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August 13, 2012

Davis Love III

Allen Wronowski

JULIUS MASON:テつ Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I'm The PGA of America's Julius Mason and I would like to welcome you to this post‑PGA Championship United States Ryder Cup Captain news conference, and it is my pleasure right now to introduce you to the 37th president of The PGA of America, all the way from Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix, Maryland, Mr.Allen Wronowski.
ALLEN WRONOWSKI:テつ Thanks, Julius and, good morning, everyone.テつ We are approaching the final stretch of a two‑year endeavor to return potion of The Ryder Cup to the United States.
In addition to the eight qualifiers that Davis will talk more about during his part, that earned a berth on the U.S. Team yesterday, he will announce his four captain's pick selections on September 4 in New York City.
Davis, pretty exciting with some weeks to go here and we are both looking to the teams coming to Medinah and should be an exciting venue.テつ This is the first time The Ryder Cup has been held in Illinois.テつ We certainly continue our strong confidence in your talents and abilities to bring that trophy back home.
And with no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the 27th United States Ryder Cup Team Captain, Davis Love III.
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Thank you, Allen, I appreciate your confidence and all of The PGA of America's members; they have meant a lot to me over my whole life and over the last couple years.テつ It was great to see so many of them at the PGA Championship last week.
This is getting down to the wire of my two‑year journey as captain.テつ Now it gets exciting.テつ I think my wife, Robin and I, have worked hard with the PGA staff to get ready for The Ryder Cup, and now we realize we can start talking more about golf.テつ It's an exciting time.テつ I know that there's eight guys that are very happy as we are that the points list has finally concluded and we are very excited about this top eight.テつ We are excited about the Top‑20, frankly.テつ Guys have been playing very, very well.
We didn't see volatile movement in the PGA Championship over the last few weeks, but we did see some big moves out of guys like Keegan Bradley and Keegan had a great two weeks and had a great defense of his PGA Championship.テつ Had a lot of guys that played very well.テつ If I was one of those top eight guys, I'd be very happy with my two years.テつ I'd be very happy with my PGA Championship, and the way it all fell together.
I think I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate Rory.テつ That was an incredible weekend of golf on a tough golf course.テつ I know from experience playing with Phil, we battled hard the first to days to get through it, and he played an incredible weekend and I'm very happy for him.テつ He's obviously on a roll.
I think we'll just run down the top eight and the points that qualified for the 2012 team.テつ I did get to text with all of them last night.テつ I asked my wife, Robin, I said, "Did all of these captains call me when I made teams?"テつ I said, "Did we even have cell phones back on some of those teams?"テつ So it was a different technology.テつ It was fun to get in touch with them.テつ A lot of them were obviously travelling and got back to me late.
But I look forward to working with them over the next few weeks on getting going, getting them more and more excited.テつ But obviously No. 1 on our list, Tiger Woods, won the points list, as he's used to doing.テつ I was asked thousands of times if I would pick Tiger if he didn't make it.テつ I knew I wouldn't have that problem and why I probably would have picked him.
But if he plays enough tournaments, we knew he was going to make enough points and obviously he's had a great engineer with three wins.テつ He's a great leader in our team room and we are thrilled to have him and he's very instrumental in a lot of things that have happened to bring our team together over the last few Cups and he's already been a great help to me.テつ I look forward to working with him a lot more over the next few weeks.
We had Bubba Watson who had a great two years with his major win and he was a lot of fun in Wales.テつ He and Rickie Fowler were the team clowns.テつ They had a lot of fun.テつ They loosened up our team, and we look very much forward to having Bubba on the team.テつ He's going to be a lot of fun and obviously he's playing very well.
