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November 28, 2011

Mason Walters

Q.  Have you come down off the high of the A & M win yet?
MASON WALTERS:  Definitely moved on to Baylor.  Last night started watching a little bit of film getting ready to take on Baylor for our last regular season game.

Q.  What do you see in their defense that you feel like you can exploit?
MASON WALTERS:  You know, they're big up front, but I think it'll be a good challenge for us.  I think the best thing about it is up to this point in the year we haven't seen too much complexity out of their defense, it's a lot of the same, so if we find something that works I think we can make them pay for it throughout the entire game.
They're going to line up in one defense and we're going to have to go after it, and that's a big challenge.  You know what you're going to get and you beat it.

Q.  Why were you yelling at Case, and whatever you said to him, do you think it worked?
MASON WALTERS:  It wasn't for the delay of game.  I couldn't find a game clock in that stadium with a map, so the quarterback did a great job of managing the game.
However, what was said between Case and I should have waited until he got to the sideline.¬† It should have never been seen by a majority of people.¬† That's where I made a mistake.¬† Fortunately Case handled it great, went on to essentially set up a game‑winning field goal for us, and I'd just like to leave it there until we got to the sideline.¬† Case handled it like a man and I was extremely proud of him the way he handled that situation and the way he handled a lot of situations during the game.¬† I'm just glad we got the win and ready to go play Baylor.

Q.  It seemed like that happened a couple different times with a couple different players throughout the game.  Is there such a frustration that the offense wasn't getting going early on?
MASON WALTERS:  And that can be seen, especially the way the offense was playing that game.  But I think a lot of the guys, I see it's all about passion.  Just because somebody is yelling at somebody, it's not inherently negative.  In some cases it is, but I think we've got some passionate guys on offense, and things are going to get heated and there's going to be exchanges like that.  It's all about how they handle it.  The thing is, at practice we're conditioned on handling things like that.

Q.  How do you kind of take that because it is a learning experience and something you'll look back on later I'm sure.  You take it and you build on it for a week like this, for example, where Case has been named the starter and all that goes with that?
MASON WALTERS:¬† It is, but I think at this point in the season we've been through a lot of situations, and there's some, I think, we're starting to realize and wish we would have learned earlier‑‑ lessons we should have learned earlier in the season, and that's just something we have to take as a young team and you go on and not just think about this year but further down the road.¬† We're learning lessons that are going to pay off, and we just keep working on what we are and it's going to pay dividends down the road.¬† Right now we're concentrating on Baylor, and we'll let it be what it is after that.

Q.  Would you talk a little bit about Case and his performance, how he stepped up when he had to?
MASON WALTERS:  He did, didn't he.  It was great to see, and fun to watch after.  I didn't really realize how he managed the game until after I got to watch it that night.  I think he did a great job as a group leader of a corps of guys.  Not enough can be said about it.  He did a great job managing the game, the situation, he kept everybody calm in the huddle and was able to pull off the win.

Q.  The run on the final drive, is that maybe the one thing that kind of set it over the top for him?
MASON WALTERS:  I think so.  If you want to point to one thing, he looked like a warrior coming off the field.  He was playing his guts out, which was great to see, and that one last run he got out there and got just enough to get us in field goal range and then Justin knocked it through.  It was pretty sweet.

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