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November 7, 2011

Mason Walters

Q. You guys get another 400-plus yard run game another week in a row. Do you like how much you're running the ball?
MASON WALTERS: As an offensive lineman I do enjoy it. It's something I like to do week in and week out. That's just been the game plan and what our opponents have given us and we've taken advantage of it. It's been nothing more than that.
We need to change it up to win. We're going to do whatever we need to.

Q. Is it that much harder to pass protect for you guys than it is run the ball?
MASON WALTERS: No, it's just more obvious when we don't get the job done pass protecting, I think. You have a running back, make a guy miss, but you don't block, however, quarterback doesn't see a guy at times, and it can be a lot more obvious that you didn't pick somebody up.

Q. The last three weeks now with David taking all the snaps, where do you see the most improvement?
MASON WALTERS: I think he's relaxing, coming into his own a little bit. You see a little bit more emotion when he plays now than you did at the beginning of the year. He was kind of just a robot going through it. I think it's important he plays within the scheme, as any quarterback we have, but the biggest thing is you can see a little bit more of David coming out, and that's encouraging.

Q. After what you guys have done the past two weeks and the way you've won, what's the confidence level like on this team right now?
MASON WALTERS: You know, it's not too high. I think we're more focused, more tuned in. We know we can't win if -- if we do what we're supposed to do week in and week out if we practice well, if we do the little things, if we get treatment, if we take care of our bodies and study our opponent and go out, we've got a chance to win football games.

Q. Missouri has got some big guys up front, some pretty athletic guys. What do you know about their program?
MASON WALTERS: Not much yet. I'm going to watch film today. I've heard they've got some big, athletic bodies up front, and that means we're going to have to be on our game. It's going to be the next test, and we'll see.

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