Then our first rookie will be Jason Dufner.テつ Obviously since the PGA Championship last year, he's been one of the best players in the world.テつ He's had a great couple years, and quiet confidence.テつ He's a guy that I really look forward to seeing him playing in match play.
I think these first three guys, and certainly a few others on our team, are getting very good at their practice games, getting ready for match play.テつ They have a lot of friendly competition in practice rounds.
And certainly, Keegan Bradley, the next guy on the list, he's always one that's in those fun match games in the practice rounds.テつ I think it serves him well.テつ He plays a lot with Phil and with Rickie and Dustin and those guys, and they compete a lot in their practice rounds and their games at home and I think that's really helped them grow as players and it will help them in match play.
Obviously Keegan's first Ryder Cup, but he's had a great run the last couple years, as well.テつ Great defense of his PGA Championship.テつ He was right there all the way.テつ He had a great week last week.
Then we have Webb Simpson, who I've gotten to know over the last few years very well.テつ He and his wife, Dowd, are very popular on our tour, great leaders, again, on and off the golf course.テつ He'll be a great addition in his Ryder Cup debut and he's obviously been playing very, very well in big tournaments.
Then Zach Johnson, his third Ryder Cup, our first hometown guy.テつ I'm very fortunate to have a couple of guys from me right down the street on the team so we can get them a little extra work between now and then to help me get ready.テつ Zach's been one of the most consistent guys on the TOUR for a long time.テつ He's had a great season this year.テつ He's been right there in the running, obviously a great finish at the John Deere in a playoff and showing, like a lot of these guys, that they are playing very well under pressure and they are making putts down the stretch.テつ They are winning playoffs.テつ They are hitting great shots, and Zach certainly has had a great year so far.
Then Matt Kuchar, our other local favorite down at Sea Island, we are going to have a great cheering contingent in Chicago from Sea Island with all those guys.テつ Matt is a great match‑play player; obviously winning the U.S. Amateur.テつ He's played great every time he's had a chance in match play and looking forward to having he and Sybi on the team.
And last but not least is Phil Mickelson who is probably the most relieved.テつ I know Phil has been grinding a little too hard to make the team.テつ He wanted to make it on points.テつ It's incredible, nine times straight he's made it on points.テつ He's obviously been a big part of a lot of Ryder Cups.テつ I'm going to lean heavily on him.テつ We talked a lot in our two rounds and around the hotel last week about Ryder Cup and what he's meant to it and what he will mean to this team.
So I'm excited about those eight.テつ I'm excited about Medinah.テつ I'm excited about the way this team's shaping up.テつ I'm very nervous of the next three weeks of having to pick four more guys.
But obviously if you go right down the list through 20, we have got a great group of guys to pick from.テつ Nobody's out of it.テつ There's a lot of golf to be played.テつ I know there's a few guys playing this week, and then obviously with the start of the FedExCup Playoffs, we are going to have a lot to much with a.テつ It's going to be very exciting, and I look forward to September 4, picking four more guys.
And then, I obviously am going to need a lot of help with those decisions.テつ I have Mike Hulbert and Fred Couples announced as assistant captains, but I would like to announce today Scott Verplank and Jeff Sluman have agreed to be assistant captains; two close friends of mine, guys that have been around the game a long time.
Other than Scott, who has played Ryder Cup, we have got guys that have been captains of teams and assistant captains.テつ Mike Hulbert with Curtis Strange back when there was only one assistant and now we have moved up to four.テつ But these are guys that I trust.テつ They are close friends of mine.テつ They are very engaged already, given me a lot of great advice.テつ In fact, Jeff Sluman's going to get over to Medinah this week for me and take a look around, because we heard Josテδゥ Maria was over there, so I'm going to send Jeff over there to see what he's doing.テつ (Laughter).
It's nice to have a local with Jeff and Linda Sluman right there in town.テつ And Jeff and I spent a lot of time in Wales talking about this Ryder Cup already.テつ He's been a big supporter of mine over the last two years, and great that we added he and Scott Verplank to our team, and we are excited and ready to go.

