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April 25, 2012

Frank Beamer

FRANK BEAMER:  Well, overall it felt like we had a good spring practice.  It ended on a tough note, though.  We didn't get our spring game in.  I was really looking forward to that.  We had our game‑like conditions.  We wanted to look at some players in that type of situation, and we weren't able to do that.
But other than that, I really thought our spring went well.  Our effort was good.  I thought we improved as a football team.  Good competition at most positions, so I was pleased about that.

Q.  After you've had a chance as a staff to meet following everything, what were the overall impressions about the position changes, specifically in the secondary, Bonner and Jarrett to safety and Exum to corner?
FRANK BEAMER:  I thought that went good, went well.  I think Exum gives you something out there on the outside, and I thought just overall it went well.  I think the thing for us right now is developing some backup players in those positions.  Michael Cole getting hurt early in spring practice, that hurt a little bit.  You know, he missed some time there.
But we've got some good freshmen coming in, and I think we've got players that are well‑qualified, it's just a matter of identifying them and getting them some reps.

Q.  As you go into summer camp, will Michael Holmes be the No.1 tailback?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I think Michael has got a good future.  I think he had a good spring practice.  He's a big guy, and I think he's faster than some people would think.  I think he gives us something.
And then I think Martin Scales, he's a tough guy that runs north‑south, and I like what he's all about.  And then J.C. Coleman got in there and got some time.
I think these freshmen coming in, I think we've got some really, really talented freshmen that will come in and compete at that tailback position.  The deal, I think we need to identify them quickly and get them to work because there's just not much time between when we report and when we play Georgia Tech.
And again, you don't know how freshmen are going to react.  Coming from high school to college, how are they going to react out there on the field?
But I think the good part is they're really talented, so we'll look forward to seeing those guys.

Q.  I believe the state of Virginia doesn't have the full‑blown spring practice in high school the way they do in other southern states, and I'm just wondering from your experience, do you generally notice any difference in the preparation level of true freshmen coming from states that have spring practice and the guys that come from states that don't have it, or is there any difference whatsoever?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I think they just started that in our state, I believe.  But no, I don't think there's any question, if you have some time during the spring to increase the talent level, increase the fundamentals of your players, then you've got a better product in the end.  I don't think there's any question about that.

Q.  I was curious, how much Georgia Tech specific stuff did you guys work on this spring?
FRANK BEAMER:  How much did we work on this spring?

Q.  Right.
FRANK BEAMER:  No, we didn't work on Georgia Tech this spring.  We concentrated on Virginia Tech in the spring and trying to get these kids fundamentally sound and doing what we do.  You know, I do think opening up with Georgia Tech, you have some‑‑ a little extra time there in preseason where you can work on Georgia Tech stuff.  But we'll plan to do that.

Q.  Was one of the more disappointing aspects of not having the game Saturday not getting to put your kickers and punters in game situations?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, that really probably was the biggest thing, really.  When you're talking about Branthover and Goulding and Keyserling and even a couple snappers there, too, getting them out there and getting them reps when it means something and there's people in the stands, yeah, I was really looking forward to that, because all of them, they've had their moments.  Branthover has had some great kicks this spring, and Goulding has been very good in field goal and kickoff work this spring, and Keyserling has had his moments.  They've all had their moments, you'd just like to see it under some game conditions right now.

Q.  Is there going to be a sense of urgency come summer to identify guys quickly as to who's going to be doing those jobs?
FRANK BEAMER:  Absolutely, and we've got a couple kickers coming in here, a snapper coming in here.  That's going to be a priority from day one, to identify that.  We've got to get more solid and more consistent in our kicking game.  We're going to give it the attention.

Q.  How did the events this week affect a guy like you, not whether you agree or disagree with the move with Coach Greenberg but just a guy you probably dealt with a lot over the years.  Does it affect you much?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, yeah.  Number one, I respect Jim's decision.  I respect his judgment.  I say that, number one.  But number two, it's not a happy day for anybody around here.  I mean, it's part of college athletics and part of athletics in general, but it's not a happy day for anyone.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about your linebackers.  You've got some veteran linebackers who were very limited in spring.  One of them was out entirely.  Is that okay in terms of the fact that they're pretty developed anyway and you get to look at young guys, or does it make it tough that you can't really see the defense you'll have without guys like them?
FRANK BEAMER:  No, I think Edwards is going to be back, and he was very good last year, and we expect him to be good, and Bruce Taylor had a good year last year until he got hurt.  So I think the fact that Tyler and Williams and Laiti and Trimble and DiNardo and all those guys got reps, you know, the position overall is stronger right now.  That's thinking that Taylor and Edwards are going to be back and be what they were last year, and there's no reason to think they won't.  I think we probably are stronger at the linebacker position right now.
And then Gouveia‑Winslow had limited work at the outside linebacker position, the whip position, but Tweedy and Van Dyke had great springs.  So you feel better about that.  I think it was what it was, and we got some guys work, and we're probably overall a little more‑‑ got more players at the position.

Q.  Could you talk about your kicking situation?  It seems like every year across the country you have instances of a kicker coming to school on scholarship and getting beaten out by a walk‑on.  I'm wondering what is it that makes that particular position so difficult to evaluate, the placekicker position.
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think it's kind of like golfers.  You have a different golfer winning about every week.  You know, sometimes they're on and sometimes they're not, and it's a very exact operation.  I think there's more into it than just physically being able to kick.  I think mentally being able to perform‑‑ because there's nothing tougher.  There's nothing tougher than a field goal guy going out there and doing a very exact thing and then running back off the field.
And for a punter, the technique of catching the ball and getting in the right position and dropping it the same, I mean, it's a very exact thing, and it's not an easy thing.  I think the really good ones are the ones that can do it the same way over and over and mentally can handle the pressure that goes with the job.

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