attack him and try to get him off his game.

Q. The jitters, butterflies, the nerves, the home opener in front of 101,000 plus?
JORDAN HICKS: I honestly get nervous before every game. I think that if I don't have that feeling, it means I'm not ready to go.
But you know, I'm just excited. I've got jitters right now. I'm excited for the game already. Just ready to get out there and learn more about this team and be able to play them on Saturday.

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