Q.テつ Over the course of the next three weeks as you try to make these decisions, how much importance are you going to place over who is playing well over the next three weeks, and how much will you place on Ryder Cup experience?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Yes, we are going to need some guys with experience; that's obvious.テつ When you look at our Top 15 or 20, some names obviously jump out at you; like Hunter has won twice this year, hard to believe he didn't get in there on points with the year he's had.
And then Stricker's moved up and Furyk's moved up.テつ You've got a lot of experience there, and Rickie's played.テつ Brandt's been out a little bit, as Dustin has, with injury.テつ So you've got to give them a little bit more credit for points.
So the farther you go down the list, you go all the way down to David Toms who has been playing well.テつ You've just got a lot of names.
So I think we are just going to try to watch them play.テつ You obviously want some experience.テつ You're not going to pick four guys that have never played Ryder Cup before.
And playing a round at Kiawah this week reminded me when Dave Stockton sent me to play practice rounds here for the 1991 Ryder Cup because he was thinking about picking me.テつ You've got to go down the list and you've got to look at a bunch of guys and you've got to put a lot into it.
I would say nobody's really out of it, because if you get hot, the next three weeks, we are going to want you on the team.テつ I would encourage everybody to just relax, go play.テつ There's no set formula to make it now.テつ It's whoever's hot, and obviously we'll lean towards experience.

Q.テつ Could you sort of comment on the depth of Europe versus the depth of the United States considering such scenarios as yesterday when the 100th player in the world finishes second in the PGA Championship.
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, it's the depth of international golf.テつ There's so many good players.テつ Just looking at the list earlier with Allen, you've got some guys just outside the list on their side, obviously Sergio just outside now, but Nic Colsaerts is a guy that six months ago, eight months ago was not on the radar, an unbelievably good player.
There are so many guys, and that's why I said we are not counting anybody out with three weeks ago.テつ It's very deep.テつ That's why it's so hard on tour to win these days.テつ That's why Tiger's dominance over the last six or eight years is so incredible, because the field is so deep that it's tough to win these days; and when you see Rory run away with a tournament, or last week, we had three of our guys battling out at the top, it's hard to win.テつ There's so many guys trying to beat him.
So it shows the strength of international golf right now.テつ Both teams are deep.テつ There's no getting around that.テつ You pick a squad from either tour, Top‑10, Top‑20, Top‑30 are going to be very, very similar.テつ We could take 20 through 25 and be really strong.テつ They could take 20 through 25 and be really strong.テつ So very strong on both sides of the ponds.
Obviously we trade back and forth with majors or trade back and forth with world No. 1s, but they are both extremely strong.

Q.テつ You said Bubba and Rickie were team clowns.テつ Is that important?テつ Could that be a factor in deciding wild cards?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ It's important to fit in as a team.テつ I certainly saw that firsthand watching Corey pick the team and watching guys up.テつ You certainly have to consider pairings when you pick a guy.テつ You certainly don't want to pick a guy that you don't know who he's going to play with.テつ You don't want to pick a guy that's not going to be comfortable and a team leader.テつ We want to pick a guy that's really good at table tennis because we need partners.テつ I learned that during the Olympics; don't call it ping‑pong.
There's a lot of factors that go into it.テつ Our team, even though we don't get credit for it, we bond together and have a great time, and those kind of things are certainly important in putting a team together.テつ I think we were saying, we have a lot of guys that can play golf really, really well that's easy.テつ I could just throw a dart at it and pick four guys that are really good golfers.テつ It's putting together a team and matching up who isテつ going to play with Tiger, who is going to play with Bubba, who isテつ going to play with Jason, who is going to play with Keegan; do we need to pick their perfect partner out of that list.テつ So that will definitely be a factor.

Q.テつ You said nobody's out of it outside that top eight, but based on pairings, are there a couple of players there that you have perhaps already got in your mind as, I want these two to go out there at Medinah and will give them a little edge?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ I think if you look back over the last few Ryder Cups and Presidents Cups, Tiger and Steve Stricker have been a really good pairing.テつ They are both very comfortable with it.テつ Obviously Bubba and Rickie go well together in everything they do, on and off the golf course.テつ Maybe not that well in those videos but they go very well together.
And Hunter is part of that group of guys that they are a younger generation.テつ They play well together on and off the golf course, and they are fun.テつ So you've got to look at those kind of things, and certainly Stricker and Woods is a great match.テつ I would think we're going to have to look hard at that.
Jim Furyk is great because you can put him with anybody.テつ He can play with anybody on the team, and same thing with Bo Van Pelt or Dustin Johnson, the way they hit the ball.テつ I would love to play best‑ball with Dustin Johnson, that would be pretty fun (chuckling).
I think we have a great variety of guys and we certainly have to look at pairings and we have to look at personalities and things like that, and obviously you find two guys that are really hot with a putter the next three weeks, you know they are going to get a good shot, too.

Q.テつ You just mentioned Jim Furyk and he had a couple of chances to probably secure the spot on his own, and we all know his grittiness in match play; can you talk about what he would bring to the team and what you like about him?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ He would obviously add a lot of experience and a lot of stability, and like I said, a guy you could pair with anybody.テつ He's one of those guys that you just tell him what you want to do and he'll go do it.テつ We love that about him.テつ He and I had a long talk, which turned out to be Monday night in Wales, we spent a lot of time together late at night, and I know where he comes out on The Ryder Cup and how important it is to him.
So he's definitely going to‑‑ we are going to lean on him the next few weeks for advice, and to try to relax him and just tell him just to go play.テつ I don't want to put pressure on these guys and say, you have to have one really good week or two really good weeks or I'm watching you.テつ I'm going to try to stay away from watching them on the golf course.
Jim, Steve, Hunter, have all been there.テつ They have been through the fire and they have played well the last few years.テつ They are definitely high on the list.

Q.テつ You look at those first four names after Phil and it looks like it would be fairly easy to just take 9, 10,11, 12, but I wanted to speak specifically to Dustin, who did not really have a full year and just where he sort of fits in the mix when he didn't have the chance to make all the points that the other guys did.
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Right.テつ I think I'm looking at him maybe like Josテδゥ Maria is looking at air Darren Clarke that didn't get all their starts.テつ Like we looked at Tiger the last few times.テつ If you don't play, you can't get points.テつ He was out hurt; came back and won.テつ Dustin came back and won immediately.テつ Brandt has been out a lot this year, and you know, give him credit for some more starts, and he probably would have been right up there.
So you have to factor that in.テつ I've learned talking to Fred, Scott and Mike and Jeff, driving up here late last night, there's a lot of things we've got to think about, and that's definitely one of them.テつ Factor these guys in a few more top finishes; and did he play a full season; how is he playing now.
But the luxury we have, as Allen and I were talking this morning, we have three weeks to watch them.テつ We have a chance to watch a guy get hot; how is Dustin hitting it; how are these guys playing now that they can relax and don't have to try to make points.
Now they are shifting gears a little bit.テつ And we want to see how they play.テつ Obviously we don't have to go tell them that they are under the gun.テつ They know that there's three more tournaments.
But the FedExCup starts, it gives us a little bit different feel, and if we can get them just to say, all right, you know, we are watching but we are not putting any pressure on you, just go play and let's try to win each week; the best way to get ready is to go out and play and have fun and try to win, and we think we'll be ready when we get to Medinah.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the dinner last week and the message you shared with the guys and if you told them to not think about The Ryder Cup and just go play; is that like standing on the tee and say, whatever you do, don't hook it in the ocean?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ In 1986 I sat down with Bob Rotella and Tom Kite for my first real session of my career, and the speech has been the same since 1986:テつ "One shot at a time, get into the process, not the result."
It sounds easy, but it's hard to do.テつ Each shot is the same level of importance.テつ Well, we are going to preach that at The Ryder Cup, but how are we actually going to do it, that's the trick.テつ When you walk out on the first tee and there's 30,000,テつ 40,000 people and they are chanting, all the Bob Rotella stuff goes out the window really quick when you get really nervous, and you start thinking about winning or losing.
The secret is going to be:テつ How do you turn that off.テつ We watched a lot at the Olympics of athletes somehow channeling that and into their personal best time or their world record time, or 15‑year‑olds and 17‑year‑olds handling that incredible pressure and winning Gold Medals.テつ How do we translate that excitement and energy and nervousness of three days of golf into incredible feats.
And we want to get them fired up and we don't want them to be nervous.テつ We want to get them thinking about winning but we don't want them thinking about results on the first tee Friday morning.テつ The way they played this week, the way they played at the John Deere Classic, is how we want them to play; just relaxed and trying to win.テつ That's going to be the trick.テつ I think it's been the trick of professional golfers for a long time.テつ And Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman and Tiger Woods are better at it than everybody else for some reason, so we just need to get Tiger to fill us in on how all 12 do it.

Q.テつ If you were in the bubble for a pick, are you thinking more about the Ryder Cup or the FedExCup right now?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ I'm still thinking about it.テつ I was out hitting balls yesterday, I was thinking, man, if I could win three in a row‑‑ that's what I don't want our team doing, thinking, I have to win a tournament.
They need to‑‑ I think the great players break it down.テつ They get lost in the process.テつ Obviously Rory wanted to win, but somehow he was the one that handled just playing one shot at a time and not looking at the scoreboard and not thinking about winning.テつ He just ran away with it.テつ And you saw some guys get close and fall back.テつ We have seen that a lot over the last few majors, guys get close and fall back, start thinking about winning; it's simple.
The trick is, who can handle that pressure.テつ That's who we are going to be looking for is four guys that we think can handle that kind of pressure and then try to get our other eight to go play.
And we have been close the last few Ryder Cups.テつ We had one little stretch in Wales on that long day on Saturday, we had an hour and a half there, that something happened.テつ We thought we had it, and it slipped away from us.テつ That's going to be the message is we don't want to think we have it; when we are 3‑up, we want to get 4‑up.テつ We just want to keep pressing and keep playing until we run out of holes.
I think the trick is, we've just got to do it a little bit better than we've been doing the last few times.テつ We've been really, really close and it seems like Fred got them to do it the last two Presidents Cups.テつ Zinger got them to do it.テつ We know we can do it.テつ It's just a matter of doing it at Medinah, is the trick.

Q.テつ You spoke about Rory there earlier.テつ Two years ago, he made his debut at Celtic Manor and he was just a rookie; in the two years since, he won the U.S. Open and yesterday won the PGA.テつ Can you share your thoughts on what kind of boost you think that will be to the U.S. Team and what kind of figure he will be for Josテδゥ Maria's side?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, he's obviously one of the best players in the world, so they are excited to have him again on the team.テつ He's a great young man and he's very respectful.テつ I've enjoyed being around him.テつ He's a lot like Rickie Fowler there.テつ They are wise beyond their years and very mature.テつ So I knee he's going to be a very big part of their team.テつ Now he's got the experience and knows what it's all about.テつ He will be tough to beat obviously.
They have got, as we said, a deep team, but he's like Tiger, becoming a leader for them, in what he does off the golf course.テつ I've heard a lot of good things about him in the team room, and he was a lot of fun Monday night in Wales; obviously he was in a pretty good mood.テつ We have enjoyed getting to know him on our tour and I know he'll be a very big part of their defense.

Q.テつ Paul spoke about the one thing that he wished the Americans had was some of the singing power of the European fans.テつ And I'm wondering whether you're secretly training up a choir to be on the first tee at Medinah or whether you have any plans to stifle what might be another powerful singing performance by the Europeans.
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, we want a very respectful crowd for both sides.テつ We want them to show sportsmanship.テつ I think Ben Crenshaw did a great job of trying to spread that message before his Ryder Cup.テつ I think our fans are going to be very excited.テつ Medinah is going to be definitely a home‑field advantage.テつ We just want it to be very fair and respectful for both sides.テつ But that's part of the fun of The Ryder Cup is the cheers.
When it gets real quiet, you know something's happening for the European side when we are over there.テつ When it gets real loud, you know something is happening for the European side.テつ So we want it to be a lot of cheering for our side.テつ Hopefully we're making a lot of birdies.
But I think we just try to keep it fair and then we'll be very happy, because I think respectful and sportsmanship are going to be key at Medinah of not letting it get over the top.

Q.テつ How much involvement have you had in the setup of Medinah and how is that going to evolve over the course of the next month?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ It's going to start evolving I think now that we know our top eight.テつ I've talked to Curtis Tyrell, the green superintendent a few times.テつ We have not done a whole lot yet.テつ He's battling the heat and the summer like everybody else.
You know, Kerry has done a great job of PGA Championships and Ryder Cups over the years, so we are going to lean on letting him help us with that.テつ But I don't know that we figured out a way to make it suit 12 different guys.テつ Medinah is going to be long and tough, and if the weather is bad, you know, it could be really long and tough.
So I don't know what our ultimate strategy is.テつ Although, I'm not a fan, as my son says, of deep rough.テつ So we won't have really, really deep rough.
I think Paul's setup at Valhalla was fun for the fans, and probably leaned towards making it fan/TV friendly, some risk and reward, rather than U.S. Open‑style of just hit it in the rough and chip it out.テつ I don't think that would be fun.テつ The way these guys have been setting up major championships recently on all four of them has been, we want some really hard holes, but we also want some birdies.テつ We want some excitement.テつ We don't want every hole to just be putting for par.
I think we saw that this weekend.テつ We saw exciting golf.テつ We have seen that at the Masters, and now we know Saturday can be really exciting at the Masters, and the last few U.S. Open setups have been a variety.テつ I think that's very important is having a variety of holes, a variety of scores, and you don't want it to be birdie every hole; although for our side that would be nice.
You want some variety and some risk and some reward, and we certainly have got the opportunity with par 3s over water and par 5s; there's a lot of tee boxes at Medinah, and now with No. 15, I've played that hole a lot over the last two years, and there's a lot of variety there.テつ We can play where nobody can get there, or we can play it where everybody can get there, like 10 at The Belfry.
So it will be fun to try to figure out what's to our advantage and whatever our players think works is what we are going to do.テつ So we are going to spend a lot of time over the next few weeks talking about that with these eight guys, and then Kerry will probably want to know what we are going to do before we pick four more.
But it will be a busy couple weeks, for sure.

Q.テつ You said some very complimentary things about Steve Stricker and Jim Furyk; not asking you to do what Freddie did with Tiger in The Presidents Cup and name them now, but are there a couple guys that in essence, kind of have to play their way out of a pick?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, Julius asked me not to do that, to go ahead and announce.テつ We wanted September 4 to be fun.
I think with injuries, with the way golf goes, we want these three weeks.テつ We want to see how guys play.テつ This has generally been Steve, Phil Mickelson's, Tiger's time of year, when they tend to play very, very well.テつ So I'm not really worried about those guys.
You know, we've got some young guys that haven't played very many FedEx pushes.テつ This is going to be a busy time of year for these guys.テつ We have got a lot of golf to be played between now and Medinah.テつ One thing we are going to work on is managing the intensity.
We want them fired up but we don't want them burnt out; coming off of Atlanta, I would think it would be safe to say that most all of these guys are going to be in Atlanta.テつ Coming from there to Medinah, obviously an easy trip.テつ Don't have to go overseas, but we don't want them burned out.テつ We want to slowly build our excitement.
And yeah, I think there's definitely some guys that have to play their way in.テつ And there's some guys that have to come to me and tell me, hey, I'm hurt or I'm not ready, I'm not playing well, make take a different look at me the next few weeks.
But I've talked to all these guys already.テつ Pretty much down the list been around a lot of them, and I will get with a lot of them between now and then; one, to calm them down and relax them and tell them just to go play, and two, to see how they are feeling and what they are thinking if they have any questions.
But you know, I'm obviously‑‑ I played a lot of golf with Stricker and Furyk and spent a lot of time around Hunter.テつ Played a lot with Bo Van Pelt.テつ Obviously Brandt spends a lot of time at Sea Island and spent a lot of time with him, Dustin, right on down the list, Billy Haas.テつ I spent a lot of time with these guys and I know what to look for.テつ As I said, nobody's out and nobody's really in, yet.テつ This is a big three weeks.

Q.テつ You said Rory's one of the best players in the world; haven't you seen enough yet to say he's the best?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, he's one of the best with Luke Donald and Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson.テつ He's certainly‑‑ when he gets ahead, he's pretty amazing.テつ I think that's the most incredible thing about Rory; give him a chance.
I watched him, we were right around the same pairings in Memphis.テつ We were both right near the lead and we both felt like we should have won the golf tournament.テつ And I watched how he was just always felt like he was leaving something on the table.テつ He knew he was about to break loose, and I've watched him since then, you can tell he's caged up and ready to go and ready to bust loose, and he certainly timed it right.テつ He seems to have that ability that when it's a big tournament, he's right there just waiting to break loose.テつ A lot like Tiger; the bigger the stage, the better he plays.
Yeah, I don't know how World Rankings really work, if he's going to be back‑‑ if he's going to be world No. 1, but he and Luke have certainly proven over the last two years that they are at the top of the list.

Q.テつ If we get extremely lucky in the singles draw on Sunday and we get Tiger and Rory, how do you see that match going?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ I'd want to go watch that one.テつ It would be nice to be able to rig them, rig a couple like that for Tiger and Rory‑‑ (laughing)テつ ‑‑ he would probably like that.テつ No, it would be a great match.テつ I'm sure they both would relish that.テつ We have got some guys on our team that I'm sure would love to take him on.テつ Because you want to play the best.テつ You want to play a guy that's hot, and I know Tiger or Phil or any of those guys would love to try it.
You know, the beauty of The Ryder Cup now is, is that these guys are close to us.テつ It's not like we got on a boat and we went over there and we met these guys and played one match every two years and didn't know who they were.テつ These guys travel on our tour, hang out with us.
I sat and had lunch with Luke Donald one day last week.テつ I mean, it's normal for us.テつ We don't see it as Rory versus Tiger.テつ It's U.S. versus Europe, and we are all going to be friends before and we are all going to be friends after, just maybe not quite as close for those three days.

Q.テつ Wondering if in the next three weeks, are you going to keep any sort of supplemental points list or performance chart to help you decide on these four?
DAVIS LOVE III:テつ Well, I've got some statistician help.テつ We'll be keeping track.テつ Yeah, I think it's going to end up coming down to just a gut decision of how guys played.テつ As I said, I'm not going to go finish my round and go start watching them and make them nervous.テつ We'll know how they are playing by their scores and by what they tell us.
Obviously with my four assistants, we can keep an eye on everything that's going on.テつ But I think it's going to come down to a gut decision.テつ As I said, we are going to talk in the next few weeks about pairings, and who is a couple of guys that we really have to have and who are the wild cards and who are the guys have to move up a bunch and who are the guys that have to get hot.テつ The points list won't necessarily keep going but we'll have a copy of the Top‑25 and continually watch it.
JULIUS MASON:テつ Questions?テつ Questions twice?テつ Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today.